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Blooming Marvellous

Weardrobe / Outfits from April 2017
You know the 'floral's for spring, groundbreaking' sarcasm in The Devil wears Prada (or the subsequent meme)?, well it's happening, and whilst some like Streep say Bloomin Heck, I say Bloomin Marvellous! Thanks partly to lovely weather, in April everything bloomed, and I couldn't help but be inspired - and like lighting up the Barbecue as soon as the sun's out or buying a sledge after the slightest smattering of snow - I want to take full advantage of this opportunity.

The 'Amber'
Outfit Formula
If I were to describe myself in an outfit photo, full of favourites, it would be this. Primarily thrifted. Often incl my Treasured taupe coat, with a cost-per-wear ratio I don't think I'll ever beat. Smile (since I can't do nonchalant), and a background in bloom. The later is definitely a side effect of blogging.
Without blogging (and said outfit shots) Flower's would still be a favourite, but Clematis is my true spirit flower, that I could have easily indulged in as the background for the full month's installment. Instead, I made the most of it with another quintessentially Amber area - my everyday makeup - that may have slipped under the radar thanks to a subsequent impromtu post. Also full of favourites, I talk great reliable makeup and techniques that work for me, whilst living the dream as a flower fairy. >

Trench - Primark via Relate CharityShop, £1 / Shirt - REISS via Cancer Research CharityShop, £5.65 / Jeggings - UNIQLO via British Red Cross CharityShop, £1 / Converse - Office, Gifted

Rhododendrons and an illfitting conundrum

I used to have some magenta jeans back when coloured jeans were all the rage, and my matchy matchy affinity would have loved to have a photo featuring them and these beautiful blooms - but alas, it seems I have managed to get rid of a few clothes over the years. I'm left with more conventional denim, with a slight stretch, bought years ago from a peacocks sale. Minimal distressing which borders on wondering whether it was in production or by falling over - I'm itching to cut off the hems. For now folded, flirting with hint of F&F frill, and my fab nude mac that I'm still in denial is too snug. Now let me concentrate so I don't rip it whilst taking the photo.
Coat - Dorothy Perkins (via BHS), £20 (giftcard) / Top - F&F via Oxfam Charity Shop, £2.99 / Jeans - Peacocks, £5 / Loafers - Primark, £6

Pear Tree giving the Cherry a run for it's money

Invasion of the imitators
Blue denim shirt dresses were the wait ages for one and 2 come along at once item for me; it's F&F takes on TOPSHOP, and here's to the underdog. It's thinner, and shaped more like a longline shirt - I must have left it cuffed when it went in the wash, so when they came out semi unraveled all I could think of was (accidental) fashionable, exadurated cuffs. Unexpectedly cool!
Another unexpected cool, are backpacks - and I must admit I really liked the one Zoe/Zoella bought out as part of a set - but I was surprised to see it was £60! So when I saw this Primark option, I thought you'll do. It's not nearly as nice (her's has an orange lining and everything), but now it's slouched in, got past the faux suede inside shed stage - it's my new everyday bag. My first since the 'Just do it' backpack stage, I realise it really can help spread out the weight, but one shoulder habits die hard in this picture. It'll take some getting used to, but my main gripe with my crossbody bag is it hasn't enough space - it's Tetris whenever I wanna use it, and more importantly has no room for water. For that the backpack passes with flying, pale grey colours - so it'sa check for both priorities.
Denim Dress - F&F via The Children's Trust CharityShop, £2.50 / BackPack - Primark, £9 / Converse - Office, Gifted

Easter Bomber - the new Bonnet

I've found that thin, 'fashion' 'bomber' jackets are the easiest way to branch out into patterned outerwear. The style already has an air of casuallness, so it doesn't seem so statement, and at a glance, it could be mistaken for a shirt (or worn as a shirt like I have done on previous occasions). I've had alot of wear from mine (correction mum's), inclusive-of-but-not-limited-too a couple of indulgent meals this month - including Easter Sunday - as I love that you zip it up and the world's none the wiser, no matter how many chocolate eggs are behind ya. Plus, the perfectionist in me loves that the pattern lines up. Full outfit post ft it here.
Jacket - Zara Sale, borrowed / Shirt - UNIQLO via British Heart Foundation CharityShop, £4.79

De Ja Blue

Visiting the blue bell wood is high on my hit list every year. It really is magical to wander round and see the haze of blue, and where the sun breaks through the canopy, the illsion of a rippling sea. Poetry.
There's an outfit post of probably some of my all time favourite photos, where I take full advantage of the surroundings - but it's deep in the 'to do' pile, so for now I took a little de ja vu shot, from the same spot, on our stroll this year. No particular emphasis on the outfit - great jacket, jeans (anyone seeing a theme?) and the H&M shirt I mentioned ordering to reach the free postage, but ended up loving. The logic of spending more to spend less failed me this time. But atleast It was cheap, and I am getting wear out of it!
Jacket - TOPSHOP via ebay, £4 (refunded - free!) / Shirt - H&M, £6 / Jeans - Primark, £10 / Boots - Clarks 'Orinocho', £45

Since Bluebells are fairly sheltered - whether it's sunny or showers, it's suitable - and they are still out, so google a bluebell wood near you!

Clematis and cashmere mix

I was able to satisfy my co-ordination craving thanks again to the Clematis and this complete bargain.
Fine knit jumper in a Pink/Nude/Lil Mauve, Dusty Rose - would make a great lip shade - from the 99p rail. Made all the more desirable thanks to it's luxe material mix, as even with my sensitive to wool skin, no itch in sight. Fairly long length, semi fitted in size small - I've gone right off 'sheer' things, but this is just the right side of that. I'm not sure if it the shade sucks the life out of my skin, or looks too much like bare skin from afar; but it's one of my current favourite tones that makeup comes in, and at less than pound it was worth trying.
Jumper - JIGSAW via Age UK CharityShop, 99p

1, 2 3 Cheese
Happy 23rd Birthday to me
Call me shallow, but I like having something new to wear on my birthday. Well not necessarily new new, but new to me. Like buying a new outfit for a special occasion - dammit I am the special occasion! Am I allowed to say that?
Anyways, that didn't go to plan this year, but I thought what I was given last year for my birthday was festive enough. The other denim dress - superior quality, and frankly dreamy - with millions of ways to wear, it was worth the investment. I shimmied it off one shoulder here - who do I think I am? - as I hadn't yet, and it gives the illusion of a whole new 'look'; honestly it looks, and was uncomfortable.
I actually find birthdays a bit uncomfortable - bitter sweet - nice to look forward to (and be spoilt on) but inevitably end up as a checkpoint, looking to the past and future - and it all honesty that makes me a bit blue. 1, 2 3 Cheese and you would never know.
I won't be leaving this on a negative though, as it wasn't - it was sunny, and my parents made it lovely - and If you can't have a photo with cameraman induced cheesy grin on your birthday, when can you?
Denim Dress - TOPSHOP, Gifted

Fact of the day - all photo's bar the bluebells, were shot in my garden.
Finding a field of vivid yellow oil seed rape, and ft whisteria will have to wait till next year. 
Question of the day - If you were a flower, what would you be?

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