Saturday, 26 December 2015

Face & Outfit | Beading Love

Christmas Face & Outfit ft.Cracker Hat 
Saturday 25th December 2015

For once Micheal Mcnityre, you're wrong, as the contents of my cracker will not be wasted - in my yearly Christmasssy OOTD, featuring the crowing glory (pun).
My makeup was made the night before Christmas, with a trial run. 
Cocktail of Base - for colour correction - though I recently read that Garnier BB now comes in extra light (WOO) meaning this maybe the last. Skin perfect - lid, face, and eyebrow set, with products that all sit in my fail safe face line up.

Eyeshadows - OOTD Tonal, with another 2 of my favourites - 2 Taupes. MAC 'Satin Taupe' - Outer 1/3 and crease - with No.7 So Simple Eyeshadow Duo (lighter and slightly silver) to blend borders, and spotlight the centre.

Another feature, the face palette that benefits anyone's collection (pun) - with Hoola, Sugarbomb and Dandelion making up the colour on my cheek. Aswell as you see, CD. Not just Christmas Dior - but this Christmas day - where 'Amber Diamond', my most treasured makeup item, made my cheekbones and name, merge in the most magical way.


Not long before the Balmain for H&M collab had launched, I was under a serious state of beading love. With my thoughts reaching 'maybe I could make my own/DIY' levels (of the sold out and expensive, emblazzened, embellished velvet blazer BD), a walk past a window with something sparkly in it was enough to draw me in. Do I need sequins mum? 'Try it on'. How much? (somebody screwed up - as Thrifter's Anonymous would say) spotted for only £6 - leaving a naked mannequin in it's wake.

It's the real deal. Not fitted, more 'shift' - very caberet, in the cami style I adore. Substential. Silk lined. Old school Oasis - the size says it all; my aunt's been a 14 her whole life, but her shape hasn't changed, so it must be society playing with the sizes. My pase pose pays homage to the vintage.

Love that the shade is not as stark on me, as black. Beaded, with hints of sequin - dissying, swirl stiching - no strays. Metallic Navy beads reflect off pink's purple's blue's and greens - the odd sequin, giving the effect of shining stars in a midnight sky. Like with the embroidery that's littering lots of clothing, it's enough to seem individual, without making it rigid - nor so out there, you can never wear it again. Jazzy - don't you just love and cringe at that word - though subtle enough for the newbies to sequins.

I had expected the dress to be more comfortable than it was. Though proven wrong with how my arms would fare on the scratchier not smooth surface - much better - it does feel like your sitting on a lot of little marbles. & not in a good kind of massage way. Though the shape is flattering, the material made it much less practical; with no give when you sit. The back and straps pull taught/strain, making modesty and movement - for such as wrapping presents and doggy day care - worse than maj's.

Beaded Cami Dress - Oasis, via QEF Charityshop
Moto Jacket - Topshop, via The Children's Trust Charityshop
Heeled Boots - Nine West, Via TKMAXX

I did consider colouring for my nail art, cos co-ordination - and Christmas clothes - can be just as exciting as Christmas presents. As can mixing the 2 - cue Christmas Present nails. My most succesful was the thumb - if only I was detros aswell as the ambi, and I'd have neat nail art all around.
Needed no jewellery, but I did wear my paper thin necklace and rings. Simply didn't have time for hair, but by some miracle, it did not get caught every 5 seconds.

Legs out arms out is not a winter life plan.
In comes a Coat - be it a Blazer, a trench, a Faux Fur if I had one. Neutral, textured, or Taupe. Today, a taupe Moto - couldn't resist adding the co-ordinating suede smart boots.
* Though I mainly wore my hoody over it, and reality was slippers instead of boots outside of these shots. *

The Cracker hat of Christmas' past, had ripped and retired, but in the name of these shots, fiction I did not! This colour came out of my cracker; it's shit quality in comparison but, the hue is true (I promise you).
Merry Chirstmas to all and to all a Cracker hat.

> The craftiness of a crop hides a multitude of sins
> With atleast 2 more Christmas themed posts to look forward to, the festive feelings should continue, and hopefully with you. I hope you had a fabulously festive day
Saturday 27th December 2015 - Festive Fortnight

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