Thursday, 20 April 2017

Marching into Spring

Weardrobe / Outfits from March 2017

Slice of that Loaf

I'll have a slice of that style
I'd been looking for some smart shoes that weren't boots, and they ended up being closer and cheaper than I ever could have hoped for; one floor away infact, and free, thanks to mum's winter shoe sorting.
I went through a phase of wearing loafers to school, but these are definitely a step up from shoe-zone's finest. ^ Vintage Clarks - higher quality than I could afford new, in the size I hoped for, but hadn't yet found thrifted - you can really see how styles come right back around. I personally prefer the plainer of the 2 pairs, but it doesn't hurt that the other's buckle is really on trend, and hand-me-down is a risk free way to try the trend out.
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins, £10 / Loafers - Clarks, hand me down

I call this 'Iced Latte'

When your drink matches your aesthetic
All black, a great backdrop for a great jacket - and yes, I definitely have too many jackets in similar tones, but they are all different, and I'm an 'If it ain't broke, buy another one' kinda girl. This example from Zara, £2 in still stitched pockets condition, maintains that the total cost of my collection is less than £20 - a lot less than I've spent cumulatively on the coffee. It makes sense that I like the drink, since I am obsessed with the colour (although I'm not really that extra). & yes, Nero is the best.
Jacket - Zara via Rennie Grove Hospice Outlet CharityShop, £2 / Jeans - Primark, £10 / Bag - Newlook, Gifted

Size Sack
Why you should search every secondhand every section

I love my denim shirt dresses, but with 2 very similar, it can look repetitive, even when I haven't been outfit repeating. So when I saw a black, T-shirt style denim dress - originally TOPSHOP - it was worth a second look. Size 6 that is beyond oversized (wouldn't be surprised if it was wrongly sized), it's not the most flattering of things - but it leans more exaggerated artist overalls than bin bag. It would also make the perfect canvas (pardon the pun) for a little DIY. Distressing? Patches? Reconstruction? Who am I kidding?
Accessories will be the change, and black dresses are the easiest to pull off when I do repeat.
Dress - TOPSHOP via Relate CharityShop, £4 / Boots - Clarks via ebay, £20

6 Nations Super Saturday
Stuck to the sofa for the 6 nations
I was going to caption this 'Where else would you be on six nations super Saturday?' cos I was reaally looking forward to it. But the reality of my sleep cycles meant I was up annoyed in the early hours, knowing that I would not feel good watching it - and this rant is what came out.

'Absolutely - I religiously, wholeheartedly, love and want to watch this tournament every year: I'll be sat there Saturday, Sunday, then the next Sat/Sunday - but it'll often be all the days in between, because I have an illness that means I'm not up to much else at the moment. 
I'm not the only one, and sometimes this ritual will involve something fun. But why is it more acceptable to spend the day on the sofa watching sport, than it is to use it as a tool to deal with extended illness?
Things are different when someone stops respecting your reason. And anyone dealing with illness should be respected for that very reason, however they deal with it. For me, I find comfort from this spot on the sofa.'

Instagram can be liberating (when we aren't worrying about grids and themes) as had this been a blogpost, I would have stop started, chopped changed - asked dad to proof read, inevitably had a crisis of confidence and ended up not posting it at all. But this went up spelling mistakes and all, and although my blog is mostly about the good things in life, my illness is a theme running through that - and I'm glad I didn't hide the shadow it casts that day.
On a lighter note, this is how I watched on the final Saturday knowing we'd already won 😁🏉🏆 
Rugby Shirt - Sport's Direct, Gifted / Jeggings - UNIQLO via Red Cross CharityShop, £1

Tove Lo
Today's Outfit Alter Ego
Don't know whether it's the colour palette, kinked hair or that the sun's got me sweating but I feel very 'Tove Lo' circa 'close' video today. Without the obvious - grimy warehouse, suspenders, Joe Jonas and sexual tension. If you haven't seen the music video all of that will have gone over your head - sery vorry - my £5 thrifted outfit description should make more sense.

These taupe Topshop Trousers have the perfect loose fit for 2/3 of my legs. But they are petite, and at 5ft3, ironically, I'm a bit too tall for them - so the tapers's too tight at the wrong height. I love them enough to deal with it, but I am in danger of it ripping - and not in a close vid kinda way. This is why you lunge in the shops ladies and gents! Cream long sleeve from Aug2014 Thrift Finds has no such issues; these 'seamless' strapless bras though, seam to have the opposite effect. Even a lunge wouldn't have seen this coming.
Top - Zara via Tenovos CharityShop, £2.50 (Aug2014 TF)/ Trousers - TOPSHOP via Marie Curie CharityShop, £2

Mood Ring
made for grownups

I coughed up £8.50 for this statement ring (!), but the magpie in me has no regrets. Rather than changing with my mood (which was rather cool) it improves it - as I can't help but admire the ring whenever I wear it. Very pale blue, the stone refracts light, so quite literally glows (which is rather cool too) - and that moonstone like shift, means it compliments whatever I wear it with. This day, with the only sheer shirt I still wear - dusky purple, bought secondhand, but seen later that year re released in New Look stores. Another example of secondhand being a step ahead, when the styles come right back round.
Silver Ring - Accessorize Sale, £8.50 / Striped Jumper - RiverIsland Sale, £10 (July 2015 TF) / Shirt - Newlook via Princess Alice Hospice CharityShop, £4

Mother's Day
'You are an Angel In the Shape of my Mum' - Thanks for the card inspiration Ed, and for being my all round inspiration mum.

I think Mum's deserve atleast an honourary month, but we squeezed about a month's worth of thai food into one takeaway instead. I wore a dress that is very me, but also quite mum. Shift style and soft shades that I favour, in a print with highlights of blue from a shop she reveres. I remember us seeing this dress in East years ago - agreeing it was great, but I couldn't commit to the £30 sale price as I had no excuse to buy something so 'nice'. Well a few years of regret and a ebay follow later, it's finally mine. You can still see the folded to post crease line.
Denim Jacket - via CharityShop, £4 / Silk Dress - East via ebay, £9 / Boots - Nine West via TKMAXX, Gifted

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  1. Hey, I love the 'iced latter's look. And I love those boots you found to go with the black top. I've been looking for a pair myself but haven't been able to find any as yet. You've got a real talent for mixing and matching clothes. And I love the way you find great deals! It's hard to come by great outfits at an affordable price! Love your blog. Xx


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