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Fail Safe Face (a few years later)

Longtime readers may remember my 'fail safe face'; aka, 'everyday' makeup routine I feel confident to call upon, for any occasion. Well believe it or not, that was 2 years ago!
To quote that post (& plenty of other people, I don't take full credit), 'while somethings change, some stay the same', & I'd be interested to see what has changed 'beauty' wise for me, now that I've turned 23
*bar living the dream as a flower fairy*

My skin is generally dryer since the original post, yet still spot prone, with my nose and chin very susceptible to makeup breakdown (what a dish). For hot spots (if you pardon the pun) of both these issues, I've found the bare minerals 'oil control' primer really works, and means my face as a whole wears more evenly throughout the day, looking all the better for it. It's a liquid gel consistently, spreads well, and drys down quickly - so this 15ml sample size will be around for a while.

As much as I've flirted with liquid foundations and fully embraced the age of the damp sponge, bare mineral's, 'original' mineral foundation is still the one for me. I'm in a finished 2 pots and repurchased, committed relationship, no matter how my skin is.
My skin tone is fairly even overall, so the lightweight feel, and soft focus finish this gives appeals to me. The shade is great, and formula - though light coverage - build able, and believable. I've found the effect/brilliance of mineral makeup weighs heavily on the brush - and I've got my dense and soft retractable kabuki brush to thank for making the most of mine, and managing that with so little product.
I know some people are skeptical of the difference mineral makeup has, but it definitely makes my skin look better - and isn't that what we're all striving for?

Unfortunately, I continue to get regular sporadic spots, so, I continue to prioritize pin point concealing/coverage where needed, preferring to remain light elsewhere. 
Talking about spots isn't glamorous, but it happens to the best of us, and a newer release is the best I have found for concealing the buggers on problematic complexions such as mine. Rimmel have come out with a pot concealer that truly measures up to expensive counterparts, unlike the greasy sheer stuff I'd tried from the highstreet up until this point. Creamy, but with cling, and practically cream in colour; applied solely with a brush, or blended with fingers - I get long lasting coverage and a colour match which if anything, is a little light! Unfortunately, shade range only swings one side of the spectrum, but Lasting Finish Concealer shade '10 Porcelain' answered my makeup request, and I can't see it loosing it's spot on the starting lineup anytime soon.
My undereyes on the otherhand, ignore all requests. I still use the collection, out of an over-2-year habit, but I doubt even the best makeup would win the battle against sleep! or lack there of.

Even with the tiredness - and newfound skin dryness - I continue to pledge my allegiance to the powder that got me through every stage of makeup development, Rimmel 'Stay Matte' - applied in an exaggerated T -zone. Solid colour match, good coverage, with a formula that locks the base into place.
Since I use such minimal mineral makeup, and a fair amount of concealer, this is a crucial step for me.

An item that has been pushed out of the roundup is barry M's 'Dazzle Me'. It was my first Bronzer purchase so I didn't really know better, and thanks majorly to the elf Blush brush - the bronze really is better on the other side.
I used to find benefit Hoola too reminiscent of an eyeshadow - soft texture, with strong pigment, that takes work - but the tone and sculpt powers of this product on a lesser scale, are ideal. Thanks to this brilliant brush, I can be more particular with amount of product picked up, it's placement - and even at my palest, be able to pull it off!

What-ever the level of pale I don't want to my skin to look lifeless, but since I am dealing with texture, I tend to compromise with sheeny products to accent the other areas of my cheeks.
My favourites include the understated Peach glow of smashbox softlights in model, and reaping the benefits of the palette Hoola came along with. I'm still smitten with benefit 'Sugarbomb' - the underrated mosaic box blush - applied last between borders of highlight and bronzer, has a real blurring effect on the cheeks. The other mid tone shade from the palette - muted rose of 'Rockateur' - has regular airtime too.
Less subtle, MUA shade one pearl (still better than stila's 'kitten'), has hit serious pan, but is as rich and shimmery, regularly used and well loved as it always has been. I tend to use this as a spotlight for extra umph if I'm needing it - for it's adopted class, the face, or as intended, on the eyes (^see inner corners).

Although 3/4 of the featured face products are higher priced items (that came in value for money palettes, naturally) I'm branching out, and have got some cheaper options lined up to try. The sheen not specs of glitter options from the HS may be opening up!

Product List
Bare Minerals Oil Control Primer - 4x15ml gift set - TKMAXX - £7.99 Gifted
Bare Minerals 'Original' Foundation - 2g pictured (part of introductory set), shade 'fairly light' - Gifted
Retractable Kabuki Brush - The Factory Shop - £3
Origins 'Ginzing' Cream Eyeshadow - shade 'Vanilla Vroom' - CCO - £11 (RRP £17)
RT 'Doomed Shadow' Brush - 5 piece eye set - £20
Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer - shade 'Fair 1' - £4.10
Rimmel 'Lasting Finish' Concealer - shade '10 Porcelain' - £5.49 (bought with 2for£10 on Rimmel)
QVS Lip Brush - 5 piece set - £?
Rimmel 'Stay Matte Powder' - shade 'peach glow' - £3.99
Benefit Boxed Powder - shade 'Hoola' - 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' Gift Set £29.50 Gifted (£24.50 individually)
elf 'Blush' Brush - 6 piece free gift set (£4.50 individually)
Benefit Boxed Powder - shade 'Sugarbomb' 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' Gift Set £29.50 Gifted (£24.50 individually)
Still really rate the eco tools 4 piece set - £3.18 - ebay
Smashbox 'blush/softlights' duo - limited edition, shades 'Super/Model' - TKMAXX - £5.99
RT 'Setting' Brush - Amazon Sale - £2
Rimmel 'Professional' Brow Pencil - shade 'Black Brown' 004 - £2.99
Benefit 'Ready set Brow' - Magazine Freebie - £4.10 (cosmo)
Mac eyshadow -  shade 'Wedge' - Depop - £7 (/Folie duo inc palette & postage)
MUA eyeshadow - shade '1 pearl' - Superdrug - £1
Revlon Concealer Brush
Elizabeth Arden 'Beautiful Colour' Mascara - shade 'black' - TKMAXX - £7.99 (Mum's)
L'Oreal Caress Lipstick - shade 'Tempting Lilac' - Boots Clearance - £1

I've been doing less and less with my brows, which is probably how - despite constant use - I've managed to still be using the same eyebrow pencil (even if there is less of it). Rimmel Professional Pencil 004, has the ideal tone and intensity for neatening my brows, and making them as inconspicuous as they allow me. *Yes they are a presence, and I rely on their attitude on any given day*.
The benefit brow mascara is ok - looking a little unkempt here - but has shown me the error of my £1 clear mascara ways.

My cream eyeshadow from the CCO is still going, but not necessarily strong. As much as I think a cream shadow helps, it's not 100% effective, nor something I'm rushing to repurchase at the upped price of £12.50 - so I'll be looking for a cheaper, heavier-duty primer option when this becomes unusable.

Eyeshadow is where I have a weakness for spending, and always the area with most variation/experimentation, but over the years I have settled on some shades I prefer/revere. As much as I still love shimmery Taupe's - spotlighted in the last 'fail safe face' - for 'everyday' I've been favouring a softer, shaded eye, and mid-tone Matte Browns fufill that criteria. Mac's Wedge more often than not, thanks to its handy compact - but a NYX shade courtesy of the butt naked eyes palette, is my rationed favourite. Often I'll just use the one brush - apply initially to the lid, blend and be done with it.

Still haven't got much to say about mascara other than I haven't found the one, and it's the one thing I hate to rebuy. I'm using a high end mascara cos we live in a world where the Highstreet prices are getting higher, and fortunately TK does not follow that trend.

Just like in 2015, you'd be hard pressed to see me in a punchy lipstick, but I am now more likely to be wearing something. Something sheer/balmy - self sufficient. This ranges from 'my lips but moisturised' (eg korres lip butter), to 'my lips but (clarins instant natural lip-) perfected' - upto 'my lips but not quite lipstick' like loreal caress in 'tempting lilac', featured here.

In an age featuring more and more makeup, where more means more; although I embrace that with a growing collection and excitement to try new things - older products, and soft makeup (that ironically involves alot of products) still has a major part to play in my routine. Be it 21, 23, or flower fairy.

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