Monday, 12 June 2017

The A Team

Something you may not know about me is that I was actually called, and christened Joanna - my middle name being Amber - and for the majority of the way through school, I was the annoying one asking to be called something different for the first few registers. Mum and Dad came to their 'I prefer Amber' senses fairly early on, so it's all I've known - and before GCSE/qualifications came around (and the confusion that would cause) I changed it via deedpoll.

Apart from it being used strangely often to name the *harlet* in any given TV show (& the inaugural I.T class mate google coming up with Amber Smith the porn star.. which may explain the former), I'm very happy with my name.
Initial pendant's are my nod to that affinity - and without dismissing various other treasured gifts of the sort - this is my failsafe.

'A' Initial Necklace

A gift from my 22nd birthday (2016); really well priced (£12) and precious metal plated necklace that is rereleased most years in Accesorize, not just in my area of the Alphabet.
I particularly like how the font looks like text/type - a little nod to my blog - that it's small and simple enough to stack, and I can wear it 24/7 without the worry of tarnishing, or getting tangled in the night - cos that's never as glam as it looks in Disney. 

I was given a near identical gold version as part of a set from a few birthday's previous, and I seem to have inherited a bracelet to match too (a-team or accessorize team?). I also want to mention this more artistic rendition (which seems to be another theme of jewellery that loved ones have given me) that my lovely brother gave me for my 21st - of course it's sentimental, but also eerily echoes my signature? Incredibly special.

On a more aspirational note, I now have an Initial Mug; does that make me a proper blogger??

The 'A' Team

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