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MANY FACES & REVIEW ft. Sleek 'Matte Me's

Many Faces is my new beauty series, that echoes the structure of my monthly OOTDs - 'Makeup Of The Days' if you will - to inspire my creativity, and get me using all the realms of my makeup collection. They will feature 4 Looks, with a joint focus; 'Show and Tell', without the formal framework of a review. First up on my many Faces of Makeup, is the
Sleek Matte Me 'Must Have' Set

I considered asking for the Sleek Advent Calendar for Christmas last year, but having never tried the brand before, it would either be: a great opportunity, or massive mismatch, since I had no idea what to expect. They also brought out a few mini sets, so I decided to be sensible and start there, with the matte liquid lip quad, since I've little experience with that trend of makeup. A chance to try a different formula, and shades, at the price of one full size. *Not forgetting cheaper than many other examples sold on high street*. It was coincidentally also part of the calendar - so I got 4 days of advent, without delving in £35 head first.

Cue - the same set, different days, different ways - in colour >

Birthday Suit

EYE Too Faced 'Natural Matte' paletteCHEEK NARS 'Enthralled' blush, MUA shade 1 eyeshadow as highlightLIP Sleek 'Birthday Suit' Matte Me

- Birthday Suit turned out to be a mostly Peachy, Pink - the most overused alliteration w blogs for which I am now just as guilty - and not very light. Obviously, one's birthday suit would not match another, but for my skin tone - this is not considered a 'nude'. It was also the only shade which remained sticky.
- I went next level co-ordinated for the rest of the makeup: with matte, monochrome and millennial pink - a trend I am very into. Also life and stage cliche through and through.
Even the suggestive name theme runs true.

Rioja Red

- EYE No7 'so simple' shadow duo - highlight shade, CHEEK bare minerals 'The Big Break' blush, LIP Sleek 'Rioja Red' Matte Me

- Riojo is a dynamite, vivid, neon red, that doesn't darken after application - what you see is what you get. It reminds me of Desi's 'dose of colours' collab in 'fuego', and also feeds my cravings for MAC's Lady Danger. Completely stocked. But just to note - not pronounced Rio-Ho (mentioning for a friend, who I think, was thinking of a footballer..), but re-oc-ca. Can you tell I they don't drink wine? Drunk off of this shade though.
- This could be seen as more of a summery colour. I can see sunnies, a tan, white dresses, and denim; a seasonal staple, that’ll always be the star of the show, regardless of what you wear it with. For now, I offset it with glossy skin, thanks to a particularly luminous blush (that is almost a highlight on me) alongside an eyeshadow that reflects gold (as the minimal eye, and to double up the face highlight); without the excessive bronze, that would bring it into summer holiday territory, whilst we #weartherose for the six nations.

Velvet Slipper

- EYE stila 'Umber' smudge crayon liner, MAC 'Quarry' & 'Vapour' from the 'Stroke of Midnight' palette, CHEEK smashbox 'super/model' blush & soft lights duo, LIP Sleek 'Velvet Slipper' Matte Me

- Though Velvet Slipper looks like a mid-tone in the tube - and some lights - there's significant dry down into a burnt plum. In terms of personal preference, I was disappointed that the shade was so dark; especially since it was only 3rd in the 4 man depth lineup. 
- When all was finished, I did feel fierce. The shade and name = Disney villain - aka the characters typecast an attitude with visible makeup to 'match'. Full post here - with insight into what I thought of the other products - no Dalmatians (or leopards) harmed in the making of this society should alter, alter ego. 

Old Hollywood

- EYE too faced 'Jingle all the Way' palette - bronze, transition and matte highlight, CHEEK *same palette* - bronzer and blush,  No7 liquid illuminator, LIP Sleek 'Old Hollywood' Matte Me

- Old Hollywood is the *marginally* darkest colour from the set, but not by much - especially when you consider how patchy and uneven this particular shade is. Initially applied, it's streaky. With many layers, you could end up with a blackened burgundy - but it would be thick and sticky, since building up these liquid lips doesn't go well. I resorted to spreading this one with a balm to make it even, though that inevitably changes the texture too equally-annoyingly, sticky. Thankfully this is the only non opaque shade I tried.
- I lifted the look with some shimmer - which I'd yet to pair alongside the 'matte me' formula - by making good use of an all in one palette. It's actually rarely reached for since you're so restricted with brush size, which kind of goes against the versatility idea; no complaints on the quality though. I also mixed up the textures rather than just using powder - was feeling a bit extra - with my brilliant bronze cream eyeshadow base, and have since bought the full sized liquid illumintor.

In an attempt to limit the length of this post, I kept alot of the ground products the same. You can look to my everyday makeup post for information on the base and brows, with the edition of the 'Smash Box Contour Kit' and newer, 'Supersizer' Mascara.

In conclusion, these are initially thin, but very dry and unforgiving matte lip shades. After a while of testing the set of liquid lips out, it isn't surprising that my lips were in quite the state by the end of the trial. For the lack of moisture, I was expecting insane things in terms of staying power, and felt like I didn't quite get it. Although I get a good 10 hours wear - that wear is not even, and can stray with eating, drinking, and ^pouting, if not careful.

Some shades darkened, or were different than I wanted. Birthday Suit remained sticky (and wore the worst); Old Hollywood did too, though more for having to layer up to combat the streakyness. I felt I didn't have those issues with the middle 2.

Alone they have no slip atall, and the finishes cannot be varied since they dry so quick. I tried to make them spread/sheer out with remnant of a lip balm, but that only seemed to make the lip remain sticky. Breaking it down, unsurprisingly. I also can't mix them in situ - to make ombre/different shades - since they are so dry. Basically, they can only be worn one way - hard to sheer out, or build up - and that kind of versatility is more important to me and my makeup tastes. It's also hard to keep a sharp line, and the product could've done with a less fuzzy applicator.

Rioja, is an incred Red, and turned out to be a real MAC lady danger contender and comfortable winner. Since Velvet Slipper turned out so dark, it falls before the formula comes into account. The variety was also lacking for me, as I found with the exception of the red, this set runs dark. Although, these are not all the shades they have on offer. All aforementioned are available individually, if they are what you're after.

Despite my negatives, taking into account the amount (3ml each, 'fun size' minis), for the price (£6 for 4) and outcome - I think it was worth it. I liked all of the looks I came out with, it was fun, and £1.50 per lip colour was part of it.


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