Sunday, 3 January 2016

AmBlog Outakes

I'm guilty of caring too much of what people think of me. Taking life too seriously. So I'm starting off my new years resolutions, by conquering both.
This whole year has felt like a longline of bloopers, my blog being one of them; so instead of a breakdown of AmBlog's best bits, I would share the - so bad it's good bits.
Some down to bad timing on the photography side, other's you just can't fake, or blame on anyone but your's truly. Beyond the realms of bit bad, out of focus or questionable reflections - what bloggers don't usually want you to see - the bloopers.

Blogging Bloopers
Top 20 of 2015 - from photos purely destined for the blog; or we'd need a whole series.

when you blog and have a dog

when your wardrobe lets you down *rip*
when the whether lends a hand, for a not so glamourous marilyn moment

when the food is soooo gooood

when (the photos are making you mad) - middle finger mood
when the state of your eyeshadow shocks you

when you realise the battery is flashing

when you're more treble chin chortle than candid chuckle
/when you can't talk and look cute at the same time

when the backdrop bites back

when reality is this, why pose

when you take the smize too far

when you shoot and miss
when insects attack

when your hair is not Herbal Essences
when swishing, to disguise sorting out a wedgie

when the base stills send you to sleep
when balloons don't wanna be at your birthday
when, *sneezes*
when you've had too much galaxy

For all those who humour me with my little blog - I hope I've returned the favour
Looking forward to a year of both blogging and bloopers.

p.s. For makeup with maj, and tips on looking candid - contact

With thanks to my fabulous family -  who've stuck with me through the photo genic, and the not so - for capturing most of these moments

With plenty to acknowledge; many of the missed, may well appear an enrich the actual posts.
Any shots you don't recognise? I have a whole years worth of pictures that haven't (yet) made it as far as my blog - these, maybe shouldn't have been invited in (recyle bin?); won't this make you look forward to my posts this year.

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  1. These pictures are treasure! I wish I kept all my out takes from back then. Btw, love their reactions with the chocolate

    Miaxx |


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