Sunday, 25 October 2015

Take Note/Thrift Finds | nails inc for GLAMOUR Magazine

It's that time of year again - the turning of the leaves, brings with it the best magazine freebie I've ever found - the nails inc for Glamour mag collab - perfect Polishes, disguised as fall/festive freebies. I quaff whenever they say, 'which one will you get?' All friggin 4. & if there were other colours, I would buy more. 

2015's offerings -  A Beige (Colville Mews), A true Red (Victoria & Albert), Bright Pink (Nottinghill Gate), & A Deep Purple (Grosvenor Crescent). Are they worth it?
I eagerly encourage the sensible splurge, and applaud the collecting of 4 of the same magazine; whether you buy 1 or 4, buy more.

My post from 2014's offering featured all 4, this year, I decided against the bottom 2 - I'm not really a barbie pink, or purple nail polish wearer - either way, I already have options.
Yes, I've managed to stock up on 5 through the years of nails inc magazine collabs, all red (can't even say they're especially different); the LBD of the manicure world - though I have options, It'll always be valued/used. & you can't prevent polishes from going passe, so buy bargain backups when you can.
& nude nails is a new realm I'm rating, so it was inevitable I would hunt this one down.

What do you get for £2?
Full sized, full bottle. Though not in the redesigned nails inc packaging, they aren't scrimping; substantial glass container and sturdy cap - generous 10ml. So much so, both of mine were a B*tch to open - rest assured it can be done, and atleast you can count on it not being previously tested or dried out.
I really rate the formula (despite oulet/freebie/quality conspiracy); thin fluid, yet results in opaque bold colours - not atall streaky, and with the paler - opacity is possible! Longevity, Glossy - even without a clear top coat, it looks like a laquer.
Over time, the product in present bottles hasn't faded or yet separated, nor gone gloopy - the consistency stay's thin, and easy to manipulate - without wiping away. I'm not yet running out, & I use them to my heart's content. I don't expect tardis level limits but it's outplayed superior (most more expensive) counterparts. Low Cost. Cheeky treat. Great stocking filler - the collab that starts the countdown to Christmas for me. eee!
Before I had been privy to the product, I was dumfounded as to how they sold a polish for 11. Pounds. Now I know why, and the hype should not be ignored - why should you have to? At £9 (more than the price of all 4) of savings on each one.
Granted, you could get these colours elsewhere? But at this standard, size, and price, you'de be hard pushed.

Really rate this mag aswell - got some great content, that I'm hoping will help with mine.
Some serious made readable/digestible subjects, inspiring stories, aswell as humour; to be expected top class photog styling/fashion/beauty inspo, without overdone 'kim k went for lunch' gossipy fillup. Easy to read. Helpful. Cheerful. Value for money, even without the extra.
I've also fallen in love with victor & raulf flower bomb thanks to the in mag sample - you've been warned lovers of comforting sweet scents.
The 20% H&M voucher though back again, has been changed - £30 limit, no designer collabs included, be aware any hmbalmation dreams dashed; also note, expires 5th of November. It still could be your ticket to quite a saving, maybe on something you've been spying? Too spensive? Worth the £2 for the subsequent spend saving? Consider it.

£2 per package. Successful contender for my top 10 thriftfinds of last year, could it be a repeat finalist? Set aside your qualms, and picture the proof, of why this is my perfect promotion.
1 Coat
TIP: When using these polishes, I recommend a substantial gap between coats (hour or so); they have 2 levels of set, even if it doesn't feel like it.
The first will touch/dry almost instantly, but I find coats on top stay malleable for a LONG time afterwards, if you layer up too quickly; waiting ensures any subsequent coat sets as quickly as if you were painting straight onto a bare nail.

Base coat (to prevent staining) - susequnt colour, 3 coats (Nude) / 2 coats (Red)
(I don't rate their clear top coat, so decided to leave the polish without; also show's true colour and texture)

Pictured after more than a week of wear. Bar the obvious nail growth, there's very limited change (chipping only visible on the very tips of my ring and middle fingers) unavoidable wear and tear. No Claims, no qualms.

- On the nail's, it leans beige rather than grey, or ballet slipper pink - as the advertising would suggest - 3 Coats, builds colour without heavy thickness, for guaranteed coverage

- True red as it says on the tin; In a rush, could go with 1 layer, 2, expectedly opaque and glossy, whilst creating more of a barrier against chipping, and intern longevity.

NOW OUT - November Issue of GLAMOUR Mag, collab with nails inc (makes me think monster inc ha) - thankyou for bringing me the best polishes (in my opinion), at the best price.
Mani happy returns

> I'll appreciate that extra hour tomorrow morn, but not at 2am whilst it's messing with my sceduling; passing the time painting my nails with another of these polishes - I currently can't get enough #notsponsored

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