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Weardrobe / Outfits from September & October 2017

Dinner on me, Dinner for free

With thanks to Tesco Club Card, Voucher Boost - where £5 worth of vouchers, earn you £20 worth of food at various places - dinner was on me, for free. *at point of purchase, as my brother would say.
Treated Rach (who crowned the hair do the Khalessi) to a slap up dinner at Cafe Rouge, with a bomb dessert - literally - incred, def up to a standard suitable for the original (and wannabe) Queen of Dragons. Also bloomin' love that Emilia Clark messaged Strictly.

I wore a Pyjama style shirt, ironically, to dress up for the occasion - and the equally loungewear like, jean look leggings from UNIQLO. My newish mules have proved a complete success - whilst it was still warm enough to wear them without getting chilly toes. I've also found the bag, surprisingly useful despite it's camera case size - though you may need to fold your vouchers, & make sure you take the right one's with you. mentioning for a friend.

Shirt - BN H&M/COS via The British Red Cross CharityShop 'Encore' Range, sale, £3 / Jeggings - UNIQLO via The British Red Cross CharityShop, sale, £1 / Mules - Clarks Outlet, Gifted / Bag - Accessorize via relate CharityShop, £1.49 / Vouchers

Embroidery People

Free People - that stuff is far from free! & before it was more accessible in the UK (ASOS, not that I could afford it. we're just ordinary people), seeing the tag whilst flicking through a Charity Shop sale rail, got me. Being brand blind aside, it's a pretty top. Reminds me of hand embroidered items sold on remote Greek streets, and changed my opinion on the appeal of embroidery - it doesn't feel too overdone, or simply stuck on. Not that it would grow. no matter how long you left it.. this has become less idyllic. It's irritatingly impractical though, since the back is completely open; so we've passed the infatuation phase, and I don't know which way to go

Cami - Free People via St Catherine's Hospice CharityShop Sale, £1.49

Jeans for Genes Day

The time to Justin n Brittney double up on your denim, and donate for the privilege.

I felt more like the denim donkey of Bukeroo - even my mane getting in the way. But I am willing to look a little silly for a good cause - this cause being JeansforGenes, who are 'changing the world for children with genetic disorders'.

Denim Jacket (LightWash) - via CharityShop, £7 / Denim Jacket (White) - Dororthy Perkins via Carboot, £1 / Denim Jacket (Dark Wash/Waist) - via CharityShop, £4 / Shirt - TOPSHOP via ageuk CharityShop, £3.99 / Jeans - New Look via Carboot, 50p / Trainers - Converse, hand-me-down
Don't sleep on secondhand denim.

American Exchange

The reason I've clubbed 2 months together, is because I spent a period of each, across the pond in America. We've traveled there in the hope of finding effective Lyme Treatment, which I feel both frustrated and incredibly grateful about; that we haven't the options here, but since I'm fortunate enough to have the US as a feasible option.

We make a trip of it - and this second time, I was able to cross an item off my bucket list
- of visiting an American thriftshop! Considering we go to DC, literal capital (and arguable cultural), as much as I appreciate all the sights - I can't deny that a big appeal of America, is it being 'the land of the Sephora, and home of huge secondhand stores'. In time, there will be a lifestyle post on the trips, which have truly been great. For now, I've given a nod to this trip, and my thrifted purchase, in this weardrobe post.

Top - Armani Exchange via Goodwill thriftshop, $5.99 / Trackies - Next, £20


Is this a trend or a craft? 'Fashion is art' anyway. I used to think the edition made an item look twee - few years and various colour/brand combinations later, that thought is history. This top also survived the chiffon cull of Out with the old in with the new June, since it's crepe like - my favourite material come summer - and is less sheer, thanks to the pattern and double layering. Does need a little fixing at the hem, and I can't wear it under a jumper - hence last wear in October - or I have a Rachel Green from friends situ on our hands. & if I'm being completely honest with myself, I'm more of a Monica.

Boob talk continued, it was Breast Cancer awareness month in October - a cause like with so many, is close to my heart - so if you needed some encouragement: check, tell your loved one's to (men included), and get it checked out if you are concerned. #prodyourpomspoms

Top - Monsoon via CharityShop Sale£2.49

Blinded by the Bargains

We bought the sunshine back from America with us, but the turned leaves were here waiting. My 'OOTD' spot didn't turn quite as autumnal as years past - like with my profile pic I don't want to change, as it co-ordinates so perfectly with my blog header - since mum did some shrub maintenance. For one, I'm really glad she's been able to do some gardening. Two, just means it will look even better in years to come. So this is Profile pic pending: same place, same shoes, same squinty, watery eyed individual, or 'blinded by the bargains' - thanks also for that one Mum. Least I'm not one of those memes of people with backward caps and sunnies on their head, hands up shielding their face - since I have no cap, and couldn't find my sunnies.

Blinded or not, they are bargains - at less than £10 for the getup, not counting shoes - but items I love, and will genuinely wear a-lot too. Would've said that about my 5p sunnies aswell - I hope I didn't leave them behind!?

Shirt - TOPSHOP Boutique via Carboot, £1 / Jeans - BDG (@urbanoutfitters) via The Princess Alice Hospice Charityshop, £5 / Boots - Clarks via ebay, £20 / Bag - Accessorize via relate CharityShop, £1.49


Closest I'll get to dressing up this Halloween - a tie up, typecast.

Tudor? Pirates (if only I was in the Caribbean)? Ocktoberfest? I've never been. I'm judging this on the suggestive lederhosen of Poland's Eurovision entry from a few years ago. But that was Poland. & Eurovision. I'm stereotyping.
Since fluted sleeves & lace-up were trends I'd yet to dip my toe in - NWT at £2 from the Charity Shop - I wasn't phased by the cliche, or size 16.
It's all fun and games playing dressup untill you drop your fancy sleeve in your dinner.

Top - BN RiverIsland via The Children's Trust CharityShop£2 *Vanish suggested add on*

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