Sunday, 11 October 2015

#weartherose response

Oh, my, O, 2 - Only gone and got my #weartherose entry, projected on the arena roof during yesterday's ENG game!

Apparently, there was a 'get your tweet on the o2' comp going on through each of our games - thanks to the proud dad routine, I got a spot.
Usually, me being happy with my work is enough. I know I write a blog, that in theory, anyone can read; but the people that do read, actually want to. I feel a little bit proud; not in a fickle, or 'my face in lights' kind of way. It's just a boost to know, there's more than just amber approved stuff on show.

Thank goodness it was the front camera that flips your face photo (back to front the logo disguise), and not a makeup application face grimace, that made the O cut. Not quite a 'wave, I'm on tele', and I'm sure I was one of many, but it's not everyday you get to see your face light up in the london skyline.
Dad, you are the best cheerleader - Here's to us being momentarily massive!

Thankyou to everyone for reading, returning, and all the support

#weartherose post
The on the roof proof here

*photo and video, o2 sports Twitter*

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