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Out with the old and in with the June

Apart from the odd rave outfit, or too holey Tee - I haven't done a proper clear out since I stopped growing upwards. Which I reckon was about 13/14. Cos I'ma 'but I might need it someday' fear of regret, kind of person, who above everything - doesn't like to waste money. The reality is, it's wasted anyway, since I've now grown out of - in either size, or style - the majority of my wardrobe, and in June the balanced tipped from cluttered, to I can't handle it!

It's got to the point where I was keeping rubbish - albeit for an empty's post, but keep in mind I've been stocking pilling since I started my blog (end of 2013), and I've still not done it! I won't be a minimalist, I don't need to be. but getting rid of stuff I don't use (and actual rubbish) is definitely a step in the right direction. I know some say do it in one big go, but that's not realistic for me - so I tried to do something everyday. I started with nails polishes, jewllery, shoes (the easy) and on good days or one's with moral support, draws/wardrobe etc. This may all sound a bit dramatic, but I generally find it hard to get rid of things!
It does help that's there's a worthwhile cause besides keeping my sanity - to donate to charity - and since I've been a volunteer, I have an idea of what is considered 'useful' donations, that will sell well and not waste time/space. So about 20% was recycled. A few items kept, if I thought I could get more selling it; though this was never gunna be a big pile, because I haven't the energy or inclination for a lot, but I did want to give selling a go.

I've prioritised sorting summer clothes for now: since it makes better sense to donate in season, and also make more informed choices on what to keep. This month was about yes, no's - and then trying the maybes in outfits to see whether they made the cut.
Do i like it? does it fit? will I wear it? let's hear it.

Weardrobe / Outfits from June 2017

My Only Sunflower
makes me happy, whether or not skies are grey
Like with the Daisies in last month's post, are sunflower's still cool? Cos they are to me. The house had been full of bouquets because of mum's birthday, but with only the 1 sunflower - I thought the accessory was fitting. This is another hand me down - cami strap, full length jumpsuit - with an equally, corker of a floral print. Not the well known American Apparel print, and it doesn't exactly fit me or mum - but it may be an ideal option to convert and make into joggers; a staple I know she wears, and who wouldn't want a sunflower pair??
For me? I had a whole contextual study on sunflowers back when I was doing my A-Level, so I'm a bit over saturated on the artistic side. But I'm still a fan, and going to hold out in hope to thrift some unwanted AA take on this trend; the non-gardeners (non gogh) way to fulfill my sunflower fix.

Jumpsuit - Dorothy Perkins Sale£7 / Sunnies - via Carboot5p

Copy Cat - closest I'll get to crazy Cat Lady
I remember totally crushing on this top, but then my friend Ellen bought it so I didn't feel I should. *Oh the days of popping into topshop after school and buying nothing. Now there's no school, and still nothing* But then it went on sale! and oh how the copycat worries crumbled. So naturally I caved, but tucked it away - and it was still tucked, with tag, and a receipt from 20** to boot. I still love it - but it is super cropped, like reach up and a boob might pop out short, so I am torn. Dungarees helped, & I like the peep of the animal print - but then you don't get the whole, (big) cat effect.
Maybe I'm biased, since it's high on my wishlist to see the 2 jaguars from the 'Secret life of the Zoo', and if I was an animal I wouldn't mind being their black jaguar, with the leopard print that glistens through in the sunlight. But alas I'm human, and clothes adorned with animals is as close as I can get. That and seeing them in the flesh next month, eeek!

Top - TOPSHOP sale£8 / Pinafore - TOPSHOP, secondhand, ?

Thanks for Oversharing
*thought braless was a little clickbait-y*

My Godmother popped round the other day and before she had even made it through the door I'm proclaiming "sorry I've got no bra on", for anyone nearby to hear. First, I wanna make it clear - I was wearing clothes - it was just so flipping hot, that I committed to as few layers as possible. But why did I choose to say this? Now in my head it was just incase she thought something was amiss with my hug, and it's as if by saying it, I don't feel I'm waiting for someone to notice - but even for someone who know's me pretty well, this was a bit tmi. Like my irresistible urge to tell the world when I have a wedgie. Luckily, I'm not alone in this oversharing of body inconveniences as a little girl just walked past us in the restaurant, proclaimed to a waiter
'I'm just going for a wee' - I can only presume to reassure him she's not scarpering without paying - he said thankyou for sharing, and got on with distributing the food. So, can I get away with it too? or is it just for the privileged (under 5) few?
You may think, what has this got to do with the play-suit, since I wasn't actually wearing this at either time - bit skimpy for an impromtu visit (or risk in a resturant spilling a drink down it) - but it was just as hot, and just as braless, so here I am telling everyone. Why don't I mention the ensuing wedgie whilst I'm at it? It's gotta go.

Playsuit - PrimarkBNWT via debra CharityShop , £3

Accessorize all areas

Mum and I took a punt on these sandals at a country show on a 2 for one deal - mum'n daughter matchinggg - and it's one of the older grey items from my wardrobe that I am battling with keeping. I like the latticing, and subtle studs; but it extends up my ankle, is a bit tight and unflattering - and although the reality of gladiator sandals is often that, it doesn't boast the full tie up effect. Some trends are worth the faff, heels for instance, but when it's not quite fulfilling the brief, (eg kitten heels), and I'm in discomfort, I'm unsure of it. Go hard or go home, y'know? you know I don't like that I just said that.
The colourful bag is a bit of a cliche, kind of looks-handmade-but-isn't trinket 'bought it on holiday', but it continues to surpass it's pay grade every, summer, since. It's beaut, but badly made - the zip has now broken and I'm pretty sure there's a hole in the lining - so my question is, is broken worthy of a space? Since zips are costly to replace.
My Jewellery cull was pretty ruthless - with plenty that was broken, but plenty that wasn't - but all my plated accesorize stuff was definitely staying. These 3 rings were unexpected successes in that they were not my favourites from sale sets, but because I'm not so precious about them, ironically, I end up wearing them more than the other's. I really can't find any fault with this line, and i want to make it all mine!

Dress - Primark, £13 / Sandals - Craft Show, 2 for £15 / Bag - Turkish Market, 15 leahre / Rings - Accessorize Sale, £2.50-£8.50

#liveinlevis or #leavethelevis?

I've prioritised sorting summer stuff, to be more considerate of the charityshops, and denim shorts were one of the first things to go. It was easy, though maybe a bit disappointing, as like alot of people, I was sucked into the Levi hype and spent more than than I should on it. Aswell as the reason for getting rid, being straight up, that I've got too big. I've held onto the black pair that are a bit more generous in length, and waist - but if you're thinking of indulging in vintage Levis, be aware they're often ungenerous hotpants, and that the material has got no give. I'm simply past being uncomfortable purely cos it's fashionable.
I'm much more comfortable with a bit of grey - and it wouldn't be a month of outfits without some - but both of these examples lean to the more lavender side of things. I'm not a skintight cami wearer anymore, preferring loose options - much like with the shorts - but rules go to the waist side when I'm tempted by the colour it seems! This is made of a swimsuit like material, a square 90's style cami neckline and skinny straps - not unlike the style of the Silence and Noise Cami Dress doing the rounds currently on bloggers. For confidence sake, I paired it with a sheer shirt in a similar colour - that serves more as a layering piece than stand alone. You know, since as I'm also over sheer stuff that I'd need to wear a tight cami under; I've no excuse, Grey get's me everytime!

Cami - H&M via The Rennie Grove Outlet CharityShop£1 / Shirt - Newlook via Princess Alice Hopsice£4 / Shorts - Levi's via ebay£13

'Deep in the Meadow,
under the willow' - name that film.

This Kimono is like a work of art, and I panic bought it for my Aunt's 60th Birthday, simply cos I loved the print. There is no denying it's stunning (appreciating flowers again am I), but I've only worn it a handle of times since, and I really struggle to know what to wear it with. If I had the wall space, I'd hang it up, but even with all these clothes already hanging up (on the rail), I'm not inspired to pair anything with it. It's the wrong kind of statement piece, when nothing works with it.
I settled on all white again, like I did for the 60th, but with separates rather than a dress. Loose Cami, a favourite thriftfind I doubt I'll ever get rid of. & a pair of (non levi) white denim shorts my cousin and I bought, intending to rainbow DIY - but I let the team down, and backed out after deciding I liked them as is.
Fun fact - my first foray into YT (bar music) was Andrea's 'Rainbow Shorts Tutorial', introduced to me by said cousin - and I've never looked back. Thanks Suze for introducing me to the wonder of videos *sounds a lil suspect*

Kimono - New Look£19.99 / Cami - RI Sale£7 / Shorts - Gap Sale£5

Orange Wednesday's
Orange may be my favourite colour, but unfortunately, I don't think I can pull it off in clothing; that didn't stop me from buckling under brand pressure with this American Apparel cami dress. Ribbed dresses were all the rage, aswell as camis - so why not be on trend when trying a new colour? Peachy rather than yellowy orange, it's an XS, which despite the obvious stretch, gives a silly ego boost - though a little fitted than my usual preference. On the flip side the jacket's actually an 18, one of my many denim jackets, and maybe the one I could get rid of - but I'm tempted to give it a hack and let it fray - as I reckon a cropped distressed denim jacket atop summer dresses is a winning combo. Let's hope it'll be sunny enough to see it through!

Dress - American Apparel via Cancer Research CharityShop, £3 / Denim Jacket - Tesco Sale, £7

Long may the decluttering continue. Expect Autumn, Winter, Spring Editions

one trip of many

The 'just in case mantra' has also spread unmanageabley to my blog photos. I need an intervention!

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