Monday, 10 July 2017


Summary of the products from my collection, aiming to put the Sunflowers in the shade this Summer

bare minerals 'Neutralising' Primer ( part of 4 piece sampler set from TKMAXX, (gifted) £7.99 ) is a butter-yellow toned, non coverage product - so rather than turn the skin yellow, it slightly dulls/'neutralises' some of the redness. With neutral fair skin, I don't want anything too heavy or yellow to compete with that - but a light tint, and barrier works wonders. Smoothing, without feeling siliconey, it also boasts spf, although I use such a small amount, that I wouldn't rely on it to be my sole sunscreen.
Coupled with their oil control version in problem areas - that came from the same sampler set, and I discussed in my everyday makeup post - they are an unstoppable (to a certain celcius) duo.

I am also lucky enough to sample a selection of nars, thanks to the Cheek and Lip Palette circa 2015, and my overly generous cousins toasting me turning 21; the enclosed highlight in Albatros is what screams summer to me. Well maybe not on paper/in pan - looking stark white - but it's one of those deceiving, completely different from the pan products, as far from look chalky on the skin, it throws back gold. Being fair, this can be a bit too colourful - but lightly, it's gorgeously shiny and brings a new meaning to the phrase golden girls.
The RT Setting Brush (Amazon £2) has become my highlight's partner in shine, since it's more targeted than the one I used before, and the all over taper is a shape I generally like in brushes. With Albatros (and other bolder highlights) it's perfect to help work the shade in, to be more at one with the skin.

If I want to embrace a bold lip in the summertime, a warm red or verging on orange is where I turn.
Cue Rimmel's 'Show off' Matte shade 'Orangeology' (The Factory Shop, £2); never have I been this keen on a lippie, so keen it's getting it's own post. Equally as bold, yet in an opposing slick texture, is Jemma Kidd's Hydrating Gloss Stick shade 'Hibiscous' (The Factory Shop, £3). In the bullet, it looks coral - but because of the sheerer finish and pigment of my lips, it throws more pink; in this instance, more warmth would compliment the rest of the makeup, so I mixed the 2.

I also like to emulate the vivid coral on my nails with Sinful Colors Nail Polish shade 'Timbleberry' (Poundland, £1), that looks red orange and pink in different lights, and manages to give the illusion of a tan on even the pasty of us. A matching mani pedi is the ideal we all aim for, but in summer I settle into a rhthym of having this atleast on my toes. A corker with sandals, and the right kind of colour clash with any clothing, though you can't deny that it's a perfect companion to the^ lip colour. *though you can only imagine the attempt, and horror, of a perfect pair shot - my feet up to face gymnast days are behind me*

If we're working with trends, I think any blush colour works for the summer. If we're going with taste, I've certainly got much more into using, and experimenting with my blush. But practicality wise, when I get my inevitable flush from the heat, soft blushes are my best friend - it acts as wingman, showing my best side and prompting me when I need to powder. Maxfactor Creme Puff Blushes are a new, and well loved discovery, and I got my selection of shades through Depop - 'Nude Mauve' (£2.50) is my favourite, and ideal all year, but the bronzey rose compliments any deliberate bold lips and unintentional bold cheeks.

stila 'in the Light' Eyeshadow Palette (Aeroplane, £20) was my first high end palette, and even after years of interest, practice, and various palettes later, I still have it at easy reach in my collection. I know I'm against the tide here, but I tend to favour the neutral to cool toned eyeshadows, that being said - there's always room for some warmth in an eyeshadow lover's heart - and this edition of the stila 'in the' palettes, doesn't lean too far that way. There's some kick back, and swatch wise, a few shades are underwelming; but stila prioritized, and any culprits perform much better on the eyes. They are solid, quality shadows, and that it doesn't look like I've used it alot, shows that you really get bang for your buck.
On show, I went for a combination of bliss (a soft brown with a hint of rose) as a crease colour, gilded gold ( a not gold, with a weak swatch, and glitters that don't really translate - burgendy brown) performing fairly matte on the lid, and blended up; with the cult classic kitten, that acts a lot like a glitter mix pigment, for inner corner pazzaz. In terms of shimmers though, my L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Pigment collection that's in regular ration, really do stand tall next to stila's; shade 'Sahara Treasure' (amazon, £3.99) is a treasured, cool toned gold option that will take it's place as centre shade for many summer days to come.

Another item I didn't showcase today, as I already had some bold colour going on, were the 'No.7 'Stay Perfect/Precise' Eyeliners (Boots)'. My mum is a big believer in blue liner, hence the 2 shades of J'Lo blue - but these creme liquid liners come in various (usually metallic) colours, are opaque and have such in-cred-i-ble lasting power. *I have a indepth review on this formula already if you would like photo evidence* There's some first world controversy surrounding this seemingly revered by many product, being reformulated - just see the 1* reviews for yourself - but pre change, people quote swimming in this stuff unscathed! My personal experience shows I'll be finding remnants of this swatch all summer long.

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