Friday, 10 February 2017

New Year, New Stuff

January 2017's Sensible Splurge 

I'm off on a trip soon, vague, and in anticipation there were a few items I was keen to buy. All these pieces have wardrobe longevity, for home and away - but it made sense to coincide their purchase with this trip. I didn't have long to find them, so most are Highs Street new NEW stuff, which is fairly new for me.
I still consider it a sensible splurge with my Christmas money - though not completely abandoning my thrifting instincts, so there'd be some left for the trip itself.

Clarks 'Orinocco' Boots, Chelsea Boots, are nothing new to me or my blog, but this is my new pair.

I don't expect a pair of shoes to be indestructible, but annoyingly - my original breaking-beyond-repair, and going away - happened to coincide. A straight replacement, since they work so well for me already - I've got no inclination to look elsewhere.
Having been without for over a month, patience paid off with a 20% off boots promotion; I managed to get the same style, same size, same discount, but slightly higher price than 5/6 years ago (£55 down to £44) at £60 down to £48.  My old pair may look battered and strangely, slightly green in comparison, but they have done me proud. As the style is still available all these years later, I doubt I'm the only one that thinks so.

A warm, sensible coat, needed updating; goodbye 'Bay''s best, size 6 from school.
I came to the conclusion that I wanted it to be a parka around November last year, but with the shops being one step ahead - I found it really hard to find one. 'Sold Outs' or serious expense seemed my only option, and after a failed second hand attempt, mum offered to pay for a new one; so thankyou mum, and by extension dad.
I had a few criteria. Longline - I prefer a long coat. Ideally Navy - or black, khaki was not the one for me. Atleast water resistant - as material was what let down the secondhand option; padded jackets without are like sponges, and you end up getting wetter than you would without a coat. Storm cuffs - double/hoody cuffs to keep the heat in the sleeves. Bonus would be silver or subtle hardware, removable hood, and some kind of snug lining.

I found 2 options.
Tesco was considerably cheaper - but being down filled made it less year round appropriate, fur lining that's more susceptible to wear, and they only had a size 8.
Per Una proved the winner; part fleece, part leopard print lined, snug and sassy, both made it that more me. Thankfully a sparks card discount (£10 off coats), £5 off complimentary voucher, and old M&S giftcards brought the point of purchase cost to £34 - which made me feel much more comfortable about their generosity.
Beyond this trip - Dog walks, Winter, if I ever need a ski/walking coat (future), general weather wear, this kind of item is timeless - here's to just hoping I don't literally grow out of it.

It's due to be similar weather out there to here (sorry again, vague!), but since I'm rarely out the house, some of my clothing options can't cut it. The Parka will help no end, but I was looking into a high necked jumper option; for inside, or when a blanket scarf is too much, but a v-neck fine knit is too little.

It was 'another girl's life' that got my mind werring, with her recommended TOPSHOP option - but £39 was too dear, and ideally, I wouldn't want completely acrylic. Sometimes knowing exactly what you want, can hinder what you find - thankfully not this time, as quite a comprehensive online search later, H&M came up with the goods. Ribbed texture, funnel neck, longline - on paper it ticks all the boxes. But in practice, I don't think it know's whether it's fitted or loose, so it's not really either. Either way, I don't think I'll keep both the black and the grey.
I also picked out a shirt from the sale and jewellery to omph up the order enough for free delivery. Of course I end up loving the shirt and now want to keep it, so I've ended up spending more anyway. Classic consumer mistake - and not so sensible. Jumpers £19.99 each, shirt £5.99, Jewellery returning anyway.

I uhmed and ahed about whether I really needed to take slippers and a dressing gown - but I'd be like a catepillar without a crisilis, no chance of being a butterfly. Mum has peer pressured me to get rid of my old grey slippers I got for Christmas here. Well my plan to use my UGGs ended up being a bit too rigid - and as I wear slippers most of the day everyday, I had a look in the sales. Similar look, also real suede - but a soft boot shape - still a hard surface sole that shouldn't buckle; replacement grey, for £10 from TESCO seemed reasonable. Probably the only other shoes that I'll be taking away with me.

Although you can't predict the success of a thrift trip, my 2 secondhand buys were both on the sensible side, and will also be taken on the trip with me.

TOPSHOP Treggings, very reminiscent of my favourite UNIQLO trousers. Cotton rich, denim look - with a bandage like stretch. Vintage rather than acid wash effect, an alternative - but comfort level's the same. BNWT, at a 10th of the original TOPSHOP price, another option was too good to turn down.

'Denim Shirt Dress' was on my wish list, but I caved and bought one new last year, after a long time of only seeing studded or fitted options in every thrifted outlet I looked at. Fast forward 6 months, and it seems it's still on my radar. Can I justify 2? Well although both are 100% cotton, this F&F version is much thinner, lighter in colour, straight up straight down - essentially a long shirt. For £2.50 - since I haven't been able to help in my charityshop for a while now, I liked that I could make a donation contribution. Light layer for spring summer autumn winter, and Washington.

Yep that's where we're off to, the world of the white house. Still hoping for a change in tennant.

Expect to see most of these pieces in upcoming weardrobes or photos from my trip.

 - I'm about 2 years behind on my thrift finds - would you still be interested on me catching up? or should I just reside myself that it was wasted time and just mention in weardrobes from here on.

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