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Review: Mcdonalds Festive Menu (2016)

Tis the season for over indulging - and mine and dad's already indulgent habit of having Mcdonalds frappes, turned into a full on feast, when confronted with which option to choose from the festive menu.
Although the drinks and few other regular options come with Chrsitmassy packaging, there's a 6 piece strictly festive menu. We've gone for everything but the burgers, (said burger reviews here) with the calorie justification being a blogpost. My favourite excuse.

The savoury before sweet rule runs deep, so up first
Cheese Melt Dippers. Not a new idea for Mcdonalds, but are they slightly different?

4 nugget sized pieces per pack, filled with mild (which isn't always a bad thing) semi soft cheese - not the 'melt' texture that I expected, and the name suggested. I'm new to Camembert, so it may be that the cooking hadn't been right - disappointed - Chrissie Teigen stringing cheese cookbook kinda shot, it was not. Surrounded by a bread-crumby crust, the seasoning is fine (not as seasoned as the picture would suggest) but nothing to ride home about; and when you reach for a condiment, (note: it's advertised with a condiment) it's a sign that the taste needs improving.
I'd be interested to know if this is deep fried cheese, as it's definitely not worth the calorie connotations; bit meh, would rather have the money.
Amber 3/10    Dad 5/10

The Chocolatey Banofee Pie was already a bit controversial before it even hit the menu, since it was brought to us at the expense sacrifice of the apple pie.

The setup is similair. Parcel of oily rich Churro meets flakey pastry, which makes for a very nice crispy crust - even if I haven't sold it with the adjectives. Coating compliments the deliciously goey mixture inside perfectly, so no texture disappointments here. The filling is split 1/2 and 1/2, and I'm of the premise that more chocolate would've been better. would question who isn't. Taste is reminiscent of a hot chocolate drink, rather than literal hot chocolate (again like with Churros), but I find the banana flavour rather artificial - and chocoholic or not - would prefer it without. Or atleast less of it, as it overshadows everything else; you've also got 2 sweet flavours together which makes it rather sickly. Both fillings are of a custard whip consistency - very oozy when freshly cooked* Serviette suggested.

I'm happy with the size for the price - think iphone5s - but always feel a bit miffed when the packaging is misleading size wise; here there's plenty of empty space. Dad suggested it's so you can manoeuvre it more, and allows for airflow - but strategic windows in the cardboard, (at the widest point of the pie) that would have you believe it's full, make me think otherwise. Sneaky.

Although dad is all for the new edition, I can't help but make comparisons. Because of the better balance of sweet to tart filling, and overall package - for the first time in my life, I'm siding with the fruit pud over the chocolate option #bringbacktheapplepie.
Amber 7/10    Dad 8/10

Terry's Chocolate Orange Mcflurry
Essentially a standard Mcflurry, with a very generous amount of topping; both orange and chocolate sauce, and pile of dairy milk choc chunks. Likely why Mcflurrys are so adaptable, with the flavours being different entities, each mouthful can taste very different. Whether they went over board with the orange, or it's just potent, I would describe this as Orange Choc Chip Ice-cream (comparable balance to mint choc chip) - as the orange is overpowering, and the elements don't merge to one. That being said, when you get the mix right, it's a very convincing Terry's Chocolate Orange taste. The cheapest option of all, at 99p; although it's in a smaller tub than I remember, it's full! Which is appreciated.

I rarely have Mcflurry's - mainly cos I'm full on the other stuff, and it's melted by the time you get to it - but I really rate it. Cheap, smooth ice-cream, with variety of generous topping options, it reminds me of the 99 without the cone, flake, got-to-lick-it-quick or dripping issue. So I thought. Admittedly it was a bit melted by the time we'd got to it, but that did mean I got to try out the spoon/straw function for the first time, which actually worked! Did leave a pile of choc chunks behind though; not complaining.

Amber 8.5/10    Dad 9/10

Spiced Cookie Latte
First thing I notice? It's half full. & the cream advertised on the website is nowhere to be seen. The cream, could've been an oversight, but the liquid - that's another oversized packaging issue!

Moving beyond the broken record, they've kept the coffee integrity - which is great considering it's a festive flavoured drink, and seasoning can often get carried away. The seasoning is there though - slightly spicey, but in a satisfying mellow way. I didn't especially get 'cookie' - Dad found it somewhat sweet, but he is used to bitter black coffee as his usual choice - but the overall mix, I found not to heavy to have with food. & I'm a water inhaler, so that's saying something. Considering I'm someone who doesn't drink hot coffee, I drank it easily warm; predicatively preferred it more iced, which was very simple to do, and transitioned well. Dad was the other way round, but the sweetness and hot v cold is always going to be personal preference.
I think the taste is as good as it could be, but I would pick my usj caramel iced latte over this in the future, as it's not completely my cup of tea.
Amber 7/10    Dad 7/10

As a snack shared between 2, the 4 piece selection didn't leave us full - which I'm sure surprised us all.
The Terry's Choc Orange stands out as the most 'Christmassy' to me; and Coffee with hint of spice is an appreciated subdued option. Underwelmed by the Cheesy Bites, but fortunately the only option I think lacked tastiness. Pie was the opposite, with an abundance of flavour, but maybe the original would have been better. Not sure how well they gel together? But who buys all 4 at once.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, just let down by the size! I get smaller portions are the current norm, and understand the reasoning - I don't mind that - I just mind the deceiving packaging. It's Walkers crisps, on a fast food scale. Despite this, at under £5 for it all, it's great value for money, and standards are still high. We'll make sure to continue 'reviewing' to make sure it stays that way.

End is nigh for festive treats on 28th Dec.

- Food and thought bought to you by dad - with a little help from my test buds.

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