Friday, 13 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Suit

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Lastly, Smart - with the if in doubt, buy the black pair, of Culottes.

Probably the most widely papped, and pipped as my favoured pair of the three. How predictable.
Black simply makes culottes classicThey look purposeful - not just short in length, not disguised as a skirt - THIS IS ME - see? Black may be bad for the originality, but it is good for the wardrobe.
Seem's so is Primark, since this outfit is solely primark purchases; some old, some new, some second hand. All grand.

For a some what smart style, a somewhat suit - culotte co-ord (without the crop), that's corporate appropriate.

I've got big plans for this trench, despite it's mini length. Did think £5.99 second hand, was kind of a lot comparatively to 'buy it new' from the brand, but the item itself is a masterpiece. A multi purpose masterpiece - coat, blazer, whatever - and today I'm wearing it in place of a top. No fastenings - all that's keeping it together is the dressing gown like style waist belt, and keeping an eye on my modesty.

Trench - Primark, via British Heart Foundation Charity Shop
Culottes - Primark
Loafers - Primark
Heels - Primark, via The Children's Trust Charity Shop
Bag - Newlook (a pressie, not primark purchase)
Rings - Accessorize (sale)
Suit Switch - Hair up, emphasis swoosh crease, framed eyes, sixties flick, and contour - Adele Hello on the subconscious?

At one time I was worried about wearing light shoes, and that still stands for white - but have no fear, fairy liquid is heere. Suedette shoes, in my most favourite hue,  HAND WASHABLE - has meant these babies have been out of the box, used, mud bruised, yet look exactly the same when I put them back. Would I really wear heels? I'll lug around some loafers.

Tiny Tote Bag (big thanks to Lucy Newland :)), brings in the black and the brown. Surprised about how much one can fit in it, incl change of shoes; all I need is a fake flower emblazened hat, an umbrella, and i'm a modern day Mary Poppins.
Pin both lapels? & you could karate chop. Whole heap of everyday Amber, or alter ego possibilities. Prime, Primark possibilities.
All thrifty - suits me.

Culottes 3 Ways - SlouchySmart, ,Suit

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