Sunday, 3 January 2016

AmBlog Outakes

I'm guilty of caring too much of what people think of me. Taking life too seriously. So I'm starting off my new years resolutions, by conquering both.
This whole year has felt like a longline of bloopers, my blog being one of them; so instead of a breakdown of AmBlog's best bits, I would share the - so bad it's good bits.
Some down to bad timing on the photography side, other's you just can't fake, or blame on anyone but your's truly. Beyond the realms of bit bad, out of focus or questionable reflections - what bloggers don't usually want you to see - the bloopers.

Blogging Bloopers
Top 20 of 2015 - from photos purely destined for the blog; or we'd need a whole series.

when you blog and have a dog

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