Monday, 10 April 2017

Spring and Tell

Show and tell of the products from my collection, aiming to put the daffodils in the shade this Spring

I am completely smitten with Bare minerals 'ready formula' shimmer shades, so I jumped at the chance to try another finish, and colour palette of 'Modern Pop' (TK £12); even if the mirrored compact is a photographic nightmare. Bar one (the matte brown) the finishes are predominantly sheeny, and if you mix that with pale pastel tones - the shades are inevitably going to end up looking soft. For that reason, I'm not convinced on it as an all in one palette, but they are soft and easy to use; effective for what they are. I chose to make peach the feature today, so's not to compete with the other tones on my face, but the dusty purple (worn on the lower lash line) and brown (to soften the liner) have typically, got the most use from me.

The bare minerals 'soft sweep eye' brush (TK £4.99) has had a lot of use too, as I find real hair brushes can be very effective bare, for blending. Unfortunately, the track record for their brushes has not been good for me in the long run; with snapping/shedding, and becoming really quite rough with not much age. In concl, it's a good 'that looks like a MAC217', but I don't think it will pay to have gone for the wannabe in the long run.

Sampling Smashbox is definitely more of a tkmaxx success, the 'blush/soft lights' duo (TK £5.99) being the standout of the 2 products from the brand I have tried. 'Super', the warm-Coral blush balances punchy pigment with a non powdery texture, which makes it much more user friendly. The highlight (and my personal favourite) of 'Model', is more sheen than shimmer - with the peachyness contributing to the 'is that your skin, or added glow'? effect. Excess stock from a limited edition set - this was a serious bargain, but fortunately I may be onto a dupe for this particular softlights shade.

An item I prefer an alternative of, is the RT 'Blush' Brush (Amazon sale £3) - one of the few RT brushes I don't like.
I don't know whether I'm doing it wrong, as a synthetic egg brush, with all over taper seems like an addition I would like, but for whatever reason (larger size, rougher bristles?) I feel like I never get an even blend; plus it always knocks a better brush out of the pot when I put it back in. This stand alone stem function bothers me know end. I do though believe brushes are an area where you don't need to spend a lot, be it spring or not.

I found a few of Tanya Burr's Lipglosses in the Superdrug Jan Sale last year (99p each), and all I can think to say a year later is I'm convinced that these may be made out of strawberry laces. The scent is SO strong, and I can't really get past it. Luckily for you there is no smellinet yet, and you can see the shade 'Picnic in the Park' for what it really is.

Any edit of mine wouldn't be complete without some taupe, and maybe the shade is what made me change my mind about these Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' Liners (Poundland £1 each). The formulation must of changed since I originally tried this product way back in my black kohl liner days (we all had them) as that formula remained smudgy and seeped into my eyes. No such issues now, and the true taupe brown tone adds a welcome soft accent to my eyes - for less than a bunch of Daffodils to try.

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