Monday, 17 April 2017

Credit to Olivia Colman

2 of my current favourite TV's shows have a fantastic women in common, and Olivia Coleman deserves said credit.

Broadchurch Series 3 has managed to make everyone seem shifty, unhappy, and ultimately unlikeable - which I get is the whole Cluedo idea - but it doesn't make for inspiring character idolisation. Dad has always maintained that the Alec (Tennant) and Miller (Colman) relationship is what carries the show through from the depths of gloom. It's not a conventional balance each other out double act (eg. one happy, one angry), more of a communal distaste and commitment to the cause, of good hearted people - but she is by far the better half for me.
She manages to be a strong, sassy character without the need for centre stage. Her outbursts are authentic, yet compassion admirable. Her subtle expressions speak more than words ever could - when Alec made the comment about being too nice, her reaction made me laugh so loud. I love that she EATS - a simple thing TV show's seem to forget! I appreciate that she doesn't have to be bulshy to be effective as a Police officer, and she does all this as a single parent on a budget with other daily struggles, that anybody watching could have. As this series has gone on, the general strong woman theme has really come out, and I like that alot - but her character embodies it always.
Now I know this is a character reference, but I believe every actor brings a bit of their character to a roll - so be it Olivia or Ellie - she is a down to earth, Idol.

extra point, I think the Broadchruch team have portrayed grief and loss incredibly powerfully yet honestly - with the character of 'Beth Latimer' coming a very close second on the great acting real here. I'll miss the series, but I think it's the time to finish.

Broadchurch wasn't nearly as bleak when I visited; which *spoiler*, is really called West Bay and has the coolest secondhand inside/outside emporium and sandy beaches - although I'm not sure I'll be able to separate the show and the real life landmarks in my brain. I'm standing on the pier where Ellie gave Lenny Henry's daughter a right bollocking, and that I don't automatically associate Olivia like I do the other big names (like Tennant and Lenny) as themselves before their character, says a lot for her skills. That being said, being a Broadchurch culprit can taint like a tar brush, so series3 please don't conCluedo with the 'Reverend in the field with a sock' - do not ruin *Rory for me!

A much more mellow program, 'The Secret Life of the Zoo' is based on behind the scenes action at Chester Zoo. Animal life can actually seem a bit food sex and violence on paper, but there's nothing like the calm voice of Olivia Coleman to make it endearing again. She not only makes me want to visit the zoo (cousins what do you reckon?), be interested in even the animals that move at 0 miles an hour, but also want her voice on a pod cast to chill too aswell.

She was also in Rev, the most understated comedy known to man and she still managed to make an impression. Although I never really got into Night Manager; massive kudos to her for filming whilst heavily pregnant. If you've any other Colman suggestions, please do let me know, because as of tonight's finale: the closest I'll get to animal is in my outfits, and West Bay returns as the backdrop reality.

*Reverend Paul Coates (broadchurch) aka Rory (Doctor Who) aka Arthur Darvill (Actor)

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