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Festivities 2017

Weardrobe / Outfits from December 2017 Festivities


I have not, stopped, singing Chicago, ever since I watched it on the way home from America - back in October. Loved it. So too did the guy behind me miming along. First time I'd seen the film, and unsurprisingly, the songs and references now make perfect sense. Catherine Zeta Jones was insane. I didn't even know Renee Zellweger was in it! The Roxie song, just made me want to get a glitzy dress and curlers out as soon as it was festively possible.

I planned to embody Roxie (in outfit not mentality) for a festive roast at my godmother's, a tradition started last year, but unfortunately they were unwell and had to cancel. I would suggest Chicago to bring the sass for sick days. My Brother's were also in Belgium at the Christmas Markets at the time, so I felt like getting involved back home. Plus, It was touch and go whether we were gunna have to make Hektor (the lamp, that's ikea name stuck - we don't make a habit of addressing the furniture so personally) the Christmas Tree, but thankfully Christmas songs and and putting this badass beaded dress on, started the decoration, motivation.

A Fabulous, thrifted find. Since sparkles, bring out our inner Christmas fairy, I've conjured up an anecdote excuse,
to bring it out for every festive season since I found it: Christmas Outfit featuring cracker hat in 2015, Chris-mas 2016, and now cabaret 2017. Cocoon Cardigan Edit contender, still going strong too!
I feel like Renee, I mean Roxie, would wear the Cardi slumped off her shoulders, but I probably wouldn't outside of this picture. Particularly since it's freezing cold and I'm not on stage. Nor do I have my name in giant, luminous lights to lean upon (Strictly, Gemma Artiton did you get to take your's home?) - so my homemade gif had to do.
Let's be realistic, I whacked a dressing gown o'top for most of the afternoon tree decoration - maybe the bed is more topical - but this festive season definitely started with a bang (pun intended)

Beaded Dress - Oasis via QEF CharityShop, £6 / Cardigan - Primark, £10

fun fact, I was in a Caberet show including Chicago songs with school back in my youth - would've been helpful to watch it then in retrospect. The life sized, mid-Pointe, Poster mum took home means I can never forget it. 

Jingle Belles

Started the evenings of over indulgence seeing some old school friends. Epitome of nice top and jeans, mine co-coordinating; I also took my parka, so it's quickly becoming a bleak navy winter. Super high waist jeans are far from ideal for sharing platters, but we're all friends, buttons can be undone here. One of my pals has bought a house - insane achievement. My new's is that my brother's now going out with one of said friend's sister's; we hypothesized about this in years past, since so many of our siblings were in the same year, but he now sees Luce more than I do!
At best, out of sync. Times like this are bitter sweet - sweet to see them, sad to dwell upon. Moving on.

I feel like as soon as I said aloud 'I don't find bags in charityshops', it all changed?
I cleared my Clutch collection in one of my many stages of sorting, and by no means is this kind of bag a necessity, but this made me wish it was. Convincing Suede effect (if not, in effect) - faux alligator, texture - in grey. Envelope, with wrist-let - plastic tag, inside untouched, outside unblemished - Good as new. More space than my everyday bag - if only it had a long strap! As is; great button fly disguise.

Shirt - M&S via YMCA CharityShop sale, £1 / Jacket - TOPSHOP via ebay, free / Jeans - Primark, £10 / Clutch - Unbranded via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £2

Christmas Jumper Day

I was sadly a little late for Christmas Jumper day - run by 'Save the Children' on the 15th of December - but I am atleast relived to have finally found our Christmas Jumpers! They'd ended up in some forgotten corner of my brother's room; must not quite have made it into the eves along with the other Christmas stuff, when it'd all been packed away one year. Hand knitted by my gran, they are truly one of a kind - full post here. My mum revealed she was probably wearing it whilst she was pregnant with me; well I'm not pregnant, but am wearing it - and plan to be for another 23.

Worn for Strictly Final, and Mc'donald's Festive Menu Research - still relevant review here. Christmas tree so worn out that it's shedding as much as a real one - another likely older than I am! Mistletoe in back, you'd think i'd planned it.

Christmas Jumper - Handmade / Jeggings - Next, £20 / Uggs - Christmas Gift

Santa Hat Selfie

Christmas morn saw our now iconic (to the Smith/Hewson traditions atleast) Santa-Hat Selfie. As if we didn't look ridiculous enough, we were marching along to 12 days of Christmas - singing to our hearts content - with a level of accuracy to the order that suggested we'd already been drinking merry. Pete also managed to drop his phone in a muddle puddle (still works, these things have 9 lives) shortly followed by Maj - thankfully we got the photo before both, using the ball as bait. I hope everyone had a magical Christmas - our's more literal than most, though dog's in general are the gift that just keeps on giving. Love the dog walk, love the dog - the other 2? Don't know em.

The Polaroid came courtesy of a charityshop punt. The shop was busy, and I didn't want to brazenly open the box, looking like I was stealing. But the camera works, has spare film, and frankly, is fabulous for £3! Photo-ception also show's the print of the dress I wore for the rest of the day. Full twirl below.

Coat - Dorothy Perkins via British Heart Foundation CharityShop, £6.99 / Jeans - TOPSHOP Jonis via Oxfam CharityShop, £3.99 / Wellies - Joules sale, Gifted / Santa Hat

Christmas Outfit ft. Cracker Hat

Making the most of Crown's being allowed, with my Christmas Outfit - another Cracking tradition: 2013, 2014, 20152016. The £1 Thrifted, metallic star-print dress, presents (depleted by the time I had the photos) and Victoria being on TV, are also encouraging the Princess mentality.

I had a different pipe dream for my Christmas Day outfit, but the stars didn't align for that. They did more obviously, when I found the print on the same £1 rack as the navy 'nice top' above - which I can now tick off my 'to thrift list'. Navy Plisse crepe, with sheering - comfy - though much like a duo chrome eyeshadow, the dot/starry print looks green in some lights, and gold in other. Very 'starry night' sky. The crowning glory - which phrase will forever remind me of this amazing vid - also ended up navy, and god bless iphone burst for getting the action shots. Spewing puns, but I repeat, not Pregnant. Could be food. Could be the twirl.

Dress - YMCA CharityShop Sale, £1 / Cracker Hat


What day is it? Bluffing being with it, using the red lip tactic. Twice - thanks to this sassy Christmas clutch, courtesy of the Skeps - for double the distraction. It's actually a clutch come Tote; my mind was blown - and bought me a statement accessory I didn't realise I wanted till I had it. If only it was the solution, but I only made it half way through boxing day.

Christmas can be both a literal and metaphorical, sugar coating - haze of festivities and happiness, but the crap still lingers underneath. Chronic illness is one of those, and I have a few of these to manage. Something every day, for the week of Christmas I knew was unrealistic, but I still find myself being disappointed (like I didn't expect it) at failing. It's so difficult to find a balance, since you're working with something that cannot be controlled.
You just have to find ways to enjoy, but control, your Christmas, like you would aim to any other day. I'm not a Scrooge, festive cheer truly exists here, but disguising my bags - even with more brilliant bags^ - and tolerating the need to hibernate, doesn't get easier just cos Christmas comes around.
That all being said - it's hard not to be happy on Christmas at our house; it's one hell of a festive spread, and I am incredibly fortunate. Also fortunate that Pyjama style shirts are considered acceptable attire, meaning seamless transition between bed and brunch for us dazed is the holidays lot.

Shirt - Encore Range (H&M Brands) via British Red Cross Charityshop Sale, £3 / Jeans - Gap via Children's Society CharityShop, £4 / Clutch - Lulu Ginness, Christmas Gift / Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss Matte, shade '111' via Factory Shop, £2

Seeing Stars

NYE, staring, another star print dress! Wait ages for one, and 2 come along, on the same damn day! You've seen the fruits of this thrift trip throughout the festive month. £1 is hard to argue with as a winner, but this shift dress left me star struck. & nostalgic. The bright, repetitive ditzy print, reminds me of the all black clothing with neon pops that were popular back in the day. Who remembers Hoodys with bright piping, or impulse prints - thinking stars, lips (again), lightning bolts, rainbows - scattered over dark clothes, before emojis were even a thing. Checked vans reached the masses. Neon tights at raves, with glasses that you couldn't see through, littered selfies (before they were even called that) or is it only me?
10 years later, ideally (for me) - the print would be white - but since it's not entirely clear whether they're red/bright pink, on either a navy or black background, it makes layering options vast.
Double layered chiffon, Tea dress like; the tiny star size means it also looks like polka dot from far away, so you'd be forgiven for thinking it's vintage. Unless the crystal buttons catch your attention. Shift fit, with strategic flare: smock to disguise food babies, drop waist back, so we don't get the random bum-bump that happens with a straight cut, and also rides the dress up. Little snug on the sleeves, so I left them open - let's call them 'fairy wings' not bingo wings.

The time period between Christmas and NYE is inherently slower paced - so by the time the Sunday rolled around, I ended up able to do 2 stages of celebrating.
Seeing other stars in: Rach - Scrap the self doubting adulting - we're ladies who lunch (Who even remembered her umbrella, and if that isn't classed as mature i don't know what is). Second Giggling Squid in a month - I've become quite attached to the emoji. Then as mum's wing women at the Reeve's in the eve - thankyou for having me.

Gift aided, and found with the clutch - Star of the festive season - and essentially a £10 donation. So cheers for the secondhand 2017; 2018 is ready for the saving.

Dress - Zara via The Children's Trust Charityshop, £8 / Clutch - Lulu Ginuess, Christmas Gift / Sleek 'Birthday Suit' Liquid Lip

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