Sunday, 18 September 2016

UPDATE: Lyme Wedge

Sorry for being MIA on AmBlog for 6 Months - It's not you, it's M.E. You haven't missed much, but it wouldn't be me, if I didn't make the most of it.

Since March, I've turned 22 - although the feelins not come yet. I'm half the hair I used to be, and bloody difficult woman is a thing - I'm conflicted about it. Should we aspire? Should we be insulted?. Should I get the T-shirt??

It's fitting since, my bloody difficult situation is more of the same. Stuff 6 months MIA, it's coming up 6 years. Which is worrying. Worrying meaning terrifying; but more understanding is reassuring. Lyme Disease was last Summer's diagnosis, but subsequent treatments have not had the desired effect.. Yet. But watch this space, Washington. what?

On a cheerier note, I've clocked up over a year as a Charity Shop Volunteer, and I value my bursts of productivity with pride. It truly brings out the best in me (of me not as my best) - and whilst they remain flexible, I remain helpful. & grateful. & I think they are too.
It's hard to slot into a work place when unwell, but I'm working hard when hardly working, and that's all you can do.

Though it's been more sporadic, I have still enjoyed time on the otherside of the till, and other outings. Overusing that charityshop hashtag, embracing experimenting with the temporaryity of makeup. Been detrimentally introduced to Iced Coffee, enjoyed a lovely seaside holiday, and it's been a sunny summer overall. I hope yours was too.

In regards to the blog, I'm contemplating a change of name. I've never been a 100% happy with it, and this could be the perfect time to refresh; luckily the insta and url are free, so we'll see.
We may be a bit backwards - hair styles, seasons - heck even the year may change - but if I'm happy to put it up, I hope you're happy to read it. Expect more indepth posts, on what I've touched on, coming up - but do email if u'd like to hear sooner rather than later.

I'll blog again; know where, don't know when. But for now, thanks simply for sticking with me.
All the best 

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