Wednesday, 30 December 2015


2015 edition

So this is Christmas. And what have you done?
Lennon look no further - post of c-day has just beguuuun

The Smith's held Christmas this year. & I was up early, playing hostess and blogging since I'm so in-tune with sharing this season.

Seems we don't fast before a feast, with Pana Chocolat, as accompliment to the stockings - & my contributions were a hit. SO much so, sparkly pinecone went down as a christmas tree winner, not spoof. Hint to help cook pete? Mum was eager to ring for a drink. Knick knacks, and edibles all round - lucky, since we weren't going to get much to eat during the rest of the day. & socks, as compulsary as a cracker crown to wear through the day. Pyjamas were 1 of 4 outfit changes.

Jumper - George (at Asda), via The Children's Trust Charity Shop - £3
Jeans - UNIQLO, via British Red Cross Charity Shop - £1
Welly Socks - via St Alice Hospice, £1

Waterproofs - TKMAXX

 We have traditions that slot in whatever the weather, and the morning walk (with santa hat) was a wash out. Waterproof clothing is both as fetching and fabulously practical as you would expect. But still, everyone's in a merry mood, not that maj would ever mind, and it makes all the christmas calories feel that much lighter.

Once back, prep was in full flow - turkey, veggie, and sides all cooking - I set the table in prep, with Christmas co-ordination in mind.

After my makeup shots had been taken, and glasses clinked, it was about time to carve, sit down and eat, around 2. I cannot pick a favourite from this plate. If a newbie to christmas roast, I wouldn't leave anything out - even if bread sauce sounds odd, and brussels bring back bad school dinner memories. As one, it's just phenom.

Crackers come next since, tradition, and couldn't possible inhale anymore food yet. Hurrah for the new camera's auto function - taking 3 in a go, photos without prompt

In the madness of the week, I hadn't managed to wrap my main gifts to people, so Amber *get's her shit together* interlude.

Then to acceptable booze, and gifts from under the tree. I really was spoiled with a host of blogee, and beauty bits - including how you see this - thankyou everyone. This is not the last you'll hear of them.

Ploughed our way through pressies and mince pies - to working for them both, with country town and river. The stocking specialised dice were a success - and it's a game everyone enjoy's (if you're looking for one)

I had my wobble. For some reason, big days brins the sadness out in me for a bit - usually in the lull; maybe when I'm too full. Either way, I want to take this moment to thank the 2 most important people in my life, who take it with me. All things. Everyday. Caring. Loving. Laughing. I really couldn't ask for better.

Nicknamed christmaj, since the star herself came to stay. Maj went from less mad to 'love me'/snuggly which we rarely see on a shorter visit - but keeping food out of reach is something I learnt the hard way. Hence the puppy dog eyes at home time, not working a charm.

A little later, we'd gone from eating pigs in blankets, to being the pig in a blanket - taking our positions in front of a screen. Me, blog, other's watching Mcingtyre. At 8, a megre attempt at my 84th meal. As I mean to go on (don't want to waste any), having not made it through any of the other designated Christmas tele (please don't spoil any).

And so this is Christmas
I hope you had fun
The near and the dear ones
who continue to read on

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