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Weardrobe | Festivities 2016

December 2016 Outfits, with room for festive food, ft. Cracker Hat

Howe-Wright Roast
My godmother and her lot, treated us to an early Roast, whilst all were home for Christmas. We had the most heavenly meal - with parsnips that will stay with me - cos when fruit and veg taste like sweets, diets seem worth doing. 

The food featured in my outfit choice, with loose jumper and leggings which allow for optimum eating. Believe it or not, I have no black leggings (note to self, need to change that), so a blue/denim option it was. longline v neck to save my blushes, courtesy of M&S Sale. Decided against the necktie in the end; as dog, and tug of war, were both brought to my attention.

My older brother and his girlfriend also kindly hosted us - & as my first visit to his flat involved a 3 course meal, I'll be goin back. I didn't want to waste the seasonal opportunity to get my beaded dress back out, that I wore last Christmas (post here), but being a hefty journey away - and winter - it made sense to diversify. First time I've tried the tee under the dress thing out - was a bit young to make fashion choices in the 90's - but I think I prefer both individually, the revival later. 
Though this turtle neck is the epitome of cosy, and the extra layer (aswell as my brother's giant beanbag blob) soften the 'sitting on lots of little beads' feeling - I think the dress deserves to be the star of the show.
My supporting act, Clarks Orinocco have finally bitten the dust (eyes open winter sales) so I had to settle with a second hand pair. No blisters, but a walk and a hill later, the heel came back to bite me in my unprepared beaded a**. 

< 'all black, with a wreath in the back'
For Carol's By Candlelight, textures are what were played with: velvet shorts (tesco sale), vintage blazer (Salvation Army charityshop) and my blanket scarf cocoon (age uk charityshop) that from afar, look like one big cocoon. Cheap boots were back - this time I wore the £2 sticker with pride. The Grinch hand not so much.

Santa Hat Stroll
For a second year running, I can't find my magnificent christmas jumpers! Which may be for the best in terms of weardrobe variety, but not my festive sanity. Luckily I could borrow mums and I'm basically emulating the penguin. Christmas morn dog walk tradition, is also nothing without the Santa Hats.

Same UNIQLO trews of last year, that I still love just as much, that will definitely ft in my top 10 thiftfinds of 2016. And a lightweight jacket, purely for the purpose of pocketing the camera for the traditional Christmas selfie - to prove Santa's dog walking elves really, do, exist.

Last Cracker Hat standing
After a few Christmasses of dresses, I decided to switch to another of my vices - coat-ing it at every available opportunity. A nod to my culottes edit - which may not have inspired me about the item it was meant to, but highlighted the staples I pair with everything. I ditched the belt (come necktie featured earlier), and nipped in a few safety pins; you'd never guess it was originally a mac. 

Smart, but deceivingly comfortable - much like the soft skinny jeans (Tesco), and my trusty heeled taupe boots from tkmaxx, that also came out last Christmas, received the Christmas before that. One thing that's been there every Christmas, is the Cracker Hat - though a little disappointed at the rest of family's commitment to it.

I'll miss posing with a Christmas tree (big or small), but this Fairy light backdrop'l be staying. My festive themed face, again on the thrifty side; finally, a Choker to say 'I made an effort', especially since I made it myself. 

The Day after the Day before
I'm sure much like the majority of the population, I crashed on Boxing Day.

I took a debatable step up from trackie bums (in TKMAXX joggers), but kept the slippers on. I've decided to designate that job to my UGGS, as I'm always disappointed when I wear them out and scuff them - no matter how hard I try not to, and how many cans of suede protect spray I go through. I also go through so many cheap slipper substitutes, it makes sense to use what should hold up better. My honourary Christmas jumper, shared in last months weardrobe, has also been worn consistently since. 

Family friends were having an open house, and I'm glad I was able to show my face. I went for smart casj in stretchy black jeans and a shirt - that 'mental note', also needs a few safety pins, as it turns out wrap shirts can unwrap. Similar setup to another culottes OOTD here, but with a substitute biker to the beloved topshop one; thin and getting thinner, the original is so precious, that I have to hold off for very special occasions. This alternative, being crepe, and lined, is more substantial - I can be less precious about it, and wear it basically every other occasion. Like NYE, or Next Tuesday. It's also Topshop. Downside, it needs dry cleaning - both grownup and expensive. Found on eBay, it was unexpectedly damaged - but refunded, so essentially free - & restored my faith in humanity - 2 themes I hope to carryon into 2017.

The rest of the night reality, was really more double animal print comfies ( I wasn't lieing when I said I've been wearing it solidly since ^). nap. Star Trek Film, with a break for Big Ben and the fireworks. My only regret is missing out on seeing the 'speak out' game struggle.

I hope everyone had a fabulous festive period, filled with food, with or without the thrifted outfits.

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