Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Smart

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Today, Smart Casual - with the most complimentary to my colour palette, navy pair of Culottes.

Pet peeve - they don't have pockets. Not only is that impractical but makes me feel a right prat when I try to pose. Awkwardness aside, the navy pair should never be ignored. For paler skinned/haired/anyone who wants a less harsh than black contrast, I've always looked to navy. Since my old school uniform featured a pleated skirt in said hue, a conventional blouse just would have been too.. still at school. 

Luckily, wrap shirts are the epitome of swish, with the bonus of slouch. Asda supplied me with a cotton and covered counterpart to my beloved chiffon version. Grown up range, and size. No teacher induced tuck necessary.

Since the textures of both the top and bottom match, you could be forgiven for thinking they are already complimentary styled co-ordinates from the same shop.

I ran through the 3 outfits in one day (though 1 did entale a retake), since it was the last forecasted day of sunshine for a while. Change of clothes, background, hair, and an increase in makeup, is what sets each aside.
Smart's switch - Eye makeup (NYX butt naked eye palette), and a Lip Butter.

My nails too, tell the tale of triple shooting. Another of my never regretted nails inc - this time courtesy of Marie Claire (no merits for double the cost of glamour, but) - I loved it so much I bought a backup. This particular colour has wedding day potential.

Shirt - George at ASDA
Culottes - Primark
Moto Jacket - TOPSHOP, via The Children's Trust Charity Shop
Denim Jacket (Cameo) - Very old, can't remember the, Charity Shop
Heeled Boots - Nine West, via TKMAXX (Christmas Present)
Bag - Next Outlet

Pale agsk legs - let's take a moment to bask - even silky smooth can't help me now. These heeled boots are a heavenly distraction, but, not sure they really go with long shorts - patterned shoes calling?

Couldn't decide on the denim. Warmer? More tempted to pair with my tonal taupe trench, but it would have been a balloon, that made everything a bit too, saggy - in comes my more fitted Moto, in the same shade. Taupe and coat, are 2 of my favourite words/things, so I have 2 of them, at just over £2 for both - *takes a bow*

Culottes 3 Ways - Slouchy, Smart, Suit

Spent half an hour trying to left hand align the writing. Thanks Dad.

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