Thursday, 24 December 2015


2015 edition

Busy Bee this Christmas Eve

My makeup was a trial for C-day - though all I can see is that irritated bit by my brow. I will be switching up my shadow, but pictured - Soft, One shadow outer edge ombre, with a same shadow liner - 'Ritzy' the Bronze from my aptly named 'Bronze Age Quad' by Bare minerals. For everything else, unless eagle eyed, you'll have to wait till the cracker hats are out.
Me and Dad then made our way to M&S for the yearly Turkey pick up, and rectifying the 'forgot to edit the Tesco order' at the same time. Shout out goes out to the M&S man in the back there - both for enthusiasm and offering to take the shot for me.

Had a Christmas shift down the charity shop, so that was next stop - thankyou to Rachel and Margaret (& the Christmas Card) for humouring me as a feature in this post - there is nothing more unatural than posing for a natural photo - & to dad for being the best and biggest cheerleader ever. I also ended up with a TopShop Boutique jumper that was due to be ragged - we'll see what we can do with it, cos it's definitely something to do with me - Cream, knit, what more do I need.

Festive nails - too long, and a few near smudges later, and I'm happy with them - all will be revealed come Christmas day (clue). As will the Chris made Christmas Cake (congrats).
The Christmas Caravan, will always have it's place in this post - Father Christmas coming round your road on the 24th, is just as cool as it's ever been.

Disaster has struck - Snowman Snowman Snowman Christmas tree, and similair christmas jumpers have all gone missing - so borrowing mum's it is (M&Co). May have to have a look for one in sales, which seem to have started TODAY, going by the amount of emails asking me specifically (not keen on the whole 'hello amber, I'm an email and I'm talking to you' thing), for my money. What happened to sacred, then sale day. ANYWAY. What weren't on sale, where my thrifted trousers - NewLook Navy High Waisted Skinny jeans - BHF Charityshop, £4ish. & Clarks Moonlit Cool Shoes - so was not the day to wear suede - courtesy of right size and price on ebay.
The 'is your hair forever this way' - little bit up (to get out of my face), most down - do. My bag is the best, and from the Next Outlet. Santa hat, still on when Dortie popped round with pressies and santa's refreshments.

Midnight mass. Made my way there in all black - H&M Leggings, M&S via Relate Charityshop chevron knit jumper; with a clothing item, that's essentially a blanket. Where have you been all my out of bedable life?

For now, back to bedfordshire.
'Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight'

Thursday 24th December 2015 - Festive Fortnight

*Christmas eve amending and Boxing day pending *

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