Sunday, 20 December 2015

Thrifty Little Gifts

You'd think that getting older would mean 'little helper' duties were past tense - turns out in the Smith Family household, that it's when you come of age, that you contribute to Santa's stockings - & it excites me more than Will Ferrell him-s-elf.

Not extravagance, expense, or extence - all about opening the day with small things, that make you smile. Everyone gets one; I question those who say it's just for kids, and I almost want to make some up for those who've never had them atall. We delegate 5 per person (ish), from every adult, so my younger brother often ends up with a whopping 25 gifts! No longer just tat, it's a real treat, but it is a feat.
Who what where when, now - Family members face away - as suggestions for those pre prepared, and unprepared. My sample selection of not just silly ideas, that I'll wrap and put in a stocking - or send as a token gift.

This is one of my main contributions to the day, so I've spent about £10 on each person. I usj stock pile for a stocking - I understand this late in the game, could be mayhem - but here's how to fill, the thrifty way.

Token and Stocking Present Suggestions

It is the time of year to venture into POUNDLAND/Dollar stores - cheep and cheerful, with options for all the family - commercial quote me. Brands, knick knacks, all in budget - expands all suggested categories, all for you've guessed it, £1, Unless stated. Do bare in mind they will have different stock not just through the year, and in different years, but also in various stores.
More bespoke, are what the CHARITYSHOPs have to offer, and SALE Sections are ideal for last minute stuffers.

> Favourite foods. Aisles of both branded, and unheard of edibles to have fun trying or gifting. (P)

> No idea atall? Find a nice picture, quote, memory, and a fab or frugle frame to boot. There may be a time when the world tires of facebook, but never of seeing faces from a frame. IMO. (P)

> Household - stationary, cleaning, bath, food ( also comes under useful), and the not so - from art to dart machine. (P)

> Mum and Aunty were sorted from October - though I'll touch on that later - so I mainly go for MAN STUFF. Last year I lucked out on both the useful, and use less, to fill the void (santa theme washing up gloves, speech bubble magnets, desk dustbin, car charger etc) but felt a little let down this year. (P) Media is an option, Drop price DVDs from poundland (verified) or charityshops and bootsales, are worth a risk. We may be in the land of Netflix and I'm not complaining, but always a chance that your without wifi, or nowhere to see online (does that even happen anymore) option - so I say always good to have a backup of your favourites. (C)
DIY and car stuff could be, there's a Lorra Lynx, but that clouds our landing more than enough already. Novelty or not so, socks and gloves are a good find. (P) (C)

> Dare'nt leave the DOG out. I deliberately bought a stocking to put her stuffer's in - Christmas themed treats, and toys, along with her favoured Bonios, which I intend to adorn with a bow. (P) (S)

> The SPOOF gift should not be ignored.
This years include - 'Ring for a drink', that I'm sure I'll regret with every use. (£1 British Red Cross CharityShop) (C)
& a glittered pine cone for my aunt. She has an endless supply in her garden - why buy them when you can find them for free? But they don't fall spark-erly, so I'll share a dec set I found this year, and hope magic doesn't get it (full dec's post to come). (C)

There was an endless supply of Star Wars memorabilia out. Chocs? I can always get behind. Fell for the poster (regret) and pen - left the glittery blueberry toothpaste and matching face wash, since glittery is not usually in dad's iternery. Frozen goodies are also in abundance, but I'm the only one here who sings along. (P)
Not just for the dog, but also dog themed. 70% accessorize sale and garden centre clearance (C) (S)
Mug - charecterise or not (£4 Scope CharityShop) (C)
Coasters? (C) Lint no longer, and when hair towel became turban. Truely life changing (P)

> MAKEUP. Selfish slot here as the women in my family aren't all that into makeup, but did want to mention a few suggestions. For those buying for beauty lovers, or bloggers, or AmBloggers. ehm.
Regularly find single eye shadows/eyeliners/nail polishes for under fiver in TK - perf secret santa, as your sharing a more luxe brand, but still on budget. (S) Freebies (nails inc from magazine) or taking advantage of spend such, get a free gift (no7 mascara) makes your money go further.(S) Poundland often also have some gems - last time around, found infalible shadows, and you know I filled any not-got-already spaces. (P)
In their boxes, or tied with ribbon lip products, would also Make lovely DIY hangings on any makeup maven's tree. (S)

> EXTRAS to already sends.  (P) (C) (S)
Bottle of something, with a bottle topper. or silly straws. Cooking kit, with cooking mit? Makeup? Present in a makeup bag. Add a brush for that blush - Lipstick sweets (beside a lipsick loves gift), or adapters (for a trip).
Sending some money? Put it in a purse. Clothes? Add a hanger. Bookmark en book. Paints for a little one? add a 50p painting apron
Something I was seriously excited to see - the AOK/emoji like ring holder. Ornament/book stop/or as a seriously very blogger bling display - ideal to add in with some jewellery. (P)
Alphabet dice - added to every relevant family Christmas card - to revolutionize 'Country Town River' aka. Categories, which you may have heard mentioned in previously around these parts, this time of year; thanks Bruce and Sarah for the idea! (O)
Little extras, that make a present that bit more special.

Thrifting is for one of kinds >,
> ONLINE, you can rely on what you find.
A fabulous website for us brits -
ebay's various overseas bargainers avenues are also an option (spoof gifts, jewellery, brushes, whatever your heart wants) as long as you get in there sufficiently early.
Little late? Alway's Amazon

One thing that won't be found in any shop, are mine and my Brother's stockings - lovingly embroided by my granny. No matter the gems you find, they won't look as good as ours, once inside. Part of decor till the day. Decs spoiler.

Hope I've given any with space in their stocking a few ideas - do share suggestions for anyone dashing about this weeks shopping maze - and let's hope that my wrapping doesn't take days

Sunday 20th December 2015 - Festive Fortnight

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