Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wardrobe | 5* of 2015

Time to take a trip down memory lane, to the 5 Wardrobe essentials that stuck with me circa 2015. The items you'll see me in - eat, sleep, then repeat.

Minimal, Monochrome, Major players: 2 from Riverisland (sale steals) 2 DP (1 Sale, 1 Charity Shop ) 1 Primark at full price (A rare occasion, and real success). They've earnt their place, and outpaid their price.

Double Strap, chiffon Cami, courtesy of the River Island Sale ( £7, ft Thrift Finds | January 2015 )

Though I sit here shivering, since the year's round up spans the spring and summer too, would be rude not to include the seasons finest - the un clingy answer to the ever so useful, camisole. A post set to be published in spring, speaks of my love for them, so I won't say to much. But it's no surprise that my top pick is of the white variety (though now a little greyer); with added interest from the recognisable RI, double strap. Recognised 3 times over, in my wardrobe already.

Striped fine knit, courtesy of the River Island, 2014 Summer Sale (£10, ft. Thrift Finds | July 2014 )

My equivalent of a V-neck tee, and repeat from last year's Wardrobe top 5, that has continued to be the overused go-to (word and reality). Loose body, with a not-too-low V-neck, and bat wing sleeves that taper; this is a fit that flatters, and I would invest in it again. In the same shape a year later (jealous), despite countless wash and wear, and though the skinny stripes turn psychedelic on camera, I don't descriminate - #loveallstripes #allstripesequalrights.


Cocoon Cardigan, courtesy of Primark (£10) 

I professed my love for the phenomenon of cocooon cardigans, in their very own post back in 2014 - which if anything has grown stronger since - well, welcome to my subsequent white one. Snagged in the summer, for a tenner; with looser loop stitching, it proved ideal as a light S/S layer. But easiliy slots in with other's in the winter, and dosen't look out of place. Unfussy, the 'any one would benefit from' option - with a straight, extended back, it isn't a shell you have to keep hiking back on your shoulders - still with the advantage of an overall loose shape. aka Outside the house dressing gown in-disguise.

DP's dp's - sale, Dorothy Perkins, drain pipe jeans (£10 - girftcard).

Still committed to skinny jeans 3 yearly favourites on. They continue to be bought, and reached for - and featured, but not all are that desirable. These are practical - I want to feel covered but not constricted - will wear till I can no more, yet don't admit we reach for. They are: thin, fading, wrinkly, will not stand the test of time - not selling them? Well I can't stop wearing them. They are ideal for helping in the shop, and all the stances/shit that entails. Plus they fit and feel good on any outing; and on return, I don't reach straight for the comfys. Craziness. So what was that about selling them?

Window pane print Coat, courtesy of Dorothy Perkins, via The BHF Charityshop (£6.99, ft Thrift Finds | January 2015 )

I could easily fill all 5 favourite spots with coats; but life with only outerwear is one my confidence is not willing to live. Was stuck on 2 - had to reshoot - but I ended up with you.
Moto meets, boyfriend blazer style fit. Manages to be both smart, and statement - with a pattern that seems to slot well into what I wear. Won, because I can wear it all year. Thin enough for spring, but with plenty of give for layering up at every other time of weather - but remind me to sew up the button slits a bitWorn a ALOT - even allotted it's own, overstocked hall hook - and it's held up well. All hail.

Though there's always more space on the rail..

Wardrobe | 5* of 2014
Beauty | 5* of 2015

Will be making this a sub season (S/S, A/W) ft this year, so to all an old,
A Happy New Wardrobe

Top 10, thrift find to come. It's ok, I've got the extra day. 29.02.2016

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