Thursday, 30 March 2017

Weardrobe | When in Winter

Outfits from January & February 2017

The Mane Attraction

Aslan's back, and this time there are layers. Yep it's be cold.
Same faux fur headband, but new fur rimmed parka. The second is an ebay fail and classic case of not what I expected when I bid (completely my fault). Navy colour, length, general aesthetic - all check - but the material feels like it will soak up any rain and stay sodden, which is nowhere near as practical as I want/need it to be. It was a good job I bought "bags for life" for dad and I to sit on here, or the remnants of the wet weather would seap and stay, and adults just cannot get away with unexplained stains and patches. A cheap failed punt was just the catalyst I needed for the purchase of a brand new parka, hauled here. You win some secondhand, you lose some, but I maintain that there are always ways to be thrifty.
Side note, it's surprising how big bums pancake out to - bag working like it's life depended on it.

Dragon's Breath
Fully thrifted for when it's flipping Cold.
Better view of my Topshop duffle - heavy duty, very Paddington bear - only £4 from St.Catherine's Hospice Charityshop. Scratched distressed Jamie's also from the same line of shops, and £2 boots that are no substitute for the Clarks. 3rd time I've mentioned them on here this year, buy again omen.

Two for Tuesday
A great excuse for a dinner date with your best pal.

Dressed appropriately, comfy, but in the best of my loungewear for lunch out. Bouji All Saints hoody, pale grey, moto zip style - secondhand ofc. Other end of the price spectrum, fav Primark speckled cuffed trackies, and unseen River Island striped knit. All grey tracky is very Joey Essex, but it was about time I included my most day uniform of comfy stuff in this weardrobe series - most of the time it's not glammed up with makeup. Pal and takeaway pizza (unfortunately) often not included.

Check Mate
Keep your classics close
Cocoon scarf, Cocoon coat, sneak peaks of my top 10 thriftfinds coming up soon, and it was a no brainer that I would include this patterned Dorthy Perkins gem. But, I was a little hard on it? I've taken it for granted, it's always there for me when I need it (see where the mate metaphor is going here yet?) - and I missed it when I was away, as unfortunately it didn't make the cut.
On my highstreet search for staples for my upcoming trip (see buys here), who could resist changing room lighting for an OOTD; I'm so glad I've replaced boots that shall not again be named, as I was wearing them here despite the tear, and I genuinely wouldn't know where to go from there. I'm appreciating the solid staples not just the shiny new stuff.
I spy another bag for life - I take em bloody everywhere, yet who got caught out for 5p twice in one week? Not sure the milk or unhealthy snacks were really worth it now.

Cargo be any more Pockets?
B.Jones Inspiration 

YT has mostly taken over as tele for me, but I recently had a clearout of my subscription box - my tastes have changed, and although some classics have stayed, I've found myself much more into the smaller YouTuber. Not for that very reason, but size has coincided. One of those is B.Jones Style. I originally came across her as thrifting is a big ft theme - and although our styles are not parallel, she is fabulous and I always feel inspired by what ever she vlogs or instagrams. Today in 'what she inspired in me', was to bring out my cargo trousers, shown in thriftfinds here. Her version was more authentic, loose, high waisted, cropped and khaki - mine, Zara originally, slim fit, and black - with classic highstreet over-compensation of too much hardware. Beyond the overdone comment that 'you would never need this many pockets', it is the favoured wear of kids and middle aged men alike (I'm generalising ofc), but she showed me that it's a style that works for anyone. Even the certified stylists like herself. In my wardrobe? They just haven't had the love their classic style should merit, so maybe the 'suits everyone' - exempts me - or I should have chosen my piece more literally. Grey fine knit pairing on the other hand, is me all over.

'It's Snow not Dandruff'
So I was pretty cliche when it started to snow; went right out, did the 'omg snow'-twirl, and couldn't resist a selfie or 2. Unfortunately it wasn't winter wonderland level, so it ended up looking a bit more like dandruff. But snow is magic, and so are secondhand scarves and hoods that mean it remains magical, rather than cold and miserable. I've come a long way since the jeans and fake UGGs of the snow flurry and closed school days of 2008.

Essentially this is a repeat of Duffle and scarf featured above, but real life is re-wear.

Happy Heart Day
Not particularly pro or anti Valentines, but I do have a weakness for theme dressing. Blame the childhood filled with dressing up and handmade Christmas Jumpers.
Hand me down hoody I've had for easily over a decade - which is one of the perks to lack of growth spurt. It's longline, and this photo reminds me how white, it no longer is. Would say it was a bit kitcsh for my style now, but comfy for kicking round the house.
Staged I hear you say? There is nothing in the mug as I don't like hot coffee or tea, so - guilty - but in my defense, themed mugs are often hella awkward to drink out of. I use it for decor, cos apparently I've reached the age that 'pretty background bits' is reason enough. I did see the same mugs going for over a tenner at Urban Outfitters (which both me and dad agreed was the cool kids shop in America, which makes us decidedly un-cool), so thrifting it for £1 on last years stocking filler search, via Marie Curie Charityshop, at least makes me £10 richer.
Jumper Gifted, Prop/Mug thrifted - ima cheap date.

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