Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The New Do

- 22 inches and a delay later, here's the hair

Haircut way overdue; the incentive to go short, was that 'the 'little princess trust' could get some too.

A more drastic change than I anticipated, at first I felt like a 60's Lego lady. Thankfully, a few months and the extra growth later, I'm much more settled with the chop. It's lighter, fresher - I can actually style it - though neither has made me look any older.. being ID-ed for lottery tickets goes on then.
The novelties of no longer accommodating such a mane, will never age though. Gone are the days of full time knotting, getting yourself in knots and 99 style towel turbans. Nor do I find endless strands anywhere and e v e r y where. #goodbyegretel. They did say it would be in my face less - so that'sa lie - although I have come to appreciate, that hair is no longer all you or I see.

Current content has been halted (partly) by the lack of an 'official unveiling', which is stupid blogger logic, but a side effect I'm sure some of you will understand. Donation (before and after) post to come, but now you know - the hair mask is off, and so is cropping out my head in Instagram photos.

Final musing thanks to SprinkleofGlitter - where does all the moulted hair go?

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