Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thoughts | Culottes Conclusion

Outside my comfort zone, in Culottes. This past week's OOTD's, sees me wear my £3 per pair, to see if they are for me.
What (goes with), Where (to wear - different clothing situations), Why (low price, low risk).
Make it work? Wanted to. 3 looks coming at you.

See the Culottes and other clothes, in colour, over at my Culottes 3 Ways Outfit Posts - SmartSlouchySuit respectively. A few sneak peaks of me looking anywhere but the camera ^

Can't decide between shorts of trouser? I have the answer.
I went from opposites, to separates, to co-ord. Far from skateboarder, or Surfer - a more modern, midi-skirt look, whilst protecting your modesty. Block colour, basic, patterned, they all have their merits - though the shape is more striking, they slot so well into my more mundane wardrobe.
Future wears? Denim. Striped, Printed or plain tee. Cami; coordinating, colour or not. Fitted? Tones. Textures. Fairly thin, so - sells itself to spring. You'll see me in them with sliders next come summer.
But Shooz, were my issue. Maybe I just don't have suitable, outside summer, footwear to look to.
So I look to you - suggestions welcome.

Mum, seeing me shooting these shenanigans, concurred, I'm glad you kept them all.
Bit biased, since she has a truly epic pair, fish print (paul cantu would be proud) one of a kind, that used to make me wince. Only complimented them since. 
Concl - 1) Don't doubt your mum. 2) Culottes are cool, it's even in the name.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my garden, and this venture into leg lengths unknown. I would have included a fish pair picture, but they've mysteriously disappeared - not guilty
- I think the camera was set to far focus throughout - sorry. But, exciting news, looks like a camera to call my own is happening by Christmas. eeeeeeeee

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  1. they look nice on you, i'm afraid to try them myself haha

    danielle | avec danielle


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