Tuesday, 20 June 2017

May Day

Weardrobe / Outfits from May 2017

Bingo wings became angel wings

thanks to a phase 8 jumper with a phase 10 bouji material mix, & batwing angel wings of 100% silk. Next level soft, grey fine knit jumper - on the longer side, it satisfies both comfort and confidence levels. Showing off these wings is the closest I'll ever be to a Victoria's Secret Angel, and it's also given me closure regarding the Clematis; 2 dreams come to an end.
But why is it that bingo wings are yummy, but not seen as so on your body!? I aim to embrace both this summer! #spreadmywings . Can I wing it anymore??? Ok I'm done.
Jumper - Phase 8 via Rennie Grove Hospice Outlet CharityShop, £2 / Jeans - Debenhams via Barnados Charityshop (thriftfinds) £3

Totally Thrifted for Charity Tuesday
Jeans Shirt Jacket, originally from TOPSHOP UNIQLO & ZARA consecutively and IN CAPS. cos, branding, and cos they are capital worthy basics that I found for just over a tenner, all together, via charityshops. Secondhand options can swing both ways - unique, different items, and the plain simplest - as it's not just the one *type* of person that donate their unwanted goods in the aim of earning the charity some money. Denim and Jackets are prime examples with plenty of options secondhand, so you needn't spend alot; the 2 pictured here were in 'still stitched up pockets' (Blazer), and BNWT (jeans) condition - so it doesn't even have to mean second.
Blazer - Zara via The Rennie Grove Hopsice CharityShop, £2 / Shirt - UNIQLO via The British Heart Foundation CharityShop, £4.79 / Jeans - BNWT TOPSHOP via Oxfam CharityShop, £3.99

Fruit Pastel Frappe

After a weekend of a broken Mcdonalds Icecream machine leading me to assess our weekly habit - I went for the fruity option when it was up and running the next. You know, to be 'healthy'.
Do you remember Fruit Pastel Ice lollies? It's bang on the money
- very tart, and that doesn't weaken as the ice starts to melt. Not lemony, adey or strawberry - I don't rate or recommend it. 
I still managed to unconsciously co-ordinate with it, after I tried on many a colourful cami when upgrading them to the rail, but sadly most are now too constrictive - the one that came through, happens to be the cheapest, courtesy of the carboot. 
Now it may not look like it, but the heavens opened - I try not to complain about the weather because I feel like we don't get it that bad, but I did feel for people when it was sunny either side of bank holiday Monday - fortunately there was a break and we did manage to see the spring meadow, wild rabbits and new cignets. 
I've assessed that the frappes will continue, but not with the strawberry lemonade that tastes of neither.
Cardigan - Primark, £10 / Cami - TOPSHOP via Carboot, £1.50 / Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Sale, £10
Drink - Strawberry Lemonade via MCD, wasted £1.79 / Schnoz - Hewson Inherited

Daisy Dukes

I'm not sure if Daisies are still 'cool' in clothes - weed or not they make a beautiful backdrop - but in a crepe cami, I'm not sure that I care. Size Large, I reckon it was meant to be cropped - but on me it's ideal for tucking into thrifted denim, such as these Moto's I managed to find in a charityshop sale. Which is like a super sale, on sale, so basically silly to pass up - & these passed the bend and can't see your bum test, so I have zero complaints.
Cami - Forever 21 via Scope CharityShop, £ / Denim Shorts - TOPSHOP via The Children's Trust CharityShop sale, £2.20 / Flip Flops - Haviannas, Gift 

Long Sleeves and Dungarees

It's very rare that I forget where an item I bought came from, or how much it cost (my brain forgets the useful, and keeps the bloggable), but this is one of those items. I know I bought it to replace a pair of black dungarees that were working themselves further and further into hot pants, but I decided instead on a pinafore, as I'm a dress girl through and through. Be it Pinafore/Dungarees/Dungaree-Dress, it's been the catalyst for me getting the wear out of my tighter tops, whilst still feeling comfortable. Today's^ tight top in question I managed to get for free from a Carboot, and the negative (more black to white) rather than more stereotypical breton (more white, w black/navy) stripe, for whatever reason is much more appealing to me. Both the long-sleeves and extra layer of Dungarees were necessary mid May when the temp dipped below 15 - although that's hard to believe when I speak to you having hit double that less than a month later. 
Top - Primark via Carboot, free / Dungarees - TOPSHOP secondhand, <£10 / Boots - Asda via The Rennie Grove Hospice CharityShop, £2 / Necklace

With my Pride, & joy ,

Magic - the now 8 year old pup (22nd May) - in our natural state, of animal print.
I was going to say this was the first summer dress of the season (hello 24 degrees) but it's neither summery, nor a dress. Infact it's a top, and that's bringing me back to the days of going for tops with tights and probably not quite-but feeling like I did, get away with it. Oh the days when I was unawares. Back to the present, I think I can feel confident here, as the size, A, and longline nature means all bases are covered - albeit weary in blustery conditions. 

I'll probably get more wear out of it come the colder weather, layered with jeans and coats - but (again) I couldn't resist the negative print, and co-ordinating with maj on her bday. Her, own brand, original - mine secondhand Tesco, via Cancer research charityshop. 
Top/Dress - F&F via Cancer Research CharityShop, £2.50 / Trainers - Converse, Gift

Cheap Frills
Ruffles is a trend that went from the 'er no, Victoriana aint for this millennial', to me flirting with a bitta frill. The nudge in that direction was an item from the Boho side of things - more festival than overtly feminine - and the cream and cool fabric meant I was happy to stash it away, knowing that even though that summer had come and gone (and the craze would too), that this was subtle enough to stand the test of time.

Australian opshop (charityshop) queen has done a whole post on this trend and how to do it secondhand that I highly suggest you have a peruse, cos I'm not the only one thrilled frilled to thrift current trends.
Top - F&F via Oxfam CharityShop, £2.99

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