Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Gifts 2015

Having enjoyed reading other bloggers 'What I Got For Christmas', it's a post I definitely wanted to follow on into an AmBlog tradition. Today, 2015 edition.
For the curious of you out there, and to say a HUGE internet, heartfelt thankyou to my family and friends, for such generous and thoughtful gifts. Oh and to Santa(s) for the stocking, if he's/they're out there listening.

Starting with a sneak into said stocking
Usj suspect-S - Smellies. Snacks, both sugary and salty; to wash it down, I will make Iced Ginger bread latte more than an ironic imagination. Socks - including these straight up sublime, fleece lined, santa slipper socks from M&S. Tissues, to make it through the new year - though I hope we can survive on past stocking supplies of mint jelly, since it was suspicious in it's absense this year! 
Beauty bits, that managed to make their absense for my stocking stuffer suggestions, to my own, without my knowledge - are forgiven. Also unexpected - 2 from my favourite lipstick formula ever (which was sadly discontinued) - L'Oreal 'Caresse', already reviewed here.
Of the books/notebooks housed in my Granny's embroidery, the Outfit A Day excites me the most. Pretty planner with a practical function - no longer will I clutter my room with proposed/planned outfits - when I can dress a stickwomen with what direction I want to go. For fashiony people, orgainisers and bloggers everywhere.

The blog assistance continues -
with 'Lest I forget' Chalkboard, and fairylights, that factor into my plan to pinterest up my room this coming year.
Overly generous, parent contribution - and reason I could get a camera (of my amber), to aim for higher quality photography. The amazon order for the cannonG7x was made - with uncomfortable feelings aside, I couldn't be camera happier. Own post to come - but it's black, brilliant (though I haven't ventured beyond auto/portrait yet), and nicknamed bam. For the benefit of the wifi recognition. Aswell as Pyjamas, to wear whilst I'm doing all of this.
Accesorize, in and out of pyjamas - Oliver Bonas Bangle, Cretian dolphin to add to my memory box and charm bracelet - as well as a much needed watch; practical and pale grey.
Media - read up on Adele, and watch without netflix worry, my favourite trilogy. Money, added to the thrift pot, and a voucher for the treat shop (Topshop). My share of family bouji biscuit boxes, chocolates, and christmas hampers - the gifts that are just beginning.

Many a makeup to play around with; including a nail kit, that came split in 3 separate packages - watch out for a spoof, Hughes.
The 2 missing sisters of my stila 'in the light' collection - thanks Pete. This bare minerals 'tres chic' set - being from one of my favourite brands, and simply swoon worthy - hopefully it'll have a similair effect on these cheeks. The dreamy rose gold packaging continues, with Ted Baker does beauty (who knew); as to be expected, gorgeous pakaging, and vast eray of makeup I'm excited to try - maybe a full face post to come? 
Expect to see these all over me, or my blog - both equally grateful.

Lucky me - with all these lovely pressies; but know it's the gift of having you all in my life, that makes me feel truly blessed - if you hadn't all ready guessed.

Monday 28th December 2015 - Festive Fortnight

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