Monday, 9 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Slouchy

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Firstly, Casual - with the stand out, patterned pair of Culottes.

Artistic Ink chromatography, meets monochrome leopard print; keeping that safari theme going beyond summer. I like patterned trousers, just not pale - or I look like a whale - even if white jeans are in my dreams, the result/real life result would be more like nightmare. I would typically pick the patterned (and not pale) for fancy, but it actually turned out to be the most old fashioned midi skirt looking, as the short's split wasn't so obvious. Vintage style is not my thing, so I attempted to tone it down with my other wears.

As the 3/4 leg length converters have taught me, crops go with culottes; I stuck with my favoured fine knit variety. As I'm not a keen crop topper, this H&M charityshop sale short knit, tucked in, is as close as I'll get. Not much skin is on show cos of the super high waist paper bag pleats, yet I'm not drowning in material.
Surprised. I usually try to balance shapes, and wear opposite fits - despite this all being quite slouchy, I don't feel swamped - far from making me look short, there's a stretch illusion.
Feeling comfortable, whilst looking flattering? The allusive frame aim, we all crave.

Crop Jumper - H&M, via CharityShop
Culottes - Primark
Camel Coat - Vintage, via CharityShop
Leather Converse - Office

Board shorts with trainers used to be a no go; how times have changed. Cue, the Converse and Camel coat combo that keeps popping up. Just ignore the cream and white clash, because life is currently too short for hand wash white washing.
& for worrying about a bad boob crease - please excuse - #thisiswhyyoudontwearaplungebra.

Culottes 3 Ways - Slouchy, Smart, Suit

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