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Beauty | 5 * of 2015

Now the New Year, New me, New makeup chanting has died down, it's time to give AmBlog airtime to 5 not new, but true, favourite beauty products of 2015, that I really rate.

No I haven't started YT

1- Rimmel 'Stay Matte' Powder, shade 'Peach Glow' 003
Part of my EVERY-makeup day routine, the perfect, £3.99 powder, that keeps on performing.

Not only does it mattify my face, and set the subsequent makeup, but also blurs; both the borders of my coloured face products, and more significantly - subtles the edges and colour change of my strategic concealing, more seamlessly than cross product colour match, can already. Tone is spot on; as 'peach glow' would suggest - both merits of pink and yellow undertones - for a neutral, natural smooth canvas finish. Light enough for amber option (allelujah) - I've only ventured out, to the translucent side of the same formula, in 7+ish years. yeah.
Even without this love letter, the state of the pan - 'could crumble at any stage' - and the fact that I had no hesitation in ordering 3 more when Rimmel had a 3for2, speaks for itself. 

^ With & Without the powder^
Nothing like lining the middle of your face to confront your lack of symmetry

2 - Benefit  'Cheeky Sweet Spot' Palette of their Box powders
Thanks to Dortie, I've had the oppurtunity, to branch out into benefit box powders - 6 of which, came housed in a £29.50 Christmas set - like my own little makeup mixing palette.

Though the range of shades is unoriginal, it's universal - and as someone with a slack in their blush selection, I appreciate all the colours, and overall the quality. Pigment wise, across the board, you won't be disappointed with the shade similarity from pan, to product on your face. Powder wise - I would recommend using an especially soft brush - the products themselves are so soft, and easy to disrupt, displace from the pan and not blend well on the face. But when they do, the potency is great value.
Generously sized, over 30g of product inside, with 8g individuals selling for £23.50 each, this stands strong against products of any price. Which ultimately, pipped my other face palette, to the post, this post.

Though released as a Christmas special in 2014, in 2015, a similair version, with 5 powders, and a bad gal lash and liner instead of 1 and the wattsapp was out - so keep a new editions eye open.
I may not need 6 options, but I do appreciate the pick and mix benefits of a palette.

> en cheek - Neapolitan effect
- 'Hoola' (contour), 'Sugar Bomb' (above) and cream of Whatsupp (highlight).

Unexpected star - which will get a post all on it's own - the mosaic 'Sugarbomb'.
Not unlike with mixing paints on a palette, you end up with a subdued neutral, brown/bronze, hue to the original tones. Bleurgh in painting, beautiful in makeup.

3- Rimmel, profesional brow pencil, shade '004 Black Brown'
A repeat from last year, since it was 90% of what I reached for in 2015 - and 100% what I went back to - to be the robin, to my batman brows.
Harder/drier consistency, with diluted (not sheer) pigment, that gives a gradient and softness to any uneveness in my already harsh/bold enough brows. The colour, could not be a better match - neither warm, nor too cool - I use lightly, with the aim to neaten, without drawing any excess attention. How to/How I do, is a post in construction - but spoiler, this is the star of the show. & with regular maintenance, the reason I've been content with the naturally dark and in charge state of my brows.. which is unexpectedly the cause of most of my blog compliments - So Thankyou, and it's Rimmel! 

4 - Bare Minerals, Ready Formula Eyeshadow Quad in 'The Bronze Age'
Like a box of favourite chocolates, without the indulgence - introducing my first luxury beauty thriftfind
Consisting of a Matte Cream (Empress), Metallic Copper (Braging Rights), an AmBlog without (can you believe?) Bronze (Ritzy), and a beautifully unique deep shimmery brown, with a hint of purple (Dynasty). Rounded neutrals, yet exciting, that outsassed the subsequent competitors.
Truly rich, concentrated, tempting colours to play with. Don't let the dents in the pan mislead you - I am savouring the chocolate, but not scrimping - saturation just means that a little goes such a long way. Costing me £9.99. It's not cheap, but good value for the brand, and for me - with justifyable shades, that can swing soft or smokey.
Though not as versatile as my acclaimed, recommend to all, stila 'in the Light (from yester years favs) - I still chose this compact with the logic of love. Or lack there of it.

Mainly reaching for a shade a day, as each makes for a fantastic oneshadow show - but in situ, I show all 4. Will play dupe detective in a more indepth review. But for now, swoon.

Crease, Outer 1/2 of the Lid (Ritzy), Inner 1/2 of the Lid (Bragging Rights) Brow Bone and Inner Corner (Empress) - Lower Lashline (Dynasty)

5 - Korres Lip Butter in 'Jasmine'
Thankyou 2for1 on Korres in Tesco (of all places?), or I never would have been introduced to this perfect for me, nourishing nude. 

A Lip Butter, expectedly sheer; though peach appearance in the pot, this is - on me - a decidedly milky glaze. I don't find it to be medicinal levels of moisturisng, but it supples up the lips, sticks around - and I don't have the urge to strip it off. My kind of comfortable, no fuss, lip product.

I finally want to mention my favoured *hairstyle* of the year - this not quite, half up-half down, bun, and 'I slept on it' strays - that keeps hair out of my face, whilst still maintaining the 'being down', casual comfort blanket. Which will change; watch this space.

I do intend to do indepth standalone reviews (to these previews), with extensive thoughts/photos - cons to my favourite product pros - wear, and compare, in the future.
but for now

All Favourties, with and without Flash

What better time to introduce you too the products of 2015 that made me a heart eyed emoji, than the annointed let them know you love them season (Maybe better briefly after the new year started, but who's questioning my seasonal theming). It may enable you to treat yoself, or important others, to beautiful beauty products, Wardrobe wonders, or fabulous thrifted things this valentines. Spoilers.

'there is makeup fun from both the old and the new, may your new year be filled with both'

Merry Makeup

The Blooper

> My first foree with my new camera (eee), unfortunately auto was as far as I got, and tf and af wasn't completely understood. Sorry for off focus, and that apparently, the flip screen is far more interesting; I'll get better.
> Happy Pancake Day - went completely over my head! not literally.

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