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2017 was the year of the 'Weardrobe'; a monthly series on my blog, sharing what I'm wearing in OOTDs. This became a bite sized slot to include thrifting, clothing and uneventful anecdotes that may have been otherwise forgotten.
I can't keep up with the imagery and effortless (but takes a heck of a lot of effort) nature of fashion blogging - nor is it really what my blog is about - so this switch was definitely my best blogging decision of late. I started in November 2016, and have just completed a calendar year of posts, that I will certainly reference for the year to come; as a reminder to continue getting the wear out of my wardrobe. Did you see what I did there?

Enough with the annoying abbreviations, those 70 outfits have today become a top 10, that I wore - and you saw - last year, along with a little preview into each post. 

You can see the full line up, here - Outfit's of the Year

January/February -

When in Winter

'It's Snow it’s snow not Dandruff'

This time last year we had snow! And it was a 'Snow not dandruff', icing sugar kind of dusting; but like anyone with whom the novelty hasn't worn off on yet, I went out and took some snaps. Not the ideal OOTD weather, but you wear clothes for all degrees (mostly), so here I am swaddled in a blanket scarf trying to catch snowflakes.
I ended up clubbing together 2 months, twice, since I was lucky enough to visit America, twice last year; Jan/Feb was one of those. Though it reached unexpected Fahrenheits there; here, the mane attraction was my Parka. The months also featured a lot of black clothing, as well as a Valentine's themed photo that was an unexpected Instagram hit. 

March -

Marching into Spring

Iced Latte OOTD

2017 was the year of coffee for me. Iced coffee. Coffee milkshake really; and that runs true for both the tones and the drink. It makes perfect sense that I like the drink, since I'm obsessed with the colour - as reaffirmed by the photos to come. This was an example of accidental coordination, but I definitely noticed a swing towards deliberate colour matching, and embracing complimentary tones throughout last year.
The month also featured, a slice of the loafer trend for free. Size 6 sack, and Six Nations - though more wear the Polo, less 'Wear the Rose' this time; n I can't wait for the competition to start again. Shift the focus to Mam's day - again with the grey - as well as some taupe trousers that totally match the above blazer; mental note, who else thought suit?

April -

Blooming Marvellous

Deja Blue

Spring bought a 'Month of many Flowers', and my blogger cliched background obsession, bloomed. It may have been my birthday month, but Bluebells beat any balloons,  since they also only come round but once a year, and are just that bit more magical.
Clematis also had claims to fame, with a fully thrifted, regrammed outfit, that doubled up as my 'Everyday Make-Up' post. A thing for pink Blossomed, likely inspired by the clematis, and denim shirt dresses had their debut on my blog; 1 when it was very sunny, and one for my birthday. The one, now 2 3, I also named a look after me.
PS. I have now corrected the title spelling.

May -

May Day

Charity Tuesday

Totally thrifted for charity Tuesday, altogether under £10. I considered not including my favourite, since it was a Nero repeat, but that's exactly what this series is all about - getting continued use from what I already have. That involves a love, and abundance of taupe.
May was unexpectedly hot, we had a bear (ha dictation, bare, since I did choose to shave) leg or 2 in. Another staple in leopard print ran wild; fav with my pride and joy (maj). A delve into dungarees, and bingo wings were renamed angel wings - body positivity.
Nature kept flowering, so I kept showing; as well as some frills, that were more boho than feminine stereotypical. I also found the first McDonald's frappe I didn't like, and the moral of that story is that the fruity option isn't always better for you.

June -

Out with the old, and in with June

Copy Cat/Closest I'll get to Crazy Cat Lady 

The Tipping Point for my well overdue clear out; coinciding with the start of the season, to help align with required season stock, for secondhand shops, as well as producing informed decisions on what I actually keep. Yes, No's, then Maybe's fell to trying in the Month's Weardrobe.
I confronted my animal print obsession - though usually not prints OF animals, I am emotionally attached to this Jaguar top (even if it is a flash hazard) because of my fondness for Chester's Jaguars, that I would end up seeing the following month eeee! Again with the flower theme: Hamlet style Sunflowers, at home micro lavender fields, and bringing the meadow to me. A maybe too small, and a strong possibility of reaching my melting point. Hot damn!

July -



I've included the outfit of the summer, and most prolific repeat offender. Although I don't do much HS shopping these days, primark's summer drop really stood out; practical but elevated, and very my style, it helped me bring some summer clothing confidence back. All in time for our summer holiday!

Cue once in a blue moon outlet shopping, 'A Secret Life of the Zoo'ing - as exciting as going to, and dressing up for Disney - as well as seeing some cherished family. The summer holidays continued at home; weather permitting paddling pool, the discovery of some dynamite denim shorts, and another Primark dress - though this one made me look like I was still at school.

August -

Month of Many Colours

Thrift Blues

Post sort, there was a lot of colour that I was reminded of, that needed to come out of the closet. I can be quite greyscale, but something about summer brings the multi-colour alter ego, Amber out. I started subtle with a Sunset in a dress, celebrated my younger brother turning 18; along with all of the Orange, soaking up the rays, and other shades of the rainbow. I hadn't been able to thrift much, but bought out some bootsale blues to celebrate national Thrift Shop day. Followed by another blue classic, that's been repeated multiple times a week come Summer for the past few years - but thanks to my love for blue Slush Puppies, despite being considerably older than a brother who just turned 18, means the kid disguise is not fading.

September/October -


American Exchange 

I was ultimately able to Thrift, in the ultimate place; ticking off a bucket list item, of going to an all American thrift shop. Thanks DC, amongst other things. Again, I kept America out of it - though that's where we were for some of it - but free dinner, jeans for genes - can I fit more denim on here? preceeded the trip. It was like an extented, scorching summer in America - but I came back to sleeves, autumnal leaves and close-ups of thrifted tees. Including the American thrift find that came back with me.

November -

It's all in the Jeans

Fine Wine

Nothing new November, and the next phase of the pre-season sorting; the month's theme - my mountain of jeans. Denim is the item I think anyone can find second hand, though having found more than my fair share, not all were a success.
One I could, another not at all, move in. One at the end of the day, went straight into the bin. Really selling it to you aren't I? But these obvious feelings made the clearing easier. I tried a few trends, and gave my two cents. Waist trainers came back around; followed by Black Friday mist, and celebrating that posing exists. My fave ended up being 'Fine Wine', and although I did embrace all the shades in most areas of my clothing this year, this is likely to be the only colourful hue I will get wear out of in jeans.
Although the theme was getting rid of denim, the thrift god's rewarded me with a thrift victory I didn't think I would have; designer, and still truly black denim, accessible to my bank balance. The sort didn't stem my Denim passion, but helped acknowledge not everything in that area of my wardrobe was working for me.

December -


Seeing Stars

Festive season just been - why do we become so anti Christmas once it's over with? Star print, sparkles and Navy, featured a lot in my festive wardrobe, and I will not be deterred in letting them shine in the Seasons to come.
On topic, I had Outfits for over indulgence, like festive menu research. The Iconic Christmas day ft cracker hat, came a close second - santa hat selfie a close DP - but since New Year's Eve turned out to be such an unexpected success, it was the standout star of a great month. I also tried my hand at making a giff, which did nothing to stem the still singing Chicago. XX lips, were also celebrated, thanks to the sassiest Christmas gift. Gifts certainly aren't only for wearing all at once at Christmas.


What have I learnt from looking back through my year in Outfits? 
I like wordplay Puns. Weardrobe anyone? Grey jackets. Pretty backgrounds. I prefer wide photos to Square, and cropping my head out, or hiding it with hair. Not just my preference it seems, since my Instagram top 9 agrees.
Here's to enjoying clothes for another year!

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