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Life | Christmas Market 2015

Saturday 21st November 2015

Our local church St. Marys, got in early, and had a Christmas market before December had even begun. This was the start of the festive season for me - Christmas was close enough to surround yourself with tinsel and topical musical, but far enough away that I wouldn't worry about how few christmas presents I had compiled. This trip was to spend an hour or so out of the house, peruse, be a bit upper in the market, and soak in some christmas spirit. Or drink it, one or the other.

The church hall, was dedicated to church run stalls. Entrance with Raffle, their own memorabilia (swish) and congregation made condiments. Itinerary held here (such as puppet show, choristers.. each with a time slot), as well as a cafe that took up most of the room; knick nack stalls such as naturally made reindeer sculptures, and ipad art, scurted the edge.

In a separate room, simply called bric a brac, looked like the back on my shop, inside out. With furniture at rock bottom pirces, to see no table through the crockery; a clothing rail, and endless pretty things, with a mostly vintage twist. My haven right? Wrong. It was so overwleming. Primark like. Anyway we toyed with a £5 sofa armchair, or seasonal sunbed for 2 - but I came away with a cropped white tee and 3 sparkly snowflakes, for a grand total of £1.20 towards the St Mary's fund. If we had more time and energy, a few stockings may have been filled too.

Professional vendors had their own venue. Over in the Main church, the pillers and inbetween were draped with fairy lights. Lit, but magical effect. Stalls were well stationed in rows, but due to the pure magnetude of people. there was definitely a current that you had to slot into, and perfect the mosying-whilst-you-move technique. It was still possible to stop at a stall and have a proper look, but apart from a stunning star necklace that Dortie wouldn't let me buy her as a christmas present, the first few aisles of £7.50 per pair socks, and jewellery of the human and the house variety (pretty things you don't need to decorate the downstairs loo) and the like, were a bit bouji for me.

At the end of the church, were the majority of the children's activities, of which most families managed a circuit. Classics such as christmas card making, and biscuit decorating, aswell as a chocolate tombola, to keep the both children and their tummies busy. The final aisle, was the most bargainess, and contained the charity stalls - my kind of habitat. I splurged on 3 Christmas Pudding ,homemade felt decorations, that although Dortie proclaimed 'I could make myself', I answered with 'not for 60p and my limited energy'. Stopped by the poppies, and found great alternatives to the typical broach - arm bands, pins.. - I donated for 2 key-rings.

Outside, 'come all ye faithfall for donkey rides' - all decked out in the bibical garb, with a temporary stable looking, straw bales and shelter. We were too big. Other side, Burger stall, and another for refreshments.
Since mum wasn't well enough to come, we took her home the last of their mulled wine, though I couldn't resist inhaling the complimentary mini mince pie - my merry time vice.


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