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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Review: Mcdonalds Festive Menu (2016)

Tis the season for over indulging - and mine and dad's already indulgent habit of having Mcdonalds frappes, turned into a full on feast, when confronted with which option to choose from the festive menu.
Although the drinks and few other regular options come with Chrsitmassy packaging, there's a 6 piece strictly festive menu. We've gone for everything but the burgers, (said burger reviews here) with the calorie justification being a blogpost. My favourite excuse.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Weardrobe | Nothing New November

I took part in 'Nothing New November' this year, since 'No buy June' was such a success.
To put the focus on friends and family, for the festive season coming up. To take Black Friday and it's extended family, completely out of the equation. & to enjoy the bounty of belongings I have already. The later has inspired a new outfit series - Weardrobe. A more informal way of sharing my outfits; rambling limited, play on words encouraged.

November 2016 turned out to be a month of Topshop and Tesco.

Thrifted Topshop
This cable knit cardigan was another item I crushed on, whenever I saw someone wearing it - luckily, Instagram wasn't around then, or the prompting may have caused me to do something I would later regret. It took some time for the price to drop on ebay, but now it's mine, my cheaper alternatives seem cheap, and unnecessary clutter. It complete's the story of the 3 cream cable knits - to static, too itchy, just right - and shows that sometimes you just can't beat the original. Just like with my denim shirt, and at £15 all together, quarter of the cable knits original price!

Talking of TOPSHOP - New, No sale, WHO AM I? Love struck that's what. Price (& that it's current) -tag, is worthy of a full post, but I can confirm that TOPSHOP does denim shirt's right.

Let's be Aviator-in ya
This Aviator Jacket is probably one of my oldest items, yet it never struggles to stay in style come A/W. It's a little smaller than my current preference, but next level cosy, so can withstand the cold even in lighter layers; another F&F sale, for £15. The grey v-neck fine knit beneath it, is newer to me (early oct), but not new in style. For being Primark originally, it's surprisingly soft - so even secondhand from Rennie Grove Hospice Charityshop Outlet - in a tried and approved style, £2 didn't seem to steep.
Believe it or not, these jeans are the pair I featured in an OOTD here, that have lost their coating - I didn't know they did that? They have been well worn - and I have since thrifted a replacement pair that actually fit a bit better - so I think these will be retired. Hopefully holding off on the tumble dryer with take 2, with prevent a de-coating repeat.

Monday, 28 November 2016

A/W Edit - Netflix Originals, Makeup, and Mag Collabs

Outside of autumn leaves, and all things Christmassy, here's what I would recommend this Autumn Winter.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The New Do

- 22 inches and a delay later, here's the hair

Haircut way overdue; the incentive to go short, was that 'the 'little princess trust' could get some too.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow (23/09/2016) is the day to overdo it in denim, in aid of JeansforGenes.
The genetic lottery is just that; but how much we can support the people who are affected by the consequences, is nothing to do with luck.
If you needed an excuse to wear denim, you now have a reason. Course, all of mine will come courtesy of the charityshop (much like last year) - couple pounds per piece for the privilege. Personalisation check, Outfit pending..

My thoughts post here, donations and more on the charity here, with any amount or awareness appreciated.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

UPDATE: Lyme Wedge

Sorry for being MIA on AmBlog for 6 Months - It's not you, it's M.E. You haven't missed much, but it wouldn't be me, if I didn't make the most of it.

Since March, I've turned 22 - although the feelins not come yet. I'm half the hair I used to be, and bloody difficult woman is a thing - I'm conflicted about it. Should we aspire? Should we be insulted?. Should I get the T-shirt??

It's fitting since, my bloody difficult situation is more of the same. Stuff 6 months MIA, it's coming up 6 years. Which is worrying. Worrying meaning terrifying; but more understanding is reassuring. Lyme Disease was last Summer's diagnosis, but subsequent treatments have not had the desired effect.. Yet. But watch this space, Washington. what?

On a cheerier note, I've clocked up over a year as a Charity Shop Volunteer, and I value my bursts of productivity with pride. It truly brings out the best in me (of me not as my best) - and whilst they remain flexible, I remain helpful. & grateful. & I think they are too.
It's hard to slot into a work place when unwell, but I'm working hard when hardly working, and that's all you can do.

Though it's been more sporadic, I have still enjoyed time on the otherside of the till, and other outings. Overusing that charityshop hashtag, embracing experimenting with the temporaryity of makeup. Been detrimentally introduced to Iced Coffee, enjoyed a lovely seaside holiday, and it's been a sunny summer overall. I hope yours was too.

In regards to the blog, I'm contemplating a change of name. I've never been a 100% happy with it, and this could be the perfect time to refresh; luckily the insta and url are free, so we'll see.
We may be a bit backwards - hair styles, seasons - heck even the year may change - but if I'm happy to put it up, I hope you're happy to read it. Expect more indepth posts, on what I've touched on, coming up - but do email if u'd like to hear sooner rather than later.

I'll blog again; know where, don't know when. But for now, thanks simply for sticking with me.
All the best 

Friday, 25 March 2016

Outfit | G'Friday

Good Friday 2015

Bomber and Moto styles have tooed and froed in the style stakes over the years - for a lover of both like me, when the suitable seasons arrive around Easter, I'm a happy bunny. Collecter of one, not yet an owner of the other, I looked to mum and her very generous nature (and wardobe).

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Thrift Finds | Top 10 of 2015

2015 was the year of Thrifting - no longer is it simply out of necessity, it has become a passion, and will become a bigger part of my blog. I want to incorporate it in more than hauls, and the odd item mention - with edits, outfits, and my thoughts on it all. But for now, I filter it down to the top 10 thriftinds that featured in my 2015 - including try ons and opinions. 

Thrift Best Bits. 

When I mentioned to my brother I wasn't sure what to include in this post, and his opinion on what I wore the most, he came back with Trackies? Hoodys? Dressing Gown? Not the vibe I was expecting or going for with this post, but you can't hide from family, and I don't intend to hide from you.
The badly kept secrets out - I am a big come home into comfies person; but now having to spend the majority of my time at home, It's become an all day routine. SO in the interest of authenticity, they will ft my favourites.
We can't always be glamourous. But it can be luxurious.

Branded Jogging Bottoms 

For lounge, or not leave the sofa wear, branded trackie bums have proved there worth in wear. Over all superior quality - no deterioration in material, shape or fit, since. Me and grey may be having more than a moment - but with these being unexpected, and thrifted, it seems the hue chose me. For all those reasons, I find I reach for them over others.

In the winter, my 1st non hoody from Superdry - M, w orange accents. Insultingly thick towel like material, and more tapered fit, tips them above other's warmth wise. Paid £2, along with a pair of circular sunnies from a CarBoot, so all things considered - proportional price allocation - £1.95
Come the warmer months - this far back thrift find (5yrs? via BHF charityshop) - £3 Jack Wills trackies. Similair style, though smarter - only downside is the drag #petitepeopleproblems. Both drawstring, so looseness is adaptable. Both with racing stripes down the side; ideal, since I live my life in the fast lane.

Hollister Hoody

Speaking of loungewear, this is a XL doppelganger of a hoody I 'inherited'; but wearing an ex's clothes is some what frowned upon (no matter how nice they may be), so I was stoked to find a larger version that I wouldn't have that problem in. Bought from a bloke with a lot of branded men's stuff, at a CarBoot - Tee and Hoody, totalled £3.

Washed out navy, with sleeve branding, and a hoody, handy to keep the heat hair in. Though thin, it's supersoft and hasn't deteriorated/bobbled atall. Venture outside the house wear - I've been wearing it in place of a top, or as a longer layer - and if anything, I like it more. 
Disclaimer - I did offer to give the original back.

I also knowledge sibling said dressing gown - but fortunately it's not a thrift find and won't leave me with the embarrassment of 3 of my top 10 being *loungewear*. Which may or may not be more realistic.

Fine Knits

Stepping it up an out of the house notch, but still strong in the comfort stakes - are no surprise, fine knit jumpers. 
All simple, slouchy silhouette and 3/4 sleeves. Casual & for in the shop, it was the speckled F&F, found for £9 in the summer. For a somewhat smarter, or grey fix - from when I saw Judy Dench in M&S - £12 end of spring 2014 sale pickYes, in my wardobe top 5 there was both a stripe and fine knit pick, but frankly when I wasn't wearing that one, it was one of these 2; The RI only won said slot, since it has the best of both. 
Neither were from a charityshop, but if I saw either somewhere subsequently, I would buy a backup. It may be a broken Record, but I still play. 

Vest Top

A (sunny) summer alternative - the white vest. Hung on the same hanger as my double strap cami, on my rail, all summer; just pipped to the wardrobe post, as the cami style, is a repetitive theme seen throughout the wardrobe, not just in my preferred line or colour.

This vest version, is in the viscose that doesn't bobble (model?) - an any occasion option, /options, since I found the same piece, in 2 sizes, at the same CarBoot stall. Though £1 each, and only second hand NewLook (predict I don't save much more than a fiver) they were still very white, and in good knick. Predictably, I've had more wear from the larger of the 2, but I'm glad I bought both. Also shares the RI interest of straps - but they're thicker and in the back.
Maybe hard to picture in March, but just think - brighter background? Touch of a tan? Pimms in hand? nd' I fit right in.

H&M Extended Bikini Tops
Part of an outfit you aren't supposed to acknowledge, although it's no secret it's there - underwear. & the understudy to this year (and whole post), is a range of bikini tops that have come in all kinds of handy, comfy, and epiphany.
Only full price, shop bought, to be ft (secondhand underwear is a step to far for me - personally - but I can still be thrifty). At £3.99, the price is unbeatable. & unrepeatable, since the same style is selling for 3 times that in their stores now! Sorta smug. Sorry.

3 Colour options - patterned or waffled. Lined cups, so no worries about nips, though they run VERY small in the Triangle portion; I wear an 18, and that's far fetched for what I got uptop. The real draw, stretchy extended band beneath the bust, that stays, and smoothes, rather than digs in.
Bar the Snakeskin, which has thicker stretch - these strictly are sunbathe and cool off costumes. For me, it's a Bra before bikini - more practical option on the bralet market - enough to cover and feel somewhat supported, but without BOOB JAIL. *all hail*.

(Wearing the white throughout, and sneakpeak of the sankeskin)
Won't be shown in full, and don't worry I won't ask you to use your imagination for this one - take my, the significant markups on ebay and this year's re-realeases, word for it.

Topshop 'Jamie' Jeans

Commited other/bottom half of my every (outside) day duo - come S/S/A/W - Jeans.
I've tried and liked many over the year - & varied levels of success won't stop me in the next - but I have ended up coming back to a style I'd already tried.

Another item of clothing that's had it's very own (suprisingly popular) talk through/review, post - these are a subsequent take to add to the collection, that I doubled up in, in 2015. sz12, £5 from St Catherines Hospice Charityshop on my Birthday; & sz10, £2 from a last of the season CarBoot. Oldie material mix - strecthy yet still well structured; dark, and worn gradient wash, with best described as scratch distressing. Opposite end of the spectrum to my 5 wardrobe pick. Much more substantial - with a hold, and smoothing to the stretch. Feel like reliable, supportive underwear  - both practical and flattering - and I can wear both pair. Will say, they have both began to pucker.. but a pair that shows wear, is a pair well loved

Taupe Trench

So we've had the practical, now the piste resistance of this years clothing thriftfinds. Missed out on the year's Wardrobe winner because of it's year round versatility - yet I would happily wear over all of the above, or with anything else thrown at me. What does it matter if i'm a little chilly, I've covered nippy. I LOVE THIS COAT.
Slouchy Style is ideal, with the supersoft out/shiny in, material - in a gorgeous heathered grey - that instantly makes everything look fabulous. Helps that it has serious higher priced vibes (to be continued), even though it's by Primark. Via the hidden gem shop - not out of season nor fashion, but out of floor time - as I picked it off the poundrail on polling day.

I can picture at least 3 colour edits, and outfits, with various tones of greige; and encore in an individual post on this beauty. But for now, bask.

Clarks 'Moonlit' Cool 
An opposite Taupe shade, of suede, slightly heeled, step up in smart, alternative to my battered, (began) black, Chelsea boots - that if they were more presentable, would have made a joint appearance. Both Clarks, since I've seen the error in my cheap shoes and comfort ways. Though I managed to snag the 'Orinocho' in a store sale, since Clarks 'Moonlit cool' were special edition - and having noticed them way past release - my only avenue was eBay. Didn't disappoint - with a BNWT, 'Mushroom', sz 5, pair, and no bidding war. Total £20, and I've since seen more. 
Though is hasn't replaced the former in wears, they compliment any colour palette - warm or cool. Or occasion. Plus they clop, which makes me feel all kinds of important. 

Stack-able Silver Rings  
Accessories aren't often on my radar unless it's needed, social media influenced or particularly special ^^ - but the exception to that rule, are rings.
I prefer precious metals, predominantly silver; longer lasting, more robust and no worries about tarnishing, make it better value in the long run. That doesn't have to mean more expense.
Accesorize sales have been on my radar for a while now - with a large range of various jewellery (including silver and gold plated lines) for 50-70% off at seasonal changes throughtout the year. I've also taken advantage of market deals (christmas/craft fairs/country shows etc) & opportunities where it's sold at stock prices (ebay/overseas). I will be doing a top 10, but prices range from £3 - £11, and the opal isn't even the most expensive. (Opalesc ring holder is from St Alice's Hospice CharityShop for £3)

Sale Stila 

The most notable change this thrift year, is I've been able to divulge in more high end makeup, thanks to the discovery of discount avenues. The most exciting, and prolific, is finding stila being sold in TKMAXX - cool concept here, a palette there, the stash has been building. 
Majority of the items have been at £2.99 or £3.99 - meaning higher quality, at highstreet prices. I don't gravitate to the lip products - but mum is smitten with the retractable liners, and the shadows (under £3 per single, and £10 per palette) particularly shine off and on my eyes. Already given some away as gifts, & intend to review my share - but save yourself the anticipation, stila's been worth my time and money.


Seeing a theme? Thrifty doesn't have to mean whacky. 
Filtered top 10. Trackie bums inside; Jeans - for the interest of boundaries -, outside. Jumpers are my T, untill I have to get my arms out. Creme of my ever expanding coat crop. Some new shoes, accessories, current makeup - underwear makes it a full set. a couple cheeky doubles - shop acholic not alchoholic - cos, why compromise?
The majority of my wardrobe are staples, & thrifted.
& I feel pretty stoked about it.


Merry Makeup, and a Happy New Wardrobe - 
with Thrift Wishes,

I may have simultaneously planned for a weekend away - subconsciously in need of some TLC?
> Will be getting to my back log of thriftfinds - sorry for being so slack - but for more up to date, snippets, see my instagram.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wardrobe | 5* of 2015

Time to take a trip down memory lane, to the 5 Wardrobe essentials that stuck with me circa 2015. The items you'll see me in - eat, sleep, then repeat.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Beauty | 5 * of 2015

Now the New Year, New me, New makeup chanting has died down, it's time to give AmBlog airtime to 5 not new, but true, favourite beauty products of 2015, that I really rate.

No I haven't started YT

Sunday, 3 January 2016

AmBlog Outakes

I'm guilty of caring too much of what people think of me. Taking life too seriously. So I'm starting off my new years resolutions, by conquering both.
This whole year has felt like a longline of bloopers, my blog being one of them; so instead of a breakdown of AmBlog's best bits, I would share the - so bad it's good bits.
Some down to bad timing on the photography side, other's you just can't fake, or blame on anyone but your's truly. Beyond the realms of bit bad, out of focus or questionable reflections - what bloggers don't usually want you to see - the bloopers.

Blogging Bloopers
Top 20 of 2015 - from photos purely destined for the blog; or we'd need a whole series.

when you blog and have a dog

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