Sunday, 8 November 2015

Thrift Finds | Culottes

Back in August I stumbled across sale Culottes.
Loose shorts, I like; 3/4? A leg and arm length I never consider flattering. Sometimes you've been so drilled into 'this is a no go' mindset (not that that should matter), it's hard to shake out of it when society changes their mind. I will make acceptations for crazes, that I can't initially see myself in, that promise comfort; just, moving midi skirts are as close as I've been before, and I didn't come back for more. Hence not a clothing item that was calling my name in it's hayday.
But, seeing so many people looking so stylish in them; when they're fashionable, and found at 3 pounds..

...When before I'd been too timid to try them, price was the push.

Primark Pair's
Fairly thin, not quite sheer, liable to wrinkles. Designed to be worn high-waisted(mid rise, hip high? crotch hangs very low), banded (elasticated on the back ), few large pleats for shape, and lands below the knee on said short legs. 
Couldn't decide which to pick in Primark; The Black and Patterned - fell under the last-pair-panic;
Navy, being more complimentary to what I wear. The greedy in me one over. But 3, for less than the price of another one. I've found my excuse.

Come October. Since they still sit with tags in the brown bag, I use the blog as motivation to get board short wearing. I will wear the 3 pairs, three ways; try to fashion (somewhat) unflattering items, that I would actually feel comfortable featuring in my weekday wear.
Started planning, styled sorted; shaved my legs, and took advantage of Sunday's (Oct 25th's) extra hour, to strut and shoot. 

This may be more Halloween, than clean - hopefully somewhere inbetween - a test of whether I picked price over styleMy experiment doesn't work out? Will pass onto wardrobes more worthy/wacky. Nothing like the prospect of wasted pennies to a kick a thrifter into gear.

3 hues coming at you. Check back, Mon Wed Fri, or er'day if ya keen. *won't wink*

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