Friday, 10 February 2017

New Year, New Stuff

January 2017's Sensible Splurge 

I'm off on a trip soon, vague, and in anticipation there were a few items I was keen to buy. All these pieces have wardrobe longevity, for home and away - but it made sense to coincide their purchase with this trip. I didn't have long to find them, so most are Highs Street new NEW stuff, which is fairly new for me.
I still consider it a sensible splurge with my Christmas money - though not completely abandoning my thrifting instincts, so there'd be some left for the trip itself.

Clarks 'Orinocco' Boots, Chelsea Boots, are nothing new to me or my blog, but this is my new pair.

I don't expect a pair of shoes to be indestructible, but annoyingly - my original breaking-beyond-repair, and going away - happened to coincide. A straight replacement, since they work so well for me already - I've got no inclination to look elsewhere.
Having been without for over a month, patience paid off with a 20% off boots promotion; I managed to get the same style, same size, same discount, but slightly higher price than 5/6 years ago (£55 down to £44) at £60 down to £48.  My old pair may look battered and strangely, slightly green in comparison, but they have done me proud. As the style is still available all these years later, I doubt I'm the only one that thinks so.
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