Tuesday, 5 December 2017

It's all in the Jeans

Excited to get back to my jeans, but it wasn't going to be all of them - since I have so many, and that shows no signs of slowing down.
Jeans are something I always look at secondhand. I genuinely believe you can find just as good denim - if not better - this way, but like with any shop, it's about finding the right fit for you. I have lots, and have fun trying different styles/brands, but ill-fitting jeans are the bane of that life. I change shape, they change shape, and my stash has got out of hand. So I need to be ruthless, about what I simply no longer like wearing.
Carrying on from my summer clothes clear out; outfits to determine which of my extensive jean-drobe, stays, and which need to go to a new, more loving home.

Weardrobe / Outfits from November 2017

A year on from 'Nothing New November', it's hit me that I’ve kept up my weardrobe posts for a full year! For an unreliable, thriftaholic, that makes me proud. I would say I'm all thrifty today in honour, but that's honestly just regular service resumes. Not high on the grand scale of things, but worthy of a mention - and I intend to carry it on. 

Fine Wine

- My Autumn Winter EP - expected date when the leaves fall.

I'm going to have to be brutal with my rainbow coloured jeans; I got red, not yellow, not pink, mint green, not orange, but Primark purple, and blue. I like them in theory, but the phase has passed, and I simply no longer wear them! All except, the shades of berry red - & as I've mentioned before, I have 3 to pick from. Feels like deja vu that I’m still debating burgundy jeans, but the shade is a longtime (including dressing gown) LOVE, that has yet to fade. Today, I'm siding with these TOPSHOP joni jeans, that are more of a Blackberry/Fine Wine/Mulled Wine/Merlot shade - and since they are a bit deeper, I've found it's made them distinctly more versatile. In some lights - ^like clocks going back and winter has engulfed us - they almost look black, and since they aren't as colourful, they compliment a larger colour palette.
A/W palette includes: my cream cable knit, a classic I'm content with and needn't be tempted by those that advertise new ones (liketoknow cable knit's in, again). & a complementing lipstick, Rimmel 107; seeing a theme? same shit, just 2017.

Top - Zara, via CharityShop, £2.49 / Jeans - TOPSHOP via Oxfam CharityShop, £3.99 / Cardigan - TOPSHOP via ebay, £12

Waist Not

First came corsets, then high waist jeans, then waist trainers, precede corset's being back on the scene - circle of women 'embracing the waist', a rouse to conform to the idea of being damn uncomfortable. It’s all just to make us look skinnier, when really, sit or move and the truth literally comes rolling out - and why the heck should we? 

I won't lie, I genuinely prefer mid rise/higher jeans - but there is a limit - and I think I've found it? From one of favourite charityshops that I actually only visited a few times before it unfortunately closed down. The manager in there was so fab. I felt so comfortable taking photos (I understand why some would rather I don't), reveled in chatting charityshop love, and a nod to blogging; although it didn't hurt everything was under £2, she made me want to find things to buy - or donate if not - on each visit. So this is not a regret. I was sad to hear she unexpectedly died, through a volunteer from her shop that moved to mine after it closed - and I feel like she would say life is too short for uncomfortable jeans. It may be a small interaction in terms of a world hive of activity - but I hope she know's she registered with me, in happy memories. I also hesitated as to whether I wanted a closeup shot of my bum on my blog, even though it's on topic - but my other friend Judith decided it, so any backlash, blame her. #pardonthepun #itsjustabum.
This failed en-devour doesn't mean I'll be ignoring vintage jeans from now on; but I won't be blinded by price, and be more aware of size! Though If the original waist trainers appeal - and you waist not, want not, to be able to sit, bend, BREATHE - then these are the one's for you!  

Top - Tesco sale, £5 / Jeans - Lone Star, 'ladies jeanswear', via Marie Curie Charityshop, £1

Flare 'for fashion'

I've stayed loyal to skinnies as I find them the most flattering (although let's face it, most end up skinny on me!) but these 'fashun', bouji bargain, ralph lauren flares were already hemmed, so I felt the universe was saying - I shortened these, made them cheap, to offer them up for you to try.

I just want to clarify, I tried flares for fashion, not that I have a flare-for-fashion. I wear what I like, and often I stick with it; I do have a flare for finding an excuse to buy more animal print, and drop price denim, so it's often repetitive not innovative. That being said, sometimes trends pull you in, especially when Instagram Influencers do their thing, and when it's another £1 item, why the heck not.
I also want to make it clear that these are not the same jeans from before, distinguished by a strategic crop - it's simply an accurate representation of owning too many options, with a whole host of twins/siblings, not that unlike one another.

These vintage jeans are also unfortunately following the theme, but with a different kind of squeeze. They boast restriction in the thighs rather than waist; though I've actually lost a little weight recently, through nausea of medicine/not being able to eat much (misery, not happily!). Thankfully that is improving, and though I now have room for a jumper tuck, I don’t want to be duped into a false sense of security, particularly with Christmas round the corner. I have though gained a valuable clothes lesson that I'll continue to use - tees under their jumpers - revelation I hadn't appreciated  until sensible coats weren't an option.
I found it hard to pick suitable shoes - so I didn't, and went with frozen toe mules, which I think ended up looking pretty cool. Kick/Crop flares were all the rage - my original inspiration, and would probably suit more footwear - so maybe I'll be making these even shorter (but more likely give on for the next Instagram stalker)

Jumper - F&F sale, £12 / Jeans - Polo Ralph Lauren via Carboot, £1 / Mules - Clarks Outlet, Gifted

This was the day I realised that I've kept up my weardrobe for a whole dang year! Feels like a victory, not least for the fact I often use a tripod, and builders have been working on nextdoor's house since March. Light bulb scaffolding behind, and questionable radio Karaoke in the background.

Trashy Capri's

An 'Everything 10p' end of Carboot sale find; not quite the same success of the striped jumper that I also found at the stall, nor the one I had on this day. Shredded jeans with proper holes, unfortunately they are also 'I have thighs and it won't let me lie'; Front Fades, and bulging abit out of the distressing, is distressing, in more ways than one. So tight, I couldn't even make it sensibly back up the stairs to the house - cue weird frog walk.

You may have noticed a lack of coats in this weardrobe - not weather sensitive, nor like me - but I shed my layers to show the jeans the best I could. Although it was sunny, still very chilly; unrealistic in November, particularly for capri's (which I probably haven't owned since like, 2003) - but Rach tells me socks and trainers is a no go, so she I will follow. I found my 5p sunnies (thankfully) so yes, this OOTD it's giving me mixed signals..One they have in common, is Carboots are such a cheap amenity; so it doesn't matter if it's a sunglasses success, or stuffed trashy Capri's, since they cost only  pennies.

Jeans - Next via Carboot, 10p / Jumper - RI sale, £10 / Converse - Office, Gift

'I really don't like your skinny jeans'

I remember I put up a FB status of the lyrics to this song with the word genes (much like with my post name play on words. Song is Eliza Doolittle btw), and the bane of past social media life - someone corrected my spelling. Another in the know came to my defense, but what a simpler life - when all we needed to worry about were grammar snobs, now it's judgement and actual bots!

This should be changed to I really did like your skinny jeans, but now I don’t. They've featured heavily in my weardrobe (posts and life) but they're now way past their best, so I did something drastic, and threw them away straight after that day. Environmentally friendly away - aka recycled. I should do this with a lot of things, but who is still loving that striped knit with multiple holes which has already been repeatedly stitched up - guilty. Some just sadly, don’t stand the test of time. Or keep up with my hectic life. hah
I’ve compensated with OTT (A/W edit) makeup: turtle neck to hide the cockerel neck, with suit tales like length to to distract from full length leg folds, and buckles that look like wrinkles.

Top - H&M, £19.99 / Jeans - Dorothy Perkins sale, £10 / Boots - Clarks 'Orinocho', £45

Black Friday

I’m in black, but it wasn't Friday (although this sale thing seems to have spanned 2 weeks thus far, so who know’s which way’s up at this point), as frankly it’s not my bag. This isn’t just woe cheap ol me, I think anyone signed up to email lists would find it hard with the endless reminders, not to feel peer pressured into spending, or feeling like you should be shopping. First Friday I’ve dreaded for a while. Can you tell I did nothing new November? bit bitter.
Am I right? Or am I just tight?⚖️ Why do we have the sales, but not the roast, when us brits do it so well! I know when Christmas comes around (something the UK actually actively celebrate) I’ll rather the banging roast and crackers than the food coma fuelled Boxing Day sales the following day. Unless everyone is shopped out and we postpone it this year?

Truth is even the best deals don’t beat the benefits/buzz from thrifting. Nor the value, social and economical, of a charityshop find. Especially as if one can double up as a top aswell as a jacket.
I wear this trench a lot - more often actually as a top - Christmas day last year, case and point. I've actually found the same in taupe, in another thrift shop, TWICE, and haven't bought either. Mum was proud, we were all proud. Some clothes do pop up a strange amount of times? I can't promise 3rd third time a charm, if I am lucky enough to see it again. My Primark super high skinny have also been worn alot, but much like with the DP, have fallen victim to random folds of faded wash, so really should be on the way out. 

My brother was mocking the poses online that are pulled when showing off clothes; so Chris, this one’s for you. Seems I’m allergic to an all black outfit - more likely Black Friday - since this thrifted outfit gave me an itchy head and bent leg. Plenty more where that came from in my weardrobe posts, which you probably don't read - or do, and still mock me.

Top - Primark via The British Red Cross CharityShop, £5.99 / Jeans - Primark, £10 / Boots - ASDA via Rennie Grove Hospice CharityShop outlet, £2 / Ring - Accessorize, £3.60

r.e poses - more fun, more variety - keeps things more interesting. 

I've been framed 🎥 - thanks to a generous donation to Cancer Research #charityshop 
#opshop #thriftshop 🖼. I'm assuming from the same person, since 2 pairs of 'not your daughters' jeans, these, and pairs of half leather trews from both 'maje' and 'Joseph' respectively, sat in similar sizes on a rail in the shop. They were priced suitably, so I just bought my favourite - and likely the worn out Primark replacement. The piece is what makes me buy, case and point above, but I can't deny some brands excite me! 👀

Like a cheat day of a diet. treat after all my hard work. Reminder that I won't stop looking, buying, reviewing, LOVING new-to me denim.

Jeans - Frame via Cancer Research CharityShop, £6.50

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