Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Drop Price Decs

Another sign of of my old elf age, is taking pride in the house, and that adorning it with christmas chic and sh*t, gets me excited. Too frugle for new displays every year (who do??), but it's nice to add in a few bits here and there.
Be you begginer, or adder-in-er, decorating doesn't have to cost am arm and a turkey leg.

The first to come out of storage was our reeth. Reethes seem to go in and out of fashion - some realistic, some colourful - come in all shapes and sizes. Diy'n your own is all very impressive, but for those who want one for years and years, or like to have more than one - a thrift tip; post Christmas Sale season, is the best time to buy one. It's bulkier, less appealing to store away, and for some reason - shops seem to overstock - so see one you like bit high in price? Keep an eye. It's likely to Shed as much as trees.

The best bag (pun) of this season, were selections of decs, sold for a set price. If co-ordination daunts you, and the shops unopened boxes have already gone - best value for money - here at over 13 in each bundle, seen stapled in bags for a pound.

Mum's always wanted blue, so I made that dream come true.

You can also create your own; with baubles a plenty - sizes, colours, concepts - in boxes spread across charityshops, waiting to hung in someone's home. After a few of a certain colour? Maybe a single shape? Or an accessory to luxe up a christmas gift - at our shop alone, 10 for a £1.
10p per. 20p. 50p. Pound. Simple, or sparkly, bauble selfie to your heart's content.

Now I'm going to sound bouji - we've got into a routine of themed rooms. Since our lounge is home to large red toned sofas, and the majority of our baubles are red, co-ordination is what you'de expect. Though we aren't ridiculous and meticulous about it; school made always get a spot, the faux candy canes, some greens. All with sides of Gold and Silver. We were severely lacking in gold - and since it'd been bagged with red, settled on both.

Selection boxes standout, being 2 'dew' dappled, 'snowballs' - about as close to the white stuff as we'll be getting - that compliment the tones of both the new blue and old silver. Blue and silver of the second tree..yes you heard correctly.

A dinner at some family friends; their house all dected out and delightful, with a staggering 7 trees. Nothing to do with the fact their son works at Homebase;themed - with one mini each. Made me want to search for a mini me.
Suprisingly, Paperchase had the best deal - at £8.50 for a full, 2ft, well reviewed - 'evergreen avaliable', tree. Happy to report it does support the baubles, fit's in it's box, and because it's up high away from prying dogs eyes - will end up adorned with chocs.
Situated in a small spot in the the dining room - designated blues, cools, snowballs; sparklys, with reflections making an impact despite the lack of lights.

Before December had even started, I was out in the current season stock, as I had my heart set on a star for our main tree - destination, a huge Christmas display in the garden centre we frequent in the January sales; even that early, they only had 3 silvers star tree toppers left. Course once the first advent calender was opened, out came a stash of fabulous and far more unique stars, at less than our £4 shatterproof version, in both ours and other charityshops.
The sequin beaded stars were my indulgence, At £10 for the 3, but it also worked out for mini me.

New stock with sequins aside, seems the over flow of last years sale seemed to be being sorted whilst we were there - and like a moth to a flame, we found ourselves interrupting them.

Mum picked 3 patchwork reindeer (will dance round the kitchen, with the also sewn - 60p from christmas market - Christmas puddings), and I, a sister to last years 'star' that just wasn't a practical solution to top the tree. Instead of sagging the stem, they hang at opposite ends of the curtain pole.  

Some of our tinsel was a bit tatty so took retirement, replaced by Silver, Blue, and Red strands on 3for2. 

Admittedly, my tree isn't looking all that different - promise it is; if I'd come up with a ready made, easy to store option - no post - the patent-ists would be hearing from me. 
Wouldn't that please the thrifty..

..still need help with the nifty
*Pretends to put on star on, since in reality she can't reach*

Tuesday 22nd December 2015 - Festive Fortnight

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