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Winter Weardrobe

Outfits from January & February 2018
- enjoying Christmas gifts and what the HS stores were tryna shift, this Winter.

Christmas Camel

I have wanted this piece, for years. No exaggeration. The Little Plum rocking the 'Petite Contrast Camel' over and over again on her blog, was what first made me want a camel coat, and also for the first time appreciate being petite. Sadly, it was too expensive RRP, and my searches on ebay and depop could only ever offer up size 2s,4, and 6s - when I am more of those 3 added together - so I had to be patient. In the lead up to Christmas, 2 10's came up on depop. I felt I couldn't spend the money on myself at that time - but thankfully, the wise man (that is my my brother) was more than willing to have a suggestion.

It may seem a bit OOT to wait so long - considering the volume of fast fashion that cycles round each season - but when I find something I really like, nothing beats the original, and it's worth the wait to get it. It may have been love at first social media sight for me, but I also haven't encountered a newer release that competes in shape, shade and contrast collar sass.
I will accept the compliments since it's not me, it's the coat - and it's great.
Almost makes me forget the disappointment of finding my whilst I waited (close second), thrifted camel coat find, moth eaten - which is not a print I can get behind.

*When you put all your Christmas presents on at once*
NYE became NYD, and since the celebration stretches 2 days/31-1st, I've artistic licence to share my outfit with coat included *closeup of the dress included in the final weardrobe from last year*. The pairing meant double the pockets - so many options - & my courtesy of Christmas clutch, complimenting the contrast, played a part too.

Coat - ASOS via DEPOP, Gifted / Dress - ZARA via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £8 / Boots - ASDA via Rennie Grove Hopsice Outlet CharityShop, £2 / Bag - LuLu Guiness, Gifted

When you turn up in matching Top and Genes

New Years Bowling is a bit of tradition in the smith household - but turning up in same top and jeans is definitely something new. 
See I was on the phone to my (other) brother before he came back for Christmas, and he was talking about his new pale pink hoody - and how maroon was his current favourite thing. I kid you not, I had worn my berry jeans and cardigan, with pale pink top combo earlier that day - matching mani and everything. Was currently sporting the same nails (with added chips) in my snuggers dressing gown of the same shade; since I am myself, a women OBSESSED. You only need to look as far as my blog banner and profile picture to see that.  
Seems it's either genetic, I am somewhat iconic - or more likely, we are telepathically connected. Since Dad just closed the curtains impromtually as I was thinking I should get up and do it myself - so if it stretches to Plymouth, it's not suprising that it's present in the house. I suspect the wifi.

We are all plugged in. I also have a related outfit dream, that fits around the burgendy pale pink theme, so watch this space. May need to plan ahead to make sure this doesn't repeat Pete.
Though the matching may have given me luck, since I got my highest score ever!

Top - Primark Sale, £3 / Jeans - TOPSHOP via Oxfam CharityShop, £3.99 / Cardigan - TOPSHOP via ebay, £4

Sales Bout

I prefer to start the year with no Boxing Day Sale bruises; I explained why in November, and that secondhand shopping is now my main interest, rather than simply punching for whatever is cheap. But, the pull of a stellar find by mum in Jan, drew me into the ring. Let's see how long I can drive this metaphor out.. Initially, in search of a different size for said find, but you know that's a slippery slope, and I ended up in a flurry of sale and supporters alike - with results of the bout to follow. *Winter Olympics distracting me from said theme*

I was in the Pinky Mauve corner - but this is a jacket that manages to look either mauve or taupe, or morve of torpe, depending on the light it's worn in, what it's worn with, and what accent it's said in. I ran with my mani that had lasted the whole year - oh the things you can say at the start of one - with matching (non metaphorical) ring, and leopard print scarf to wipe the sweat from the sale and changing room scuffle. It ended up amber 2, m&S too much to choose - ko'd, and meant I had to retreat back to the car.

The trip, also inspired me to start a thankful for list, that I’ll be updating every week for 2018. Mostly little things, that I can look back on with a smile; & you can look to on my Instagram highlights, or join in too.

Blazer - Zara via Rennie Grove Hospice Outlet CharityShop, £2 / Top - Primark sale, £3 / Jeans - Primark, £10 / Scarf - Homemade / Ring - Accessorize sale, £3.60

It's not Cos, it's M&S

The item that started said shopping mission, and fabulous find from mum, the Coatigan; a word she knew before me, despite remixing words being kind of my specialty. They outleted a few colourways, but 'Grey on Grey' - with flattering waist taper illusion, thanks to the colour block - couldn't be any more me. I may have grey jackets a plenty - but no cardi or coat, so this was two birds with one sartorial sale stone.     

It's not COS, it's M&S - I too was impressed - with the cocoon shape and flat laying notched lapels. Cosy, teddy-ish texture, making it like a chic dressing down for outside the house; housecoat, though not in a vintage, or Edna from hairspray way. 
She (mum not Travolta) kindly gifted me this since I wasn’t sure on size and price; options were limited, so it must’ve been popular, and she definitely saved me from a bad case of buyers regretThey do still have other colours available for full price - be still my racing millennial pink heart - if you're interested. *At £35 - not sure I coulda stretched to that, but I can report that my few M&S pieces have really stood rest of time*. My only complaint is that although I like oversized styles, these already run big. It's really just the drop arms sticking out, rather than lying flush, which is a little unflattering, but that will hopefully settle down with time.   
Pieces for my fitted black base, were both thrifted (and more appreciatively priced); Jeans are FRAME that I found in Cancer research, top Zara, with the opposite problem to the coat, since it's shrinking some.     

Whilst 📷, I heard the builder's next door playing Barking, and it got me thinking about the time I dressed up as barking 🐶 for tube station day at school; not saying I deserve royalties, but I was there before it became mainstream. & yes, it was a weird theme.        
'Why are you a dog?' 'I’m barking. I’m barking at you right now'. #barkingmad - but the unbeatable were my friends Jess as a shepherd, and her twin Fran the Bush. AmazingOther looks I sported that week included postman pat, and coincidently why I can't see myself wearing a Bakerboy Cap again anytime soon.

Top - ZARA, via CharityShop£2.45 / Jeans - Frame via Cancer Research CharityShop£6.50 / Coat - M&S sale, Gifted

Red Robin

Knitwear was the main sale stock in M&S - and jumpers are mostly something I see and think, I could thrift that? Grey stripes, done that - pearl embellished, can DIY that - but when I saw Red (Christmas Presents confirmed I'm a magpie for it) I completely ignored the grey one next to it, since I knew it was more unique.

Christmas may be over but there is still a place for over the top, jazzy jumpers. Cue; bright Colour block, in on trend Chevron, with a Red Robbin breast funnel (disguise a cockerel) -neck. Bold, but with an oversized comfort blanket, of cream and grey - in both tone and materials. Mix including cotton up top, to keep the Funnel neck non-static, with the the materials getting softer as it gets longer. The variance in textures, make it seem more expensive, whilst the coinciding quality keeps me really warm.
Unlike anything I already had - although I'd been interested in a rainbow striped jumper, I hadn’t found one in time to recommend as a Christmas pressie - this will stem that urge for now. It will though, be hard to break the habit of pairing it with a matching red lip.    

Jumper - M&S sale£18 / Lip - Sleek 'Matte Me' shade 'Riojo Red'£6 (4 piece Gift Set)


Fantastic Fantasia print M&S, but the most ridiculous sleeves for an item that's the definition of 'jeans and a nice top'. You're likely (I'm definitely) to be around food - or drinks, only made worse by some drinks - so it'sa hazard for whatever you'd dress up for. What is a life without snacks? It also boats a bit of a shoddy hem, and with only 10/16 available - when my ideal fit would be in between - we took it back.
The corresponding Midi dresses were stunning, but I wrongly assumed the top would be more practical. Mum suggested I chopped the trumpet tuba sleeves off and make a hat out of the excess, but then I'd be even more like a Wizard; Mum and M&S you are taking the Mickey.

It's not often now that I buy new (even in sales) so I really take a long hard think look at items; fashionable but impractical, OTT. Far from the best Space themed thing I've seen recently. *watch out for my upcoming review*. 

Top - M&S sale£13 / Jeans - NewLook via British Heart Foundation CharityShop£4.79


Nothing says love like a heart shaped knuckle duster *for one reason or another* - and this is a shot from my very topical, but not simply ceremonial, red edit on my blog; since as I said, it's a shade that's crept it's way into my heart, and that's a love that isn't just for festivites. For the love of RED

I'm not really a Scrooge. I'm fortunate in having people to love, and those who love me in return - but my love today, goes out to you for reading my little blog. And my poor ears, that cannot cope with earrings, and are going as red as my props. *Doing it for insta* - unexpected festive hit just like last year

Top - ZARA via DEPOP£7 / Jewellery Set - Primark£3 / Nail Polish - nails inc 'st.james street', (glamour mag freebie) £2


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