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AmBlog - 'Amber's Blog'- is a personal website, curated by Amber Smith - a 24 year old from the South of England.

'Amblog is an extension of me. Expect a variety of themes; such as beauty, wardrobe, my thoughts, and on any adventures life takes M.E. Living with Lyme, M.E, and under the invisible illness umbrella - blogging is something I'm able to do, to fill some of the space it has left.

Though I spend the majority of my makeup life drooling over eyeshadow - or blending it out - I branch out into indepth, rounded, honest reviews on a whole host of products. Most of the time, I'll be getting more for less, since sale shopping is my sixth sense. A big follower of the thrift movement, let me tempt you, from either side of the Charity Shop till. 
My other vices include Chocolate and Coca-Cola. and being a bit of a hoarder (Not sure of the order). Self crowned queen of Coats, and over-indulger of animal print, I spend an impressive embarrassing amount of time in my dressing gown - but when I do get dressed up, you bet I'll be blogging about it.

This is essentially an excuse to take way too many photos, talk about the mundane that I find interesting, in an attempt to be productive - very likely in said dressing gown*. Nice to have you around.'
*Leopard print likely, not necessary.

Email - amberjssmith@gmail.com            Instagram - @ambloguk

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