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Weardrobe | Nothing New November

I took part in 'Nothing New November' this year, since 'No buy June' was such a success.
To put the focus on friends and family, for the festive season coming up. To take Black Friday and it's extended family, completely out of the equation. & to enjoy the bounty of belongings I have already. The later has inspired a new outfit series - Weardrobe. A more informal way of sharing my outfits; rambling limited, play on words encouraged.

November 2016 turned out to be a month of Topshop and Tesco.

Thrifted Topshop
This cable knit cardigan was another item I crushed on, whenever I saw someone wearing it - luckily, Instagram wasn't around then, or the prompting may have caused me to do something I would later regret. It took some time for the price to drop on ebay, but now it's mine, my cheaper alternatives seem cheap, and unnecessary clutter. It complete's the story of the 3 cream cable knits - to static, too itchy, just right - and shows that sometimes you just can't beat the original. Just like with my denim shirt, and at £15 all together, quarter of the cable knits original price!

Talking of TOPSHOP - New, No sale, WHO AM I? Love struck that's what. Price (& that it's current) -tag, is worthy of a full post, but I can confirm that TOPSHOP does denim shirt's right.

Let's be Aviator-in ya
This Aviator Jacket is probably one of my oldest items, yet it never struggles to stay in style come A/W. It's a little smaller than my current preference, but next level cosy, so can withstand the cold even in lighter layers; another F&F sale, for £15. The grey v-neck fine knit beneath it, is newer to me (early oct), but not new in style. For being Primark originally, it's surprisingly soft - so even secondhand from Rennie Grove Hospice Charityshop Outlet - in a tried and approved style, £2 didn't seem to steep.
Believe it or not, these jeans are the pair I featured in an OOTD here, that have lost their coating - I didn't know they did that? They have been well worn - and I have since thrifted a replacement pair that actually fit a bit better - so I think these will be retired. Hopefully holding off on the tumble dryer with take 2, with prevent a de-coating repeat.

If you're loving the leopard print revival, but can't quite commit to the literal print, I would recommend the black and white options about. I adored the Zara Jumper that Anna from the 'Anna Edit' (prev VDM) highlighted, but frankly, this F&F version is fluffier, longer, and generally better. Also in pricetag, at £12 in the sale. With the warmth and sass that winter needs - It's my spirit (and probable Christmas) jumper. Photos taken in the Fitting room, statement Jumper and off the shoulder number sorted all at once - Thanks topsy turvy Tesco sale.

(I also want to clarify that I bought these in October, and dad kindly gifted me the mags and their freebies when buying his weekly radio times - so thanks to dad and his one vice, couldn't have done it without you)

I bring all the birds to the yard
I've a confession to make, this is an old photo. With drastic haircuts you have nowhere to hide. But since I outfit repeated, on the same outing, I figured it made sense.

It was freezing (&dark) this day, so I bought out my bulky Duffle; originally secondhand, there's a better shot here as it actually made it's way to my Top 10 Thriftfinds of 2014! In theory, it's really warm. But with only poppers as a closure, it doesn't keep the heat in as much as say, a parka. The faux fur headband on the otherhand, absolutely does, even though it doesn't cover my whole head. I do though, find it mighty tickly, and I probably should have gone with a contrast colour for it to look less like I'm spouting a maine. At a glance - is that Amber, or simba? Undecided on both, though a parka is now on my secondhand radar.

BurgenBlend into the Background
With only 1 more episode, I'm in mourning for Designated Survior (one of the great netflix Originals, I reviewed here), and the end of a dream where Keither Sutherland is president; this day, I was inspired by one of my fav characters - Emily - and her burgendy suit. Not the first time I've tried pale pink and berry - heck I liked it enough to make it my blog profile picture - & the liquid amber/maple backdrop will always be treasured and taken full advantage of.
3 pairs of berry toned jeans to choose from for this, is definitely excessive. The original pair from my teen years obsession, for the 'primark soft skinny'; trying jonis for size, and a hand me down. I just need to decide which one to hand down myself. The 3/4 length tee is also Primark, and family friend Judith has ended up with her own as a hand me down, from the same person who gave me the jeans. Strange coincidence. I definitely wasn't warm enough, but the top layer comes courtesy of my well received cocoon cardigan edit; although it's not as cosy as the cable knit, I still think Topshop hit the spot.

Not Yeti
Left at sale price in the shop (another Tesco!), I snatched up this bundle of fluff a few seasons later at the Carboot, for 50p. Not the most flattering thing, but with the tactile texture and tones of pale blue, I feel like a lounge wear elsa. I don't like the tone in jeans though - in the midst of 'I want to buy everycolour' - unlike with the burgendy, this was a probably shouldn't have shade. Once I've photographed them for my review roundup post on the style, they're off.

26 on the 26th
The 26th was my Brother's 26th birthday, and we made the best of the banner situation. He came down with his girlfriend for lunch on the Sunday, so I wore my 'Sunday Best', secondhand outfit. I call this my COS meets clergy shirt, as it's a dog collar away from rev, and in that soft sheeny frankly HEAVENLY material. Any excuse to wear my favourite UNIQLO trews, and it was a one-charityshop look, as both of these gems were found at the British Red Cross. £4.95 (brand new, encore range donation) and £1 in the sale.

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