Monday, 28 November 2016

A/W Edit - Netflix Originals, Makeup, and Mag Collabs

Outside of autumn leaves, and all things Christmassy, here's what I would recommend this Autumn Winter.

A/W Edit

Nail Polish Promos
December Issue Glamour Mag, is on my To DO list every year,  as its consistently a collab. I'm loyal, as the magazine (or freebie, however you choose to weigh it out) has stayed £2, with the value of the 4 options remaining so much more. Nails inc is a regular, and 2016's selection consists of - a (more pastel than nude) pale peachy pink, a slightly deeper, true red; an almost black plum, and an almost black cherry. The second 2 may only just be sisters rather than twins but, #gottacatchemall. From my few years of collecting, I see no shade as a complete repeat offender; but whether or not I need to justify having 4/5 slightly different reds is up for debate, it's remains my fav shade of the bunch.

I really rate nails inc polishes. Having tried originals and outlet - I find them consistently strong. Sure, lighter shades can need more layers - but the longevity and colour's, keep me coming back. I used to think it was a mistake offering such generous freebies, but now I know the power of marketing and it's naive me being had. I have become a nail polish snob, but luckily I still manage to do it on a budget.

Elle is also getting in on the action; and yes, although this isn't the only time of year for nail polish promos, this is the first time I've been tempted away from the security of nails inc. Suprisingly, I was seduced by the pink; 'Rosey posey' is dusky pink dreams, and Dad's already on the lookout for the taupe (edit; it's a khaki green). The berry and (another) red looked nice too, but I'm cheap, so I picked the 2 that really seemed unique. The line up involves a bigger budget (£4.10!), but I'm glad I took the (£4.10!!) punt, as they dry. so. fast. and last. so. long. (cue week old manicure pic ^)
Though I can't critique the quality (or the price) of the former, the what I consider superior colour palette, and the thin quick drying consistency, is what pipped Elle's edition over the Glamour for me - even at double the price. Which is considered the freebie again?

Festive Face Palette
Tis the season for Limited edition sets. My face palette and favourite, of Benefit Box Powders, I'm happy to see a variation of which, has been re-released this season - cue ''Blushin' Babe'. Slight change to the 2014 edition  of 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' (seen here), as 'bella bamba' powder and mini brush are substituted for a mini 'they're real' mascara, and 'push up' liner. Cult favourite matte bronzer (Hoola), the well packaged cream highlight, and other 4 blush shades, are all still there.
No shade goes particularly bright, or dark, which is sadly not all inclusive. But if you are able to wear the shade range, I think both blusher lovers and those not so much (i.e. me) will find this palette easy to get on with.

One thing I can't comment on is quality comparison - between the set and original individual pans - since it's a wide spread suggestion, that it's often lower in outlet. Either way, with an individual 8g pan costing £23.50, you pay only £6 more for an extra 20g more product, in a variety of recognisable well known shades - and I'm not disapointed in any of them. For the value for money, and variety - I doubt you would will be either. It's even cheaper this Black Friday weekend!
Hope I've given you enough, since both are time sensative.

Cold Weather Cocoon

Big scarves are always big news this time of year, and I genuinely felt like an layer of armour was missing when this thing went in the wash.
Essentially a blanket outside the bed, the L shape is much easier to manuvre w the crook of my neck, and when wrapped around it, becomes protection for my chinny chin chins. I'm glad I held back on the winter sales and faux fur linings from a few years back as the colour, size, and material, are much more versatile, and a steel second hand considering 'blanket scarves' are so in style. Lots of options around the shops, but I managed to find mine via ageuk charityshop for just under £3 this time last year. 

Netflix at will
Since GBBO said goodbye, and the autumn influx of period dramas trailled off - at one point I considered Youtube my Tele - the end point was Netflix. I've dipped in an out of various series since we started the subscription, but more recently, I've found myself repeatedly, really impressed.
If the Dark dramas that are all the rage (black mirror, american horror story, the walking dead etc) are not your thing, or even if they are - I suggest these Netflix Originals.
It's difficult to describe tele without giving it away - but I'll do my best Danny and his many metaphors, impression.

*Designated Survivor - an American political nightmare to distract you from the current one.
Don't google this till after the first episode, as the name is a right giveaway, but the surprise of the start carries right along. Novelty, the president is the nice one - and despite the confused looking Kiefer in the cover picture, the success continues with 'I don't see Jack Bauer'. They throw everything (maybe too much) in - but it's plausible, and the other eerie links to current affairs palpable - with a much needed seb of light relief.

Not as original, the series adaption of the film Frequency. Do not be fooled by the designated genre, 'time travel' tag - as it cheapens this thriller. Think having a second chance at your mistakes, and what effect that has on everyone else; expect to pay attention for all 40ish minutes, as 20 years of butterfly wings fly in, and still be confused. But in a 'why's this gorgeous guy going out with me?' good way. Unfortunately for all 3, there's waiting around; it's the 21st century and series are released in a day, why make me wait once a fortnight!

The wait is though over, for the sequal to an AMAZING original - *Gilmore Girls reboot; aka dry whit, and a story that feeds my soul like full fat american sugar cane snacks. I honestly don't think there is a better, heart warming, and fabuloulsy sarcastic show, American OR British. I'm looking forward to real time rory and laurali, all there is to know about american life ( I jest), and hopefully they're anti aging secrets, cos seriously - you'd never know it'd been nearly 7 years. I'm aiming to look like them^, watching them.

& finally, I've rejoined the bangwagon after 8 seasons worth of Big Bang.You think the joke would be old by now, but done with affection (rather than demeaning), and real time variation (where'd the women come from), it's still funny! Worth 20mins of anyone's time, If only I too was getting £1 mil person episode for it.

I haven't been this into TV shows since Scandinavia obliterated the competition, with their doom and dominance in the thriller field, with the plot twists and bleak backdrop of the bridge. (Also avaliable on Netflix). Past fans and will be fans; what started as an app, now has it's own button on standard remotes - so thanks Chris for sharing your Netflix subscription with us! & thanks Rach for the phone - speed, emojis, apps, spell check and camera quality to call home. oh & making my dog dreams come true - Happy Birthday's to both of you!

p.s Keifer for President

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