Friday, 25 March 2016

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Good Friday 2015

Bomber and Moto styles have tooed and froed in the style stakes over the years - for a lover of both like me, when the suitable seasons arrive around Easter, I'm a happy bunny. Collecter of one, not yet an owner of the other, I looked to mum and her very generous nature (and wardobe).

When your mum is your best friend, perk no.273 - another wardrobe at your beck and call, down the hall. I had my eye on this bomber before she'd even ordered it from the Zara (summer 2014) Sale, and I don't think she's worn it atall. Favoured Navy - with a lining of brilliant blue, which I encourage in rolled cuffs. I love the relaxed, almost paint stroke to the bold floral design, and overall structure of the jacket. Though it's floral, and ft's pink - it feels fresh, rather than cutsy.
No need to compete with the printed piece, I paired with what one could only describe as second skin clothing - this time in keeping with the navy theme.

Still relevant come 2016, as it's still in rotation; similar theme on mother's day this year (2016) , & ^ as an Easter Bomber (instead of bonnet) - this time yestur year, when my skin was much clearer. Worn consistently between the two. You wouldn't think a floral bomber would be reached for - but it upgrades my basics, and accessories I reach for every damn day.

Bomber - Zara (Mum's)
Cami or Jumper - Primark
Jeans - New Look via BHF CharityShop
Boots - Clarks, via ebay
Bag - Next Outlet
Rings - Accesorize, and Escentuals
Polish - Nails inc for Marie Curie

Accessories were all new (or new to me)
Clarks Moonlit, that were well worth the ebay scrolling, and made it into my Top 10 Thrift Finds of 2015. A bag that could have joined them - drooled over alongside the likes of Mulberry and MK in Cheshire Oaks - was the only one that won out, as it's all about the pricetag; £10 from the NEXT outlet. Mani match is ideal, but annoying limited edition.
Another Cheshire Oaks purchase also ft - first outing of MAC 'Satin Taupe' - first impressions are good, but i'm not seeing stars yet. Maybe I'll see the full potential in daylight. No such issue with Dior Amber Diamond #thatglowtho.


Good Friday traditions include a trip down the pub - & this is what I wore. It's one of those bitter sweet days; of yes, I'm well enough to see my friends, they're back (from uni), it's Easter..Mixed with, I feel so out of sync.
I wouldn't wish deterioration on anyone, and in noway is it better. But I often feel more content when I'm worse; when even thinking about what I'm not doing is completely pointless. When it's borderline - still ill, but can somewhat withstand it - it's sadly obvious I'm out of place.
I place no blame on my friends, it's just hard to feel jolly when your biggest achievement that week was not eating any chocolate yet - compared to big plans, new jobs, normal life. Like I'm stuck here buffering whilst they've continued to play.
I just want to say, whether you are having a good, or a bad friday - buffering or not - I hope you find a way to be content. Whether it be at the pub, with pals, or perched on a pile of pillows reading this post - you have a place.

Mike Posner - Be As You Are


  1. love love love this nail colour 👌🏽

  2. You look lovely dear ! Such a cute pretty bag :) great blog you have !! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x


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