Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Weardrobe | Festivities 2016

December 2016 Outfits, with room for festive food, ft. Cracker Hat

Howe-Wright Roast
My godmother and her lot, treated us to an early Roast, whilst all were home for Christmas. We had the most heavenly meal - with parsnips that will stay with me - cos when fruit and veg taste like sweets, diets seem worth doing. 

The food featured in my outfit choice, with loose jumper and leggings which allow for optimum eating. Believe it or not, I have no black leggings (note to self, need to change that), so a blue/denim option it was. longline v neck to save my blushes, courtesy of M&S Sale. Decided against the necktie in the end; as dog, and tug of war, were both brought to my attention.

My older brother and his girlfriend also kindly hosted us - & as my first visit to his flat involved a 3 course meal, I'll be goin back. I didn't want to waste the seasonal opportunity to get my beaded dress back out, that I wore last Christmas (post here), but being a hefty journey away - and winter - it made sense to diversify. First time I've tried the tee under the dress thing out - was a bit young to make fashion choices in the 90's - but I think I prefer both individually, the revival later. 
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