Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thoughts | Culottes Conclusion

Outside my comfort zone, in Culottes. This past week's OOTD's, sees me wear my £3 per pair, to see if they are for me.
What (goes with), Where (to wear - different clothing situations), Why (low price, low risk).
Make it work? Wanted to. 3 looks coming at you.

See the Culottes and other clothes, in colour, over at my Culottes 3 Ways Outfit Posts - SmartSlouchySuit respectively. A few sneak peaks of me looking anywhere but the camera ^

Friday, 13 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Suit

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Lastly, Smart - with the if in doubt, buy the black pair, of Culottes.

Probably the most widely papped, and pipped as my favoured pair of the three. How predictable.
Black simply makes culottes classicThey look purposeful - not just short in length, not disguised as a skirt - THIS IS ME - see? Black may be bad for the originality, but it is good for the wardrobe.
Seem's so is Primark, since this outfit is solely primark purchases; some old, some new, some second hand. All grand.

For a some what smart style, a somewhat suit - culotte co-ord (without the crop), that's corporate appropriate.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Smart

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Today, Smart Casual - with the most complimentary to my colour palette, navy pair of Culottes.

Pet peeve - they don't have pockets. Not only is that impractical but makes me feel a right prat when I try to pose. Awkwardness aside, the navy pair should never be ignored. For paler skinned/haired/anyone who wants a less harsh than black contrast, I've always looked to navy. Since my old school uniform featured a pleated skirt in said hue, a conventional blouse just would have been too.. still at school. 

Luckily, wrap shirts are the epitome of swish, with the bonus of slouch. Asda supplied me with a cotton and covered counterpart to my beloved chiffon version. Grown up range, and size. No teacher induced tuck necessary.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Slouchy

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Firstly, Casual - with the stand out, patterned pair of Culottes.

Artistic Ink chromatography, meets monochrome leopard print; keeping that safari theme going beyond summer. I like patterned trousers, just not pale - or I look like a whale - even if white jeans are in my dreams, the result/real life result would be more like nightmare. I would typically pick the patterned (and not pale) for fancy, but it actually turned out to be the most old fashioned midi skirt looking, as the short's split wasn't so obvious. Vintage style is not my thing, so I attempted to tone it down with my other wears.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Thrift Finds | Culottes

Back in August I stumbled across sale Culottes.
Loose shorts, I like; 3/4? A leg and arm length I never consider flattering. Sometimes you've been so drilled into 'this is a no go' mindset (not that that should matter), it's hard to shake out of it when society changes their mind. I will make acceptations for crazes, that I can't initially see myself in, that promise comfort; just, moving midi skirts are as close as I've been before, and I didn't come back for more. Hence not a clothing item that was calling my name in it's hayday.
But, seeing so many people looking so stylish in them; when they're fashionable, and found at 3 pounds..

...When before I'd been too timid to try them, price was the push.
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