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Winter is coming, and these are the products from my collection aiming to put the festivities in the shade, this Autumn/Winter

First thing that came to mind (beyond game of thrones references) were my nails inc, nail polishes. I've got shades ranging from match the autumn foliage, match the lipstick; to a spectrum of festive reds, gold, glitter, etcetera. But it's actually more about how I managed to get my hands on so many (considering it's a premium priced brand), being associated with this time of year, rather than my deliberately chosen/edited colour selection.
The glamour mag, nails inc collab - where a selection of full sized polishes are offered as freebies - comes around, around this time of the year, making it a bargain I use and mention (see here, here and here - air hostess), over and over again. Kate Spade's edit is when we first met - of which the gold 'Uptown Glamour' still shines - and it's put other nail polishes in the shade ever since. Whether or not these are of the same quality as the RRP originals, or made for outlet, they are still immense, and full size!
The Red and Aubergine pictured were 2 of last years offerings, so I suggest you take full advantage of the avenue, and get yourself some great polishes, at a great price. Unfortunately this is probably the final year, with glamour mag going online; but hopefully they'll go out with a bang, and hopefully the other mags will step up, for my annual business. I pitch wish.
Year round - Boots Clearance is the place too be; seems the £11 RRP is a bit of a turn off, and I've seen selections of sets/individuals, on a few occasions there. So whenever you pop in for deodorant or makeup, keep a lookout. The holographic glitter, 'Diamond', was one of the £1 polishes I whittled down to, upon discovering the latest treasure trove.

Another product I wanted to reaffirm my love for, were my Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks, of the 'Matte' formula (within theme berry packaging) in particular. Smooth and opaque, and like with the nails, boast some fabulous festive options: '#107' was the much hyped deep berry (that I too fell for the hype of, and am sporting today) and '#111', a classic Red, and favourite I would repurchase. One of my oldest reviews, but my opinion has stayed true.

An item I predict I'll be mentioning a lot from now on,
is Revolution's Awesome Metals, in the shade 'Rose Gold'; as ever since it's debut on Christmas Day last year, it's been my extra inner corner highlight consistently since.
Not a tall rosey, this entry level glitter - or already, love glitter, and are not a quitter - creamy metallic packed pigment, can range from sparkle top coat, to blinding liner. Drop price, and ease of use, means I have no hesitation in recommending it for every beauty lovers repertoire, and their makeup shy mother's! i.e mine.

My Maybelline Hypo Cosmos Duo 'WN1', completed the 2 tone scheme; the soft focus finish making the ideal accompaniment when both the nails and lips are bold, and liner gold.
Duo, with a Baked appearance. A Satin Aubergine, that can feel a little dry to the touch, but shows pretty true to colour - as the lid, crease and outer corner of the lower lid shade; beside a marbled gold, which performs more like a pressed pigment - and would benefit from a base, so I wouldn't have fairy dust where I don't want it on my face. That being said, I appreciate it's non-brassy, bright, brilliant gold tone - shining on the inner half of my lower lashline - and will make a magical addition to the festive looks of the future.

I've mentioned I'm not really a fan of orangey, brassy tones in makeup, that seem to be everywhere; thankfully, this duo goes against the tide, but I do crave a spectrum palette (red, purples, pinks, warms, golds, bronzes) like with Morphe, to dig my teeth into.

The quality street toned/chocolate box I thought would be my fix, ended up being as disappointing as: finding out the box is smaller than it once was, with fewer chocolates inside, yet remains the same price. The culprit, Illamasqua 'Fatale' Palette, fell short of the fabulous leaves it shared tones with, and was unfortunately more fatal error that femme fatale; obnoxiously indepth (with fewer metaphors) review here, and alternative suggestions welcomed.

That craving spans more than eyeshadow. & I don't know about you, but once the barely there, hair up - it's too hot for anything other than necessities - season ends, colder climbs bring an involuntary/instinctive craving for MORE MAKEUP.
Options? Why make the 'this or that?' decision, when you can decide to go overboard?

Where in the summer heat, bronzer would be all I could muster, I'm now more inclined to play with a contour paletteSmashbox's Contour Kit, seemed like a simpler place to start: since the shades 'should' work for me, and every product has it's purpose. 1 word, Inconsistent - and it's a consistency, in texture issue.
The palette ranges from a smooth, rich powder, bronzer; 2 thumbs up to the mustard (opposed to dreaded orangey) tone, and that it's pigmented, but blends in so evenly.
To a dry, hard to pick up highlight; that I appreciate, is not so pigmented that you end up with mime eyes, but remains light enough in shade that it perks up my undereye (unlike my face toned powder). Yet, it's too light in texture to have quite the setting capabilities for even dryer concealers, let alone more emollient products.
The trio concludes with a negative combination of the fore mentioned 2 - in a dusty, choppy contour shade. Despite the almost mauve tone in the pan, it ends up pulling warm on me - and it's not that the sheerness is a negative, but the hard to work with patchyness is.
Plus the included brush, is pretty plastic-y. So it's a 1, and I can find better, out of 4 from me.

The other matte face product to mention is my MAC, 'Pink Cult' Blush, and although it might look like a dull, pale pink shade - since my skin itself boasts both these qualities - the result is a subtle hint of pink. First Mac Product, first Review, Very old school.
On the opposite end of the spectrum - both newer and bolder, Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush in the shade 'Gorgeous Berries'. I mentioned my fondness for the nude from this range in my Summer edit, of which berries is the boldest shade; this is a prime example of the extreme makeup changes I go through, and also show's the strength and reach of this formula. Worn further back on the cheek; aswell as blended below the wing with a wispy brush, to make the eye look fall inline with the more berry toned lip.

I've yet to fall head over heels for bold highlights, but have been branching out into alternative forms - cream or liquid - alone or layered with powder. Both No.7 - the fluid, 'Liquid Illuminator', being a more subtle, peachy shade that blends with my skin tone. The chubby stick, 'Instant Radiance', more of a pearl. Despite the differences between the 2, I have a mutual gripe; whatever mixture that is binding these products together (the sheeny part) wears away, or sinks into my skin over time - so I end up with visible glitter (even though originally there hadn't been any) specs, without the glow between it. Be it underneath, or on top of a foundation - on their own, or set with a powder highlight - I have this issue. I enjoy the original effect - not that you can really see it, in the last resort artificial lighting. But take my word for it. The unwanted glitter infusion.

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  1. I love your matte look! It really suits you and brings out something special in the look. I also love the photo you took with all the lipstick colours and lovely nails :). I have a smashbox by Casey Holmes and it's really cool. I love the pearl glitter. However, regarding lips, I think you're right that matte is a great look!


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