Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Month of Many Colours

My Colourful Mojo really come's out in summer, and when sorting I was re inspired - so August ended up being all about embracing the rainbow of colours in my wardrobe.

Weardrobe / Outfits from August 2017

Ray of Sunshine

I'll start with this sunshine/rainbow dress as it's case and colourful point. Another swept up on summer holiday purchase, this being Crete 2015. Essentially a sheet, with a hole for the head, and hemmed at the sides leaving space for arms; it's certainly statement, and not the kind of tie dye I can achieve myself. 

Tie dye is a trend that I'll love whether it's fashionable or not - it's in my genes, 'I got it from my mumma', but also my father - childhood (and to this day) memories of a particularly fabulous shirt stand out. I do though usually restrict my wear to holiday's, beaches or over swimwear - for no other reason than it just fits - but why not the backgarden in blighty? On a Sunny Sunday, test driving mum's new sunlounger - tie dye definitely helped the holiday illusion

Dress - Cretian Stall, 13euros


My younger Brother turned 18, and secured uni all within one bloody good week - WOOP! The first was the shock of the 2 (knew he could do it) as although I live with him 24/7, how the heck is he that grown!? Open to conspiracy theories. Another shocker was that he wanted to go to lunch with his sister and mum on the big birthday! hence a dressy OOTD.
An outfit that was actually free to me - Topshop crepe cami dress, with 'that' bomber, that let's face it - is more mine that mum's even though I procured it by the pretense of shared custody. I made the photo black and white despite the colourful theme, as the navys of the 2 didn't quite match, and apparently that bugged me. Paired the clash with mules we all (read - me) claimed they couldn't turn our heads to; turn's out 2 years of social media later, if it's taupe and cheap I'm well and truly turned.

So the younger one's off to Uni, the other's moving country; I've got some new shoes on, and 'suddenly everything is right'.

Bomber - Zara Sale, Borrowed / Dress - TOPSHOP sale, £15 (giftcard) / Mules - Clarks Outlet, Gifted

Thrift Blues

Happy Nationalthriftshopday USA, as although I haven't been able to thrift much this year, I did find this gem of a bag for £1.49 from my local charityshop (pop in when getting the milk job) that was still selling online at accessorize. Another reason to thrift - finding current shop stock, for a fraction of the price.

This extrovert of a dress was bought at a past year's carboot, my first item from Mango, and reminded me of my fav M&S shift in shape, and hue. Blue is another craze I've grown up with, aswell as animal print actually - I want to be as cool as my mum is probably the reality - but snakeskin, that's all mine. 2 pairs of shoes, a bag, and some statement trousers strong, I refute the tacky rep, though maybe because of that misconception - I haven't needed to spend alot on it. I also have thrifting to thank; and in moments like watching the £100 outfit tag, them often struggling, you lucking out at under £10 with accessories included - I know I'm on the right path.
One fail of this outfit though, happily standing there with my trusty tripod set up, I go to flick through my attempts, and realise the bag is upside down (wondered why it wasn't sitting right) and proceed to have a mini melt down. That's why I'm holding it - and haven't a full outfit shot - though I could pretend featuring my matching polish, was for your benefit.

Dress - MANGO via Carboot, £2 / Bag - Accessorize via relate CharityShop, £1.49 / Nails - nails inc '' via Boots Clearance, £1 / Sliders (out of shot) - Primark, £5

Reading Ready

My younger brother trotted off to Reading Festival this year (had a great time) and although I didn't wish I was going too (health reality more likely a read-ing festival), when we went out and it was bucketing it down - I felt like I'd dressed the part. Jacket, boots, dress and outside getting wet.

I like a lot about the dress, colour, shift fit and print (that could pass as leopard from afar) - plus the style is fairly current - but as much as I like it, I broke my 'you need to love it' rule, since I really don't like the billowy sleeves. Mum said we could sort them out, but let's face it we may never get round to that; anyway I ummhed and ahhed but left it too late to return, so with a jacket, ignorance will be bliss. I do think it's one that'll grow on me - I even like it cinched in with belt, and I hate belts - although it couldn't even protect against an excitable dog's paws so not sure how it would stand up to the (I'm sure far from my imagination) reality of reading.
Second time I've mixed him in to a story in this weardrobe post (it's more in real life); sorry Pete, you're life is simply more interesting to talk about.

Jacket - Red herring via Debenhams Sale, £20 / Shirt Dress - TOPSHOP, Gifted / Dress - French Connection via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £6.50 / Bag - Next Outlet, £10 / Boots - Jones The Bootmaker sale, ?

Summer Show Off

Another thrift win, is when your favourite summer lipstick, costs the same as your outfit, and you feel pretty smug about that. (& posey apparently).

I also feel smug in that I think I've cracked the formula for me pulling off orange, and red - by wearing a mix of the 2. I've done a whole post on this lip - so I'm going to be annoying and point you in that direction for the details - but If you're not a toothy smiler, or this is your kinda colour, then I don't think you'll find a lip product better.

At £2 each - whether or not you're a thrifter - lipstick or nailpolish is the easiest and often cheapest way to inject some colour.

Shirt Dress - Tesco via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £2.50 / Lipstick - link

Living up to my traffic light namesake

Despite my new found orange philosophy, I am allowed to break my own policy. & often outerwear is the catalyst.

Even the comfort zone of tee and jeans can't quiet this down, and I feel about as bright as a traffic light. In the best kind of way - not like a traffic light party or as a halloween/dressing up opportunity. Unfortunately it may need to be moved on since it's an 8 and I aint that small anymore, but it opened my eyes to: statement jackets, F&F clothing, flat lapels, neon being worn outside of a rave, aswell as fulfilling my traffic light namesake prophecy.

Jacket - Tesco Sale, £12 (thrift finds) / Cami - Tesco sale, £2 / Jeans - Topshop via Rennie Grove Hospice Outlet CharityShop, £1 / Sunnies - Primark, £1.50 / Broken from first use bag - Newlook (not all recommendable), £12

23 and still loves Slush Puppies

The dress I referenced earlier - and many times previously - that started the crepe shift obsession; you really can't beat the original. Fail safe, 'Go to' - semi smart, but above all comfortable - I really can throw it on for any occasion.

To have my hair cut, from lego lady to hopefully shaped and whispy. 'I'm a bit big to play in the park' Godmother duties. Cool, but can't be blown up in the wind for the carboot. Overindulged, you'd never know. Birthday Bowling. Coordinating with the slushie's you probably should have grown out of. *Thankfully haven't grown out of the dress*. Whenever I am a sweaty mare with Frizzy hair, this dress is the savour.
A Month of Outfits all on it's own - mum's already fixed it up once - I'm taking bets on how many times I wore it this summer.

Dress - M&S Sale, £22

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