Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Spotlight on one of my Makeup looks involving the Sleek's 'Matte Me's'
- today, in Velvet Slipper

I'm not sure whether it's the Disney esc name of Velvet Slipper, that the shade turned out to be unexpectedly darker - or it's the animal print jumper - that makes me think of Cruella de Vil
Without the cackle and intense hatred. No Dalmatian Puppies or Leopard Cubs harmed in the making.

My starting point was experimenting with the Sleek Matte Me's, since I received a gift set for Christmas. Velvet Slipper ended up as a blackened plum, but instead of following my usual formula of 'bold with one or the other' and balancing the makeup out with less on the eyes, I carried the theme on. 

- Stila Smudge Crayon in 'umber' is more preferably deceptive: Bronze Rose Gold with a Burgundy/Warm Purple twist upon blending - though you have to be quick, since it's sets almost on contact. It's stunning, and has become the first liner to make it into my everyday makeup routine for definition around my lash-lines.
- For continuation of the Plum, Mac's 'Quarry' - mid depth matte Brown, with a Purple undertone - built up and blended gradually to create a hazy ombré, away from the lashes. My most used shade from the coincidentally Disney themed 'Stroke of Midnight' Palette - a compilation of MAC classics - from which I also used a mix of the 2 highlight shades, to complete the eyes.
- Peach and Plum are also yum (Emily Noel taught me that), so I went for my Smash Box Blush/Soft Lights Duo that has a peach undertone to both the products, (tried) to be applied as hazily as the eyes. 

Dark Lipstick wearers get a bad press. You only need look to the Makeup Meme of 'Goodies V Baddies'; the irony is not lost on me that all Disney villains have the boldest makeup, where the princesses are 'natural'. Often played by British Actors too - but that's for another day. It's no surprise the stereotype popped into mind, when I had finished this makeup look.
I can go both ways in alter ego, and makeup level, but I am firmly grounded in the wear whatever you want to, and you should not be villainised for it. So I think I'll try and stem my comparison, and Disney Series until they decide to mix it up.

^ 'Applying makeup with tiny hands' thumbnails come to mind? It looks like I'm using a prop! ^
Is it the angle, or has my head expanded from my narcissistic Blogger tendencies? (said with sarcasm)& does anyone else struggle with seeing themselves not smiling? That grin for the camera thing runs deep.
This was supposed to be the start of my Many Faces/MOTD series, but I just can't take myself seriously. 'Resting Witch face', I rest my makeup judgement case.

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  1. Haha, now that you mention it, your black and white jumper do remind me of Cruella de Vil, but luckily for you, you don't look evil! I think the dark lipstick makes you look fab and I've recently been converted to it on occasions (maybe not every day!). But it really suits you! The matte brings out your skin tone.


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